Report a Tiltrak Marketplace Seller or Listing

Are you unhappy with the service received or product provided by a Marketplace Seller and wish to make a complaint? If you are dissatisfied and are unable to resolve the situation directly with the seller, please complete and submit the complaint registration form below. On receipt of your message, we will issue a unique case reference number and assign a member of our internal investigation team to personally manage your complaint. They will then proceed with fully investigating your complaint and are completely impartial. Once they have reached a conclusion after examining the facts, your assigned professional customer service representative will then contact both parties involved to resolve the situation.

Please note before submitting an official complaint by contacting the Tiltrak Customer services team. We recommend you contact the seller to inform them of your dissatisfaction by reporting the problem and asking them to resolve the complaint.

Send us your message and register the complaint

When submitting your complaint message, please provide any reference numbers that are applicable including the order details, listing advert, product SKUs, sellers name and any delivery courier tracking reference information if relevant. Providing all the information upfront when submitting your complaint will help us to deal with this matter efficiently and enable our investigations team to quickly review your case.

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Please provide a detailed account of your complaint including the sellers details and any reference numbers. This enables us to quickly investigate the complaint and provide an impartial judgement decision.