car rust remover products review dinitrol rc900 rust converter primer evaporust q12 jelly classic car restoration vehicle maintenance
car rust remover products review dinitrol rc900 rust converter primer evaporust q12 jelly classic car restoration vehicle maintenance
Rust Remover For Cars

Rust Remover For Cars

For older drivers who owned vehicles during the 1970s finding the best rust remover for cars. Was an essential part of ownership with a constant battle against iron oxide ‘rust’. This was mainly due to all cars becoming a rust bucket fairly quickly. By requiring constant ongoing maintenance to protect against corrosion. Car owners struggled to prevent bubbles of rust appearing on panels and especially around the underbody area.

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Are Rust Remover for cars still required?

With car manufacturers now using galvanised steel for around the last 30 years to prevent rusting. This innovative process involves coating the steel with a thin layer of zinc for protection. With the zinc layer applied during the galvanising treatment becoming a sacrificial anode. Basically, the zinc layer deprives the steel surface underneath from atmospheric oxygen. Also, due to the zinc being more active when compared to the steel underneath. The zinc effectively is sacrificed enabling the steel to live longer. But, this does not mean steel will not corrode, it’s dependent on the environmental conditions. Once the sacrificial zinc layer is no longer present to carry on providing protection.

rust remover product review new cars galvanised steel zinc layer improved corrosion protection against rusting sacrificial anode

Even new cars can rust

This means due to stone chippings and road debris often hitting and creating holes in the protective paint layer coating. Thus revealing the bare non-protected metal underneath. Inspecting your car paintwork, underbody and interior, engine and boot compartments. On a regular basis to detect any rust should be a very important part of vehicle ownership.

How does rust occur?

You must be aware that rusting is a simple chemical reaction that can still occur on new passenger cars. The process only requires a cathode, electrolyte and anode to occur. With the metal surface becoming the anode and cathode during the process. Surface or rainwater usually behaves like the electrolyte carrying the electrons. However, did you know salt water is much more effective by further accelerating this process! With vehicles in coastal areas at greater risk from prematurely rusting due to sea salt in the atmosphere. Even rock salt used to clear snow and ice from roads during the winter months is a corrosion threat nightmare for cars!

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Also placing your car under protective sheeting or in long term storage will not fully eliminate the danger of rusting. Vehicles kept in humid indoor or outdoor weather climate conditions are also susceptible to rust. Due to this reason, read our effective rust remover for cars product review guide below.

Suitable Rust Remover Product Review

Have you noticed rust blisters appearing on your vehicle recently with iron oxide ‘rust’ present on panels or component parts? Stopping the corrosion from quickly spreading across your car like cancer. Should be an urgent priority to avoid prematurely scrapping the vehicle. Read our comprehensive rust remover for cars guide below and take action now.

Dinitrol Rust Converter Spray

Dinitrol RC900 is a widely used rust remover for cars due to being OEM approved. The rust converter produced in Germany also forms an impermeable barrier against further corrosion. Once the complex Chelat base and epoxy resin spray successfully converts the rust into a stable organic iron complex. Dinitrol RC900 is very popular with people working on car restoration and maintenance projects. Mainly because the spray penetrates 7-10 times deeper than standard rust converters. The rust converter primer product also forms a dry adhesive film that is over-paintable.

Dinitrol RC900 rust remover for cars ideal for classic car restoration or maintenance

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo Rust is a highly effective rust remover for cars. The biodegradable economical rust remover is also reusable. Plus the pH neutral product contains no toxic harmful chemicals making it safe on skin. With small objects including car parts or components, you simply submerge the item into a bath of Evapo-Rust. However, with larger items, it’s possible to soak high-quality paper towels with Evapo-Rust. Then place the paper towels onto the rusty surface by sealing with a plastic sheet to prevent the Evapo Rust solution from drying. Another unique feature with this product is the ability to effectively de-rust vehicle fuel tanks.

Evaporust rust remover for cars ideal for vehicle components, engine parts and bodywork panels including fuel tanks

Q12 Rust Remover Jelly

Q12 is a low-cost thick jelly rust remover for cars. With the phosphoric and hydrochloric acid quickly removing rust within minutes by dissolving. Also, no surface sanding is required prior to application. But, you must be aware Q12 does not prime metal so an additional compatible primer may be required if working with bare metal.

Q12 rust remover for cars converts iron oxide into iron phosphate ideal for classic car maintenance or restoration

This article was published July 2, 2019