new land rover defender toyota land cruiser jaguar landrover felix brautigam 4x4 off road suv electric motor hybrid news
new land rover defender toyota land cruiser jaguar landrover felix brautigam 4x4 off road suv electric motor hybrid news
New Land Rover Defender

New Land Rover Defender

With the legendary Land Rover Defender ceasing production in 2016 after 70 glorious years. The launch of the new Land Rover Defender model has been widely anticipated. With recent sightings captured by motoring enthusiasts and car journalists published in automotive news publications. Suggesting the new next-generation Land Rover Defender will be launched in 2019. With production scheduled to begin early in 2020. Recent spy-shots appear to show a three-door ‘90’ and five-door ‘110’ model variant. But, Jaguar Land Rover’s marketing chief Felix Bräutigam commented at the Paris Motor Show. That these are the first pilot prototypes and subject to design & styling modifications.

New Land Rover Defender Off-Road Testing

Also due to the indestructible reputation accredited to the original Land Rover Defender. Automotive engineers have been subjecting the new model to extremely rigorous tests. Including -40c temperatures and driving at altitudes up to 13,000ft above sea level. This extensive extreme testing and analysis regime is essential. To ensure the Land Rover Defender can compete with the indestructible Toyota Land Cruiser. When subjected to harsh environments around the world. Designers and engineers have been tasked with reinventing the Land Rover Defender. To stay at the forefront of technology rather than living on the historic reputation of this iconic 4×4 off-road vehicle.

Land Rover Defender SUV

The next generation Land Rover SUV 4×4 off-road vehicle promises to still deliver the authentic defender experience. With loyal Land Rover enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the launch date. The new vehicle will incorporate revolutionary automotive technology. Including interior and exterior design feature that will generate wider mass market public appeal. Also, unlike many luxury SUV rival brands, the new Landy Defender will be priced around £35,000 for an entry-level model. This sensible pricing structure will appeal with buyers looking for a reliable working vehicle that can negotiate the toughest terrains. new land rover defender landy launch 2019 2020 working vehicle next generation suv 4x4 off road utlility road test review

Land Rover Defender Electric Hybrid

If you are looking for an SUV 4×4 off-road utility vehicle that can comfortably tackle steep gradients. The new Defender model provides plenty of traction. Making off-road driving more accessible to amateur inexperienced drivers. Also, for more environmentally concise drivers or conservationists living in the countryside. It’s refreshing to know a hybrid version is planned with an electric motor.

Land Rover Corrosion Protection Rustproofing

If you are looking to purchase a Land Rover Defender we recommend rustproofing the vehicle with DINITROL Corrosion Protection coatings that are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer Approved). In the Tiltrak automotive marketplace e-commerce shop you can purchase DINITROL underbody chassis coatings and anti-stone-chip prevention product treatments.
This article was published January 2, 2019