DINITROL ML – 1 Litre Canister

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Highly penetrating brown Dinitrol cavity wax ideal for vehicle doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices.

The oil based brown coloured product is specially designed for applying into closed cavities such as doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices. DINITROL ML is a penetrating cavity wax ideal for rust-proofing second-hand cars, trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles. Schutz style screw top can be attached to a DINITROL Undercoating spray tool for application with an air compressor. (1 x 1 Litre canister can supplied or 12 if the full box is purchased)

  • Extremely Penetrating cavity corrosion prevention product
  • Ideal for Classics Cars & older vehicles
  • Stops ongoing corrosion – Creates brown oily flexible film
  • Water displacing OEM approved corrosion protection coating
  • Do NOT spray on engines, gears or bumpers
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Dinitrol Cavity Wax Product Information


  • Brown
  • Extremely Penetrating
  • Stops ongoing corrosion
  • Water displacing
  • Oily, flexible film
  • Wet in wet with bitumen vehicle Underbody coating

DINITROL ML is designed for application into closed cavities such as doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices. The Dinitrol ML Cavity Wax product can be used for rust-proofing of second-hand cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

Method of use:
DINITROL ML is applied by spraying with manual or semi-automatic.
DINITROL application equipment, and is suitable for either air-mixed or airless spraying.

  • Type of film: oily, greasy
  • Density at 23°C: 860 kg/m³
  • Viscosity at 23°C, DIN 2: 60 s
  • Dry matter content: 46 % by weight
  • Flash point: 40°C
  • Aromatic content in solvent: < 1 %
  • Recommended film thickness wet: 30 μm
  • Recommended layer thickness: 10 μm
  • Drying time: 1 h
  • Low temperature adhesion: < - 40°C
  • Effect on car paint: none
  • Removability: White Spirit
  • Salt spray test: > 96 h
  • Penetration 50 μm gap: > 70 mm

Dinitrol ML Technical Data Sheet

Dinitrol cavity wax for cars download product technical data sheet information application guide specification info

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1 x 1 Litre Canister, Box of 12 x 1 Litre Canisters


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