vw camper van for sale advice dinitrol corrosion protection rustproofing underseal cavity wax rust converter information
vw camper van for sale advice dinitrol corrosion protection rustproofing underseal cavity wax rust converter information
Volkswagen Camper Van for Sale

Volkswagen Camper Van for sale

Are you trying to find a Volkswagen Camper Van for sale? The VW Camper type 2 forward control vehicle originally launched in 1950 still remains popular. This is largely due to the popularity, amassed during the counter-culture movement of the 1960s. With the innovative rear-engine Volkswagen Camper becoming the forerunner for passenger and commercial vans. The Type 2 VW Camper concept is credited to Ben Pon a Dutch Volkswagen vehicle importer. After he visited the Volkswagen Wolfsburg production plant in 1946. Mr Pon observed a “Plattenwagen” using a Type 1 Beetle chassis. During this moment he instantly recognised the potential of creating a cargo carrying vehicle. With the driver positioned at the front rather than the rear. The T2 Camper Van approved by Volkswagen CEO Heinz Nordhoff was finally launched in 1949. With two models a commercial and Kombi passenger carrying variant released. The infamous Microbus ‘Camper’ would be launched the following year.

Volkswagen Camper Van for sale model variants

VW Campervans for sale built after 1955 feature a rear tailgate door. With the fuel tank placed in front of the transaxle. These modifications are based on an ambulance T2 model type originally launched in 1951. All early VW Transporters are fitted with Volkswagen air-cooled flat four-cylinder engine used on the T1 Beetle. Also, during 1962 a heavy duty VW Transporter vehicle was launched. Fitted with wider 14” road-wheels this increased the load capacity from 750kg to 1000kg. Also, transporters built after 1964 may enjoy an optional sliding door. With the option added by Volkswagen to improve passenger/cargo loading and unloading.

volkswagen camper van for sale type 2 kombi california samba restoration project rusting dinitrol corrosion protection

When seeking to find suitable Volkswagen camper van for sale. We recommend searching for a Volkswagen Samba the most luxurious model. Launched for the USA market in 1951, the model features a deluxe sunroof. With eight panoramic windows located in the roof section.

T2 Used VW Camper Van

If T1 Volkswagen Camper van for sale is outside your budget constraints. We recommend searching for a T2 used VW camper van. However, the second generation VW camper van was not fitted with a split front windshield. Also, please be aware that Type 2 VW camper vans built from 1971 onwards are fitted with a new 1.6 L engine increasing overall horsepower. This later improved model also benefits from disc brakes. For your information T2, ‘bay-window’ Camper Vans were manufactured up-to 1979.

VW Camper Van for Sale Inspection Advice

With an abundance of VW camper van for sale on many classified vehicle advertising websites. We recommend taking your time before making a purchasing decision. Also, when viewing potential VW Camper vans conducting a comprehensive inspection is essential. With Bay and split screen VW Camper vans well known for rusting. Finding an original rot free VW camper van that has not been butchered can be a challenging task. But, buying a VW Camper that has been poorly repaired over time with low-cost short-cuts and poor welding can be a costly mistake.

restoration project VW heritage replacement parts for volkswagen camper van dinitrol rust prevention treatments uk

Remember, even though the VW Camper van bodywork may appear in good condition. Inspecting and checking the underbody is not rotten due to corrosion is very important. Be sure to check the out-riggers, inner sills, chassis rails and overall floor-pan sections by lifting the vehicle. Other common areas prone to rusting on VW Camper vans are the bottom corners, front door bottoms, tailgate and outer sills. Also, don’t forget to carefully inspect behind the bumpers. Another common indicator of corrosion can be rusting around the window rubbers.

However, it’s still possible to purchase replacement parts for the bay and split-screen models. We recommend visiting the VW Heritage website should they be required.

fully restored volkswagen camper van minibus bay window split screen models corrosion protection advice by dinitrol

Fully restored VW campervans for sale

If you are looking to buy a fully restored VW campervan, don’t be afraid to ask for photos documenting the restoration work. Due to the age of many restored VW camper vans and knowing they suffer from rusting. Ensuring you don’t purchase a rust bucket that hasn’t been restored professionally can be a costly mistake. If you don’t personally have any expertise to inspect the vehicle. We recommend contacting a professional restoration company to conduct an independent inspection. Ideally, try to find a recommended professional restorer who specialises in VW Campers. Also, when speaking with the current owner ask them to present all service history records and repair bills.

VW camper van underbody chassis corrosion protection coating dinitrol 4941 rustproofing rust prevention coating treatment apply a thin primer layer with dinitrol ml penetrating cavity wax

Volkswagen Camper Van Corrosion Protection

Whether you have purchased a pristine model or neglected unloved vehicle to start a camper van restoration project. We recommend applying Dinitrol Corrosion Protection treatments to stop and prevent rusting. Dinitrol 4941 is a hard waxy bitumen based underbody chassis coating. The product will protect the chassis against stone chippings and surface water ingress. You should also inject Dinitrol ML a penetrating cavity wax. Into all box sections, frame members, pillars and cavities throughout the camper van. Once applied the cavity wax with excellent creep characteristics will stop any existing rust already present. Also, if you spot any rust evident during routine vehicle bodywork inspections. Dinitrol RC 900 spray is an economical solution to stop and convert rust into a stable organic iron complex. For peace of mind, Dinitrol Corrosion Protection products are manufactured in Germany and are OEM approved.

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This article was published May 31, 2019