rust treament rust remover rust converter dinitrol evapo rust corrosion protection car restoration maintenance products
rust treament rust remover rust converter dinitrol evapo rust corrosion protection car restoration maintenance products
Rust Treatment

Rust Treatment

Are you searching for an effective economical rust treatment? Due to working on a classic car restoration project or conducting ongoing vehicle maintenance repair tasks. Below we have highlighted the unique benefits of 4 different rust treatment products. All are available for sale in the Tiltrak Car Accessories online store.

Evapo-Rust Treatment

Unlike the majority of rust treatment products on the market. Evapo Rust is environmentally friendly and does not contain any acids or alkalis. Yet, even though the product contains no toxic or corrosive substances, the treatment easily removes rust to reveal bare metal. It’s also the most economical solution with the biodegradable product being reusable. Evapo-Rust uses a unique selective chelation process and also provides ongoing rust protection.

rust treatment evapo rust environmentally friendly reusable product

Removing rust from surface objects is effortless by simply submerging the item into a bath of Evapo-Rust. The specialist product can also be used for de-rusting fuel tanks. Provided you air dry and fill with fuel immediately after treatment to prevent flash rust occurring.

Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

The highly effective Dinitrol RC 900 chelat base epoxy resin rust converter penetrates 7 to 10 times deeper. When compared to alternative standard rust converter products that are available. The OEM approved rust treatment dries to create an impermeable defensive barrier to prevent any further corrosion. Dinitrol RC900 actively converts rust into a stable organic iron complex on treated surfaces. Also, once dry the product creates a strong adhesive film that is over-paintable. Please note before application any rust, grease and dirt already present should be removed from the surface.

Dinitrol rc 900 rust converter aerosol spray application

Usually, the average drying time is around 24 hours and the surface must be completely dry before applying extra coats. Also, to ensure the rust has been successfully converted in the treatment area. You must keep reapplying until the treated area is completely black in appearance. The Dinitrol RC 900 rust converter aerosol is suitable for professional industrial applications. With the German designed and manufactured rust converter treatment. Commonly used during classic car restoration and ongoing maintenance projects.

Q12 Rust Remover

The thick jelly treatment product is a low-cost quick solution. Once applied to the surface the specially formulated mixture of phosphoric and hydrochloric acid, will actively convert the iron oxide. However, we recommend removing any loose rust already present before applying the rust treatment. You should also allow the treatment around 20 to 30 minutes to react with the iron oxide rust before removing. The product is very easy to use and no sanding is required to prepare the surface area. But, please be aware Q12 Rust Remover does not prime metal, meaning bare metal will need a compatible paint primer. This versatile product is suitable for both domestic and professional garage workshop applications.

Q12 rust remover treatment product contains phosphoric and hydrochloric acid

Dinitrol RC 800 Rust Treatment

Unlike RC 900, RC 800 is a co-polymer latex combined product for treating corroded ferrous substrates. The rust converter product contains no lead or phosphoric acid and has a very low order of toxicity. Also, like Dinitrol RC 900 an indication that the rust has been successfully treated. You will visually notice the surface becomes deep black in appearance. Then once completely dry a barrier is formed to prevent oxygen and moisture from further corroding the surface. Also, please note when the substrate is heavily corroded it’s advisable to apply with a brush. Before application, you should also remove loose flaking paint and rust with a wire brush. Then clean the substrate using a compatible detergent to remove any oil and grease present.

Dinitrol rc 800 brushable rust treatment rust converter product for corroded metal

An important tip with Dinitrol RC900 and RC800 rust converter products. Do not remove all traces of rust during the cleaning preparation process. Otherwise, the rust converter chemical reaction will not occur. You must also be aware that the Dinitrol Rust Converter products are only effective in temperatures above 10 degrees.

This article was published June 24, 2019