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Dinitrol 4941

Dinitrol 4941 DINITROL 4941 / Car is a vehicle underbody long term corrosion protection coating. That provides a satin black waxy surface finish. The product is applied to vehicles on assembly production lines by many automotive manufacturers. It’s also applied to vehicles during routine maintenance or in accordance with a scheduled re-treatment plan. DINITROL recommend […]

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Dinitrol ML

Dinitrol ML Dinitrol ML is a highly penetrating cavity wax product. That is perfect for suitably rustproofing older second-hand cars. The brown coloured oil based cavity wax is also commonly applied by classic car owners. When working on a restoration project or during ongoing rust prevention maintenance tasks. Once applied the penetrating cavity wax demonstrates […]

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evapo rust super safe rust remover classic car restoration maintenance repair rusty metal product buy online tiltrak product review

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover The product we are reviewing today is a relative newcomer to the rust converter and rust remover solutions available. However, unlike many traditional rust remover products. Evapo Rust is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no solvents, bases or acids. The non-corrosive or toxic rust remover is effortless to […]

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ROAR Advanced Finishing

ROAR Advanced Finishing With years of experience gained throughout the auto refinishing and car detailing sectors. ROAR Advanced finishing continue to invest in research and development. To ensure they continue providing unique innovative automotive products. ROAR Advanced Finishing Car Detailing System ROAR 811 Wash and Gloss is a concentrated car wash soap. That will remove […]

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Q Oil Europe

Q Oil Europe Q Oil have been manufacturing and producing market leading products since 1950. The Q Oil brand was originally established in South Africa but is now available throughout the UK. With the specialist range of versatile products currently being used throughout automotive and industrial maintenance workshops. Tiltrak, are pleased to announce we now […]

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