rust converter information guide application treatment dinitrol rc 900 dinitrol rc 800 products tiltrak uk
rust converter information guide application treatment dinitrol rc 900 dinitrol rc 800 products tiltrak uk
Rust Converter

Rust converter

Are you currently working on a vehicle restoration project? Or general maintenance task and searching for a reliable rust remover. A rust converter is usually a low cost highly effective treatment solution. When conventional sandblasting techniques are difficult.

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For example when treating sheet metal, vehicles, machinery, equipment and fences particularly iron railings. Or when undertaking a classic car restoration project. Stopping any existing evident corrosion is essential. Before you start proceeding with any additional corrosion protection treatment products. Including the application of cavity waxes or underbody rust prevention coatings. This also applies to re-spraying a vehicle with a new paint colour during refinish tasks.
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Dinitrol RC 900 rust converter is an innovative OEM approved product. By penetrating 7 to 10 times deeper when compared with competitor brands. This unique product works by quickly converting rust. Found on un-treated substrates into a stable organic iron complex. When applied to oxidised surfaces or parts the product dries to form a strong dry adhesive film. To prevent any further corrosion occurring by forming an impermeable barrier.

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Dinitrol RC900 rust converter application guide

Before applying the complex organic chelat based epoxy resin rust converter. It’s essential that you remove any visible surface rust, dirt or grease with a wire brush. Sandpaper or an industrial sandblasting process is also very effective.
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To effectively clean and prepare the surface prior to application. Also, to ensure the complex rust converter is actively working. The metal temperature should not fall below 10°C. It must also be highlighted that the drying time after the application is around 24 hours. This is based on assuming atmosphere conditions within the treatment area. Are approximately 15°C with an average humidity of around 60%.

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A visual indicator that the rust converter has been successful. Is the visual appearance of the treated surface area will become black in colour. You should no longer be able to see the orange and brown ochre staining associated with rust. If rust staining is still visible in the treatment surface area. You must continue to repeat the treatment application process. However, please note you must wait until the previous coating is completely dry. Before applying additional spray coatings to actively convert the rust.

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Once the Dinitrol RC900 product coating is completely dry an impermeable barrier will be formed. Protecting the surface against any further corrosion. The rust converter adhesive film provides a suitable base surface. For applying additional corrosion protection treatment products or paints. However, you must check that the surface is completely dry. To prevent moisture from becoming trapped underneath any additionally applied coatings.

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Dinitrol RC800 rust converter application guide

Dinitrol RC800 rust converter does not contain lead or phosphoric acid meaning the product contains a very low order of toxicity. The milky white in appearance co-polymer latex contains organic agents. And is specifically designed for treating corroded ferrous substrates. With the product actively converting any rust present on the surface into a stable organic iron complex. An impermeable barrier is formed to seal out moisture and oxygen thus preventing any future corrosion. Dinitrol RC800 is commonly applied to vehicle body shells and chassis. Along with lamp posts, railings, storage tanks, structural girders, railway vehicles and oil rigs.

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Before applying the Dinitrol RC800 rust converter co-polymer latex with a suitable brush. Fully cleaning the surface substrate is essential with a wire brush. To remove any loose flaking rust or paint already present. It’s essential that any high surface peaks are effectively removed by abrading to form a flat treatment area. You will also require a suitable detergent to wash the substrate removing any surface grease or oil already present. Finally, prior to treatment, clean the substrate with a high-pressure cleaner using hot water. To rinse away the detergent residue and any remaining corrosion salts.

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However, you must not remove all evident traces of rust presence. Both Dinitrol RC800 and Dinitrol RC900 rust converter require some rust present to promote the chemical reaction.

Purchase Dinitrol RC900 & Dinitrol RC800

Dinitrol RC900 and RC800 products are available for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories store.

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This article was published April 18, 2019