MPEX 200A – 500ml Aerosol


Vehicle cavity wax also suitable for engine compartments

MPEX 200A is a transparent white anti-corrosion coating liquid. It’s commonly used to protect cavity areas in cars, trucks, coaches and other objects or places where a rust preventative surface is required. It’s also highly effective when applied in the capacity of an underbody sealant wax. MPEX 200A is water-repellent and contains very good penetrating properties with a “self-healing” effect. After drying the wax coating remains slightly elastic whilst providing excellent temperature resistance up to +180°C. With this unique quality, it can be used in engine compartments. 1 x 500ml aerosol supplied.

  1. Aromatic free cavity wax & UBC wax
  2. Good penetration
  3. High temperature resistance
  4. Good corrosion resistance
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How to optimise the use of MPEX 200A

The product is a transparent/white anti-corrosion coating cavity wax for the protection of cavity areas in cars, trucks, coaches and other objects or places where a rust preventative surface is needed. It can also be used as UBC wax. The surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry, rust-,
dust- and grease free.

MPEX 200A coating to protect cavity areas like doors, bonnets, cross members, reinforcements etc. in cars, trucks and coaches or as universal anti-corrosion product for machines, machine parts and other tools. MPEX 200A is an excellent anti-corrosion product for the Automotive industry, Bus & coach construction, Trailer construction, Garages, Workshops, Body repair shops, Metal industry & Ship constructions.

The product is water-repellent and has very good penetrating properties and a “self-healing” effect. After drying a slightly sticky wax coating remains which has a good temperature resistance up to ca.180°C, so it can be used, for example, in engine compartments. When dried and heated
by the sun or by engine-heat, it does not have the typical smell of conventional cavity-waxes.

Method of use:
MPEX 200A is applied by spraying. Shake the aerosol can for 1 minute before spraying. Once you have finished spraying turn the can upside down and spray briefly to clear the nozzle for future usage.


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