DINITROL 4941 / Car – 1 Litre Canister

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Black solvent based vehicle underbody coating ideal for passenger cars, classic cars, off road vehicles, SUV and commercial vehicles.

DINITROL 4941 / Car is our most popular chassis underseal vehicle underbody corrosion protection coating. The black waxy robust coating has good abrasion resistance and self-healing characteristics and is commonly applied in professional DINITROL rustproofing treatment centres.

The underbody coating product is widely used in the treatment of vehicles during production, at import plants and in aftermarket applications. When applied to a clean, dry surface, it adheres to both painted surfaces and those coated with a layer of PVC or similar material. Zinc, rubber and plastics are completely unharmed by the product.

DINITROL 4941 / Car is also designed for use on spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in highly corrosive environments. Schutz style screw top can be attached to a DINITROL Undercoating spray tool for application with an air compressor. (1 x 1 Litre canister supplied or 12 if the full box is purchased)

  • Black vehicle underbody chassis underseal coating
  • Provides excellent abrasion resistance
  • Robust, universal film with self healing characteristics
  • OEM approved product ideal for classic cars, passenger cars, 4×4 & commercial vehicles
  • Also ideal for use on spare parts, machines and iron and steel structures in highly corrosive environments
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DINITROL 4941 / Car Rustproofing Product Information


  • Black
  • OEM references
  • Robust, universal film
  • Self-healing
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Component protection

Method of use:
DINITROL 4941 can be applied by manual or automatic application equipment, airless or airmix.


  • Type of film: hard, waxy
  • Density at 23°C: app. 1100 kg/m³
  • Viscosity at 23°C: 800 mPas
  • Dry matter content: 65% by weight
  • Flash point: 36°C
  • Recommended film thickness wet: 700 μm
  • Recommended layer thickness: 300 − 500 μm
  • Drying time: 6 − 12 hrs Tough dry
  • Low temperature adhesion: – 20°C
  • Removability: Hydrocarbon solvents
  • Salt spray resistance, 300 μm: 1500 hrs

DINITROL 4941 / Car Rustproofing Technical Data Sheet

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1 x 1 Litre Canister, Box of 12 x 1 Litre Canisters


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