new restoration show birmingham march practical classics rust corrosion protection dinitrol treatments underbody chassis coatings
new restoration show birmingham march practical classics rust corrosion protection dinitrol treatments underbody chassis coatings
NEC Restoration Show

NEC Restoration Show

Don’t miss the Practical Classics publication sponsored NEC Restoration show. The annual 3-day event held during March at the Birmingham NEC is a must-attend show. Attracting over 28,000 visitors the event is widely regarded as the fastest growing classic car enthusiast event. Also, with over 150 classic car club organisations in attendance. Visitors can view many rare and collectable classic cars in different states of repair.

NEC Restoration Show Live Demonstrations

During the 3 day event, NEC Restoration Show visitors can watch live project demonstrations. That show full brake system overhauls, head gasket replacement, panel fitting and even paint spraying. The classic car show provides enthusiasts and professional restoration specialists with invaluable insights. Vehicle exhibits at the restoration show include rusty old barn finds. That need extensive repair work to concourse quality pristine classic cars. new restoration show practical classics classic car restoration show bee gees elton john classic car owner clubs uk dinitrol cavity waxes

Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership Award

With classic car restoration usually involving many hours of unpaid work during the weekends by enthusiasts across the UK. The Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership award provides recognition to these people. To individuals who share the same passion for classic car restoration. Undertaking a classic car restoration project is a major commitment. Usually requiring large financial resources and a lot of dedication. The Lancaster Insurance pride of ownership enables owners to share their unique classic car restoration project stories. Anyone who owns a classic car registered before 2000 is eligible to enter their marque into the prestigious annual event. Then once the competition closes in February, the judges select and short-list 20 classic cars to be showcased at the NEC Restoration Show event. Providing classic car restoration show visitors, with the opportunity to view rare cherished and unusual vehicles. Whilst learning about each individual unique restoration with heartwarming stories. new restoration show lancaster insurance pride of ownership award carol nash barn find cca classic car auctions dinitrol rust converters

Carol Nash Barn Find

With 20 barn finds exhibited at the Classic Car & Restoration Show attendees can vote for their favourite in the Carol Nash Barn Find event. Many of the classic cars at the show have been neglected for over 40 years in garages or covered by tarpaulin outdoors to rust. These iconic classic cars that define British motoring history have been rescued by motoring enthusiasts. Whilst most of the barn finds on display will be restored some will be left to rust in peace. Carol Nash are insurance providers who specialise in classic car owner policies. new restoration show carol nash barn find cca classic car auctions classic car and restoration show march tiltrak dinitrol online shop

Classic Car Auctions at the NEC Restoration Show

During the 2018 NEC Restoration Show, CCA sold 130 vehicles achieving £2.1 million in sales revenue. With only remaining 31 vehicles remaining unsold the CCA Classic Car Auctions event was deemed a great success. Rare classic cars sold that were previously owned by celebrities included a 1977 Mercedes 450 SEL driven by Bee Gees band member Sir Barry Gibb. Other fine classic cars driven by famous music legends included a 1995 BMW E38 owned by Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi. Along with a 1985 Bentley Turbo R belonging to superstar performer Elton John. The annual CCA Classic Car Auctions event gains international attention. Attracting online bids from enthusiasts across the world including New Zealand. With a beautiful 1948 Jaguar ‘Mark IV’ Drophead coupé fetching twice the estimated price at £40,700 with the online bidder based in the Czech Republic.

Visiting the NEC Restoration Show

With over 1000 cars on display at the NEC Restoration show from the 22-24th March 2019. We recommend attending to share your passion for preserving motoring nostalgia with fellow enthusiasts.

Classic Car Restoration

Are you looking to undertake a new classic car restoration project? DINITROL Corrosion protection products including Underbody Chassis coatings, penetrating cavity waxes and rust converters are perfect solutions.
This article was published January 2, 2019