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Pre-treatment primer for various paints & metals

The multiprimer DINITROL 550 is a black solvent based physical, reactive drying primer. The primer is designed as a pre-treatment for several paints but also as a pre-treatment for different metals and for different kinds of plastics. Substrate must be clean, dry and free of oil and grease. In the majority of cases we recommend to rough the bonding area with a very fine scotch brite. For the further pre-treatment it is a must to apply first the adhesion promoter DINITROL 520, before the application of the black primer DINITROL 550.

(Available sizes: 30ml bottle, 250ml bottle & 1000ml bottle. 1 x item of the specified size supplied unless box is selected)

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Test with actual substrates and conditions have to be preformed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility. Trials by the supplier are recommended. The product benefits are:

  • Pre-treatment on different paints
  • Adhesion promoter on diff. metals and plastics
  • Applicable with all PUR adhesives from DINOL
  • Corrosion protection on smaller scratches

Before use of the primer DINITROL 550 shake the bottle thoroughly until paint mixing balls rattles freely. Mix for an additional one minute. The application of the primer DINITROL 550 can be done manually by felt and/or an adequate tool. Due to its reactivity with moisture, the opened bottle has to be used within a few days.

(Recommendation: 1 week)

Please note this product is suitable for experienced professional users only.

Further information:

  • Material safety data sheet
  • DINOL primer chart

Storage between 0 and 35°C, in closed packaging in a dry and ventilated area

Dinitrol 550 Multi Primer Pre-Treatment Technical Data Sheet

Multi primer pre-treatment for painted surfaces, metal surfaces & Plastic. DINITROL 550  Multi Primer ownload product technical data sheet information application guide specification info

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1 x 30ml Bottle, Box of 25 x 30ml Bottles, 1 x 250ml Bottle, Box of 12 x 250ml Bottles, 1 x 1000ml Bottle, Box of 12 x 1000ml Bottles


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