DINITROL RC900 Rust Converter – 400ml Aerosol

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Specialist rust converter spray & primer

Specialist rust converter spray & primer. The specialist rust converter contains a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin. DINITROL RC 900 actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Once the product is dry, an impermeable barrier against further corrosion is formed. DINITROL RC 900 penetrates rust 7 to 10 times deeper than standard rust converters. The professional OEM approved product forms a strong dry adhesive film that provides a suitable base for paintwork and other corrosion protection products. Ideal for vehicle restoration projects or general maintenance. DINITROL RC 900 has been developed for use on oxidised iron parts. (1 x 400ml aerosol can supplied or 12 if the full box is purchased)

  • Forms a dry and strong adhesive film – OEM approved professional product
  • Creates a base for paintwork and other corrosion protection products
  • Prevents further corrosion with impermeable barrier
  • Penetrates rust 7 − 10 times deeper than standard rust converters
  • OEM approved Rust converter spray for professional applications
  • Ideal product for classic car restoration and maintenance projects
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Dinitrol RC900 Rust Converter Spray Product Information

Available product sizes:
400ml Aerosol

DINITROL RC 900 forms a dry and strong adhesive film which is suitable as a base for paintwork and other corrosion protection products.

Product Information
Please note: DINITROL RC900 is a highly technologically advanced product with a complicated chemical formulation. The product only works at temperatures above 10 degrees and must be allowed to fully dry. Guidelines stipulate at standard atmospheric conditions 15 degrees and humidity of 60% the average drying time is 24 hours. Sometimes multiple coats must be applied before the corrosion is fully converted into a deep black colour providing indication that the area has been treated. (When applying multiple coats you must make sure that the earlier coating is completely dry)

Areas of Application:
DINITROL RC 900 has been developed for use on oxidised iron parts.

Method of Use:
Remove rust, grease and dirt with a wire brush, sandpaper or a sandblasting process. Rust and scale may only be visible as slight shading. In addition to rust, the steel must also be free from dust and grease. Carefully clean with acetone or lacquer thinner. Shake the spray can well. The product should be applied in several successive coats, at a distance of approx. 25 cm. The metal temperature should not be below 10°C. The material is dust-dry after one hour; if necessary, a further coat can be applied.

Technical data:

  • Colour: amber-coloured solution
  • Film type: hard
  • Density: 0.9 g/cm³
  • Viscosity: ~ 118 cm centistokes
  • Solids: 16%
  • Empfohlene Schichtstärke: 130 µm
  • Yield: ~ 60 g/m² per coat
  • Drying time: 24 hours at 20°C
  • Storage time: 18 months (between 15°C and 25°C)

Dinitrol RC900 Rust Converter Spray Technical Data Sheet

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1 x 400ml Aerosol Can, Box of 12 x 400ml Aerosol Cans


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