roar advanced finishing polishing compounds waxes car detailing professional refinish waxes gloss clean swirl remover buy online
roar advanced finishing polishing compounds waxes car detailing professional refinish waxes gloss clean swirl remover buy online
ROAR Advanced Finishing

ROAR Advanced Finishing

With years of experience gained throughout the auto refinishing and car detailing sectors. ROAR Advanced finishing continue to invest in research and development. To ensure they continue providing unique innovative automotive products.

ROAR Advanced Finishing Car Detailing System

ROAR 811 Wash and Gloss is a concentrated car wash soap. That will remove any dirt, contaminants, dust and fingerprints from the vehicle paintwork. Once applied the product repels water and provides extra gloss to enhance paint between waxes. roar car detailing speed wax swirl remover scratch remover car paintwork classic car restoration car shampoo cleaning ripley uk

Car Detailing Paint Restoration Series.

The ROAR paint restoration series contains an extensive range of professional car detailing products. To remove fine scratches or scuff marks including oxidation, ROAR 812 Scratch Remover is perfect for this application. Also, for older or classic cars the ROAR 813 Swirl Remover product is an excellent solution for restoring faded paintwork. Once applied to the vehicle paintwork ROAR 813 will also remove swirl marks and any surface holograms. For UV protection and achieving a mirror finish, ROAR 814 speed wax provides a long lasting gloss shine finish. roar advanced finishing roar 812 scratch remover vehicle car paintwork restore wax polishing compounds tiltrak marketplace

Interior Car Detailing Products

To remove stains from vehicle carpets and interior upholstery we recommend applying the ROAR 820 aerosol spray. The special formulated carpet and upholstery treatment application. Will restore and freshen fabrics in your vehicle interior. ROAR 826 a lemon fragrance vehicle interior cockpit spray. Is perfect for masking unpleasant odours throughout the cabin. This product is ideal for polishing car interior plastic trim fixtures, dashboards, leather, rubber, vinyl roofs and vehicle grilles. Finally, for cleaning vehicle windows we recommend ROAR 823 Glass Cleaner. Once applied to the glass surface the non-streak formula product will easily remove any dirt. Along with any grease, grime or stubborn bird droppings. If you own a luxury vehicle fitted throughout with leather upholstery. ROAR 827 will clean and condition your seats whilst restoring the natural shine. roar cockpit vehicle cabin spray cleaner car detailing dashboard polishing compounds plastics non streak refinishing valeting products

ROAR Car Detailing Products

Along with the professional car detailing products available online within the official Tiltrak Marketplace motor accessories e-commerce shop. You will also find a wide range of ROAR advanced finishing accessories. Including specialist car detailing microfibre cloths, compound polishing pads and professional rotary polisher equipment. roar advanced finishing vehicle cabin upholstery interior carpets cabin cleaning leather car detailing valeting clean products
This article was published January 4, 2019