range rover classic restoration trans americas expedition darien gap reborn solihull factory corrosion protection coatings buy online
range rover classic restoration trans americas expedition darien gap reborn solihull factory corrosion protection coatings buy online
Range Rover Classic Restoration

Range Rover Classic Restoration

With the Rover Car company originally experimenting to build a larger off-road vehicle model. To compliment the already established Land Rover series during 1951. We would have to wait until 1966 when automotive engineers Spen King & Bashford resumed work to develop the vehicle. With a prototype for the series one Range Rover finally built and tested under the model name ‘Velar’. A company called Velar was officially registered in London. With 40 pre-production vehicles built within this secretive project. The series 1 Range Rover was finally launched at the 1970s Musee du Louvre exhibition in Paris. This innovatively designed vehicle became an instant success. By combining off-road 4×4 capability with luxury refined motoring. The Range Rover would later become the first vehicle to cross America north to south. Successfully navigating the road-less Darien Gap during a 1972 British Trans-Americas Expedition.

This automotive heritage makes starting a Range Rover Classic restoration project a rewarding challenge.

Official Range Rover Classic Restoration Vehicles

With Range Rover’s still the vehicle of choice for many business owners, celebrities, sports stars and royal families around the world. Due to the unrivalled luxury and practicality associated with a working vehicle. It’s possible to buy a finished Range Rover Classic Restoration vehicle direct from Land Rover. At the automotive manufacturers West Midlands headquarters, classic range rovers are lovingly restored by experts via the Reborn project. With classic Range Rovers undergoing in-depth restoration work. By only utilising original genuine parts and components. This involves specialist technicians and engineers working together on every individual vehicle project. To ensure the Range Rover Classic Restoration is authentic and still retaining original features.

The Range Rover has remained an iconic piece of British automotive history for over 48 years. With you now having the chance to own a fully restored series one two-door Range Rover by directly contacting Jaguar Land Rover.

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Range Rover Classic Restoration Project.

Whether you are unable to afford a fully restored classic Range Rover. Or simply wish to undertake the challenge of finishing a Range Rover classic restoration project yourself. It’s possible to find old Range Rover’s requiring restoration on vehicle listing websites. Searching Autotrader, Classic Trader, Honest John and even eBay will provide models in various states of disrepair. Usually, the original series one two-door model launched in 1970 can be very expensive to buy. With the subsequent Range Rover series one four-door model variant also demanding high selling prices. We recommend searching for a future classic by purchasing a series 3 model originally launched in 2001. The Range Rover series 3 model is unique due to being constructed from a single monocoque single shell body.

Also, don’t overlook the Range Rover Sport initially launched in 2005, with the vehicle benefiting from optional ride height. Provided by cross-linked air suspension for comfortable travel whilst 4×4 driving on and off-road.

Range Rover Classic Restoration Rustproofing Corrosion Protection

If you are planning to start a Range Rover Classic Restoration project stopping any existing rust is vital. Then rustproofing the vehicle with suitable corrosion protection coatings is important. Below we have created a shortlist of Dinitrol corrosion protection products. That are commonly applied during Range Rover restoration projects.

Dinitrol 4941 Underbody Rustproofing Treatment

The solvent based black bitumen underbody coating provides good abrasion resistance. Protecting the Range Rover underbody from stone chipping and road surface water ingress. Along with exposure to highly corrosive rock salt used throughout winter to clear roads from snow or ice. Once applied the hard wax film protective layer has self-healing characteristics. The underbody product coating has also undergone a 1500 hours salt resistance spray test and is OEM approved for reliability.

4x4 off-road vehicle underbody rustproofing chassis coating corrosion protection water ingress anti stone chipping rock salt velar.

Dinitrol ML Penetrating Cavity Wax

The versatile cavity wax product is extremely penetrating. Making it a perfect solution for older vehicles by stopping any existing corrosion. Dinitrol ML is an oily brown coating that has excellent creep characteristics. With the product purposely designed for injection into closed cavities including vehicle doors. Once applied the water displacing cavity wax provides corrosion protection for frame members. Including exterior joints, crevices, sils and box sections within the vehicle.

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Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 Engine Compartment Preservation

The transparent corrosion prevention coating is specially designed for protecting vehicle engine compartments. With the heat resistance corrosion protection coating able to withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 forms a hard surface film coating. To protect your Range Rover engine compartment against alkaline & acids. By preventing the rusting of components, parts and frame members within the engine compartment.

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Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

When embarking on a Range Rover Classic restoration project you need to stop any rust already present. Dinitrol RC 900 is a specially designed innovative product containing a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin. Once applied to the treatment area, Dinitrol RC 900 converts rust into a stable organic iron complex. Providing a suitable surface for any additional paint or corrosion protection coatings. The oxidised iron will become black in appearance. After the rust converter has successfully penetrated and stopped any corrosion. The product penetrates rust 7 to 10 times deeper when compared with standard rust converters.

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This article was published April 24, 2019