Q4-45 Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Industrial Strength – 5 Litre Container


Best hand cleaner for mechanics heavy duty industrial grade product ideal for workshop environments

Q4-45 is a multi-purpose hand cleaner that is safe and non-abrasive. Q4-45 removes oil, grease, wet paint, printing ink and bitumen. Q4-45 also cleans PVC floor tiles, plastic goods and enamel products. Use it with or without water. Comes with or without grit. Best hand cleaner for mechanics very economical to use. 1 x 5 Litre Container supplied.

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  • Q4-45 is based on renewable raw materials that are dermatologically and toxicologically safe.
  • Q4-45 contains a complex, synergetic surfactant system that removes heavy grime while being kind on the skin.
  • High-grade natural oils enable effective moisturising of the skin.
  • The surfactants are biodegradeable and fulfil the requirements of the OECD screening test.
  • Rub Q4-45 into the dirt and grease on the skin , continue rubbing while adding a little water , then rinse thoroughly.
  • A little Q4-45 goes a long way. Approx. 3 ml (one dose from the dispenser) is sufficient to clean your hands thoroughly.
  • Removes oil, grease, wet paint, printing ink & bitumen


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