Q30 Super Protective Film – 400ml Aerosol


Q30 Protective Film is ideal for protecting circuit boards and electrical connections

Q30 Protective Film is a brand new product on the market, which is fast becoming a must-have essential in the electrical industry. It’s a superior protective film for sealing and protecting circuit boards and electrical connections, from rust and corrosion which takes place in moist and harsh environments.

It’s ideal for use in industrial installations. Q30 Protective Film has been subjected to rigorous testing and is 500-hour salt spray test certified with a Di electrical strength in excess of 2000v. Amazingly, Q30 also has up to 1000% elongation anti-crack capabilities.

Unlike its competitors, Q30 Protective Film is a dry formula – meaning it doesn’t evaporate or get broken down by exposure to moisture. Q30 is such a versatile product that it can also be used to protect any metal-based surface from corrosion. 1 x 400ml aerosol supplied.

  • Peel off film
  • UV stability 12-24 months
  • This product is fully REACH compliant and is manufactured in the UK.
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