MPEX Glass Fibre Filler – 1kg Tin


Reinforced construction filler for vehicles, caravans & trailers

MPEX Glass Fibre Filler is a 2 pack glass fibre reinforced filler for car body repairs. It is recommended for filling of large dents and holes in automotive vehicles, caravans and trailers, MPEX Glass Fibre Filler is easy to apply and sand. 1 x 1kg tin supplied with tube of activator hardener.

  • Greenish-grey matt finish coloured glass fibre vehicle body repair filler
  • Suitable for both coarse and finish sanding
  • Fast curing
  • Ideal for caravans and trailers
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How to optimise the use of MPEX Glass Fibre Filler

Method of use:
2-pack glass fibre reinforced polyester putty for car repairs. It is recommended for filling large dents and holes in vehicles, caravans and trailers. MPEX® Fine Filler has a short hardening time accompanied with large hardness and high elasticity along with good sanding properties. This product has a very good adhesion with various substrates, it can be applied over. Bare steel and aluminium after flatting and degreasing. Zinc coated, galvanized steel after flatting and degreasing. Sanded glass fibre (GFK/GRP), polyester putties, works primers and existing coatings in good condition. Wood substrate after flatting and degreasing.

Additional Information

  • Do not apply putty directly on the reactive primers, 1-pack acrylic and nitrocellulose products.
  • Excessive amounts of hardener will cause issues with bleaching of the topcoat!
  • Keep the room well ventilated.
  • Wash all tool directly after application.


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