Vehicle Insurance

With vehicle insurance being a legal requirement and providing protective cover for your own car and personal safety. We recommend conducting thorough research to find the correct policy and provider for your individual personal requirements. Also, with most vehicle insurance companies able to provide many policy options to the driver we have created a buyer’s guide below for reference. Please note if you have no valid insurance policy for the vehicle it must be declared officially SORN by registering your car is off the road. To complete this declaration process you must complete a SORN Statutory Off Road Notification document and submit this information to the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency. Also to validate your insurance policy you must have a valid driving license and ensure the vehicle is legally roadworthy. It’s also the driver’s full responsibility to ensure the vehicle has a valid MOT Ministry of Transport certificate and has been road taxed.

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Vehicle Insurance Third Party Cover

When searching for appropriate insurance vehicle cover you will notice 3 distinct types of policies providing different levels of cover including Third Party only, Third Party fire and theft and finally Comprehensive. Usually basic Third Party only vehicle insurance cover is the cheapest option. However, you must be aware that this type of policy will only provide protection in the event you injure someone or damage their car or property for example. With Third Party only cover you are not protected in the event that your vehicle is stolen or damaged. This type of basic cover is only recommended if your car is worth less than £1000 and you can easily purchase a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident. Please also be aware that in areas considered high-risk due to vehicle theft and vandalism being a frequent common occurrence, we would advise against proceeding with a Third party only policy.

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Vehicle Insurance Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

With the Third party, fire and theft cover you receive the basic cover documented above but with the added protection that repairs or a replacement car will be provided in the unfortunate event that your vehicle is damaged by fire or stolen.

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Vehicle Insurance Fully Comprehensive Cover

Usually, with vehicle insurance for peace of mind, we recommend that all drivers purchase a fully comprehensive policy. With fully comprehensive insurance cover it’s possible to claim for repairs due to an accidental road collision and any other accidental damage to your own car even when you are at fault. It’s also possible to claim against a fully comprehensive policy if you have become a victim or vandalism and your car is deliberately scratched, dented or someone has maliciously poured a damaging liquid substance onto the surface. Also, in most cases it’s possible to drive someone else’s car under third party only protection using your comprehensive insurance policy. However, please check your individual policy documentation terms and conditions beforehand to confirm and contact the insurer direct if unsure.

Vehicle Insurance Check List

Remember before proceeding with an insurance policy carefully review the check list features provided by the cover. Common car insurance policy benefit features provide additional protection for in-car entertainment systems including car stereo, speakers and SAT-NAV devices. Other worthwhile benefits that can be incorporated into comprehensive insurance policies are cover for personal belongings within your car in the event of theft, windscreen damage and loss or theft of vehicle keys. It’s usually also possible to add additional packages for breakdown cover, legal protection and full vehicle recovery in the event of an accident, especially useful when your car is deemed not roadworthy due to a motoring collision.

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Vehicle Insurance No Claims Discount

Another feature with comprehensive insurance is the ability to reduce your annual premium by driving safely. Due to this reason we highly recommend upgrading the policy by protecting your no claims bonus. You will then receive discounts on your premium when renewing the policy or seeking an alternative insurance provider. By being a safe careful driver you can gradually build up your no claims bonus, however, in the event of an accident you’ll normally forfeit 2 years worth of the acquired no claims bonus. Also in the extremely unfortunate scenario, you have more than 1 accident within a year it’s likely that you’ll lose the full no claims bonus benefit entirely. Due to this reason make sure you purchase the ‘no claims discount bonus’ protection add-on for complete peace of mind against any unfortunate circumstances that could arise.

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Finally, before committing to an insurance providers policy make sure you review the stated excess values. The excess can vary substantially within the same policy dependent on the type of claim being made. Due to this reason make sure you are fully aware of the excesses and are comfortable in paying the required amounts in the event of a claim.

Vehicle Insurance Comparison Websites

Also to fully validate your insurance its imperative that you are 100% completely honest with the information provided to the insurance company. This will include any points applied to your license for offences and modifications applied to the car with the installation of performance-enhancing alterations, alloy wheels or customisations. You must also provide accurate details relating to any previous accidents usually within the last five years along with any convictions.

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When searching for vehicle insurance we recommend visiting the many free no obligation comparison sites that permit you to quickly compare and evaluate quotations from numerous providers and review features.