MPEX Friction Fighter – 300ml Can


Reduce Fuel Consumption – MPEX Friction Fighter significantly reduces friction and wear.

MPEX Friction Fighter prevents and delays oil-ageing. Reduces fuel and oil consumption. Restores engine power. Provides long-term protection of your engine. Improves load carrying capacity of the lube film. Reduces emission of hazardous exhaust gases. MPEX Friction Fighter reduces engine noise level and vibrations. For all petrol, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbochargers. Does not clog filters and is not harmful to catalytic converters. Suitable for use in vehicles requiring low or mid SAPS engine oils. 1 x 300ml can supplied with pouring nozzle attachment.

  • For all petrol, diesel and LPG engines with or without turbochargers
  • Can be mixed with all commercially available engine oils
  • Significantly reduces friction & wear
  • Restores engine power
  • MPEX Friction Fighter reduces fuel & oil consumption
  • OEM Approved & tested
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How to optimise the use of MPEX Friction Fighter

MPEX® Friction Fighter is a new generation, ashless, boron ester based friction reducer, which adds unique features to any standard motor oil. The ceramic coating will stick to the surface of internal engine parts, even when the engine is off, providing immediate antiwear protection at start-up. Providing long term protection of your engine, in addition restoring engine power, reducing fuel and oil consumption and reducing the emission of hazardous exhaust gases.

Method of use:
Add contents of one bottle to the warm motor oil, preferably shortly after oil change. Let the engine run for a few minutes to optimize mixing of the additive with the engine oil. Make sure the oil contents do not exceed the maximum oil level.


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