q oils europe q20 super multi purpose lubricant q12 rust remover rustproofing classic cars q10 penetrating oil q30 protective film electrical auto wiring applications
q oils europe q20 super multi purpose lubricant q12 rust remover rustproofing classic cars q10 penetrating oil q30 protective film electrical auto wiring applications
Q Oil Europe

Q Oil Europe

Q Oil have been manufacturing and producing market leading products since 1950. The Q Oil brand was originally established in South Africa but is now available throughout the UK. With the specialist range of versatile products currently being used throughout automotive and industrial maintenance workshops. Tiltrak, are pleased to announce we now have the products in stock for sale via our website. Q Oil Europe products have many common applications and are ideal for lubricating, cleaning, protecting and stopping rust. With Classic Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Marine Vessels, Passenger Cars, Tools, Equipment, Machinery, Commercial Vehicles and Household objects.

Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a major competitor with established brands WD40, GT85 and Würth 20/40 throughout mainland Europe. This unique multi-purpose lubricant is fitted with a 360-degree nozzle enabling spraying upside down. Also, the Q20 product contains no silicone and is safe to use on paintwork. The innovative premium quality product provides 50% more lubrication when compared with market-leading rival brands. Q20 also prevents rust, protects surfaces and displaces moisture whilst lubricating. q 20 super multi purpose lubricant prevents rust displaces moisture auto motor accessory lubricate parts chains cogs bicycles motorcycles cars tiltrak.jpg

Q10 Penetrating Oil

Q10 is a silicone-free penetrating oil perfect for releasing seized fittings to prevent further corrosion from occurring. Nuts and bolts on vehicles and machinery especially when exposed to outdoor weather conditions are prone to rusting that results in seizures. To prevent this from occurring and avoiding costly repairs. Q10 removes dust, dirt and grease whilst also breaking down any formation of rust. This innovative product is used throughout garages and workshops and will not damage paintwork. Q 10 penetrating oil silicone free q oils europe release seized nuts bolts remove dust grease grime dirt car parts components engine compartment uk

Q30 Specialist Protective Film

The Q Oil Europe Q30 product is a specialist protective film coating that prevents rust and corrosion. The product is REACH compliant and commonly used by professionals working within in the electrical industry sector. Enabling electricians to seal electrical circuit boards and electrical connections to prevent rust. Once applied the Q30 protective film product prevents tarnishing. Providing up to 1000% elongation anti-crack characteristics. Also, for peace of mind, the Q30 Specialist Protective Film product has been certified. With a rigorous 500-hour salt spray chamber test and can be peeled off when no longer required. q30 protective film q oil europe product electricians auto electrics protection against corrosion electrical connections prevent rust tiltrak motor store

Q12 Rust Remover

The Q Oil Europe Q12 Rust Remover product is a complex mixture of phosphoric and hydrochloric acid. Once applied the jelly substance converts rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate. After applying to the surface treatment area it will dissolve the worst rust within minutes. But, it’s recommended that the surface rust is loosened with a wire brush before application. For the best results apply the Q12 Rust Remover product treatment with a toothbrush. The Q12 Rust Remover prevents corrosion and is ideal for home, garage and professional workshop applications. Along with removing rust during Classic Car maintenance and restoration projects. q12 rust converter q oil europe rust remover product for classic car maintenance restoration projects prevent rusting corrosion protection treatment

Buy Q Oil Europe Products

Purchase the extensive collection of automotive Q Oil Europe products in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories Store online. Q Oil Europe also manufacture a range of industrial grade hand wipes and vehicle brake cleaner that does not harm painted disc brake callipers.
This article was published January 4, 2019