Tiltrak Product Safety Disclaimer Notice

At Tiltrak we recognise that the safety of our customers when purchasing products from the website is very important. All sellers within the shop offering goods for sale have been carefully selected by Tiltrak and approved by officially signing contractual trade terms & conditions agreement that stipulates they must be a business registered in the UK and compliant with our obligatory requirements. All sellers have a responsibility and duty of care with customers to only sell goods that are legally permitted and authorised for sale within the UK. All items listed for sale must be approved by the British Standards organisation and any relevant additional safety governing organisations in accordance with UK compliance regulations. If you believe an item recently purchased or listed on the website to be fake, counterfeit, illegal or faulty please contact the Tiltrak customer services team immediately to notify us with your concerns.

Tiltrak Product and Services Disclaimer Notice

Please note: Tiltrak accept no legal responsibility for any products sold via this website and only provide a listing service for sellers. We also accept no responsibility for any products that are fake, counterfeit, faulty or not complaint with UK safety laws including any regulation guidance published by the British Standards Organisation. Tiltrak also accepts no responsibility for products being misused and will not be held liable for any compensation claims should they arise including any injury suffered or health and safety violations should they arise. All legal claims for compensation should they arise must be addressed to the individual seller and product manufacturer if deemed fully or partially responsible, this also applies with any infringements of UK law. Tiltrak will not be held responsible legally or financially and have no liability in relation with dangerous goods sold via the website that are deemed faulty, counterfeit or illegal. Due to this reason, the buyer must pursue the seller and manufacturer who accept full responsibility for all claims relating to damages and or compensation.


Please note: If you are concerned that an item purchased from the Tiltrak website is unsafe, please get in touch at your earliest convenience to notify us with any concerns relating to the product. Highlighting any concerns early with product safety can help us to protect fellow shoppers from incurring injury by withdrawing potentially dangerous goods pending an investigation review.

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