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classic cars weekly practical classics autojumble michael coman nec classic car show dinitrol corrosion protection
NEC Classic Car Show

NEC Classic Car Show

The restoration team at Tiltrak are looking forward to the annualNEC Classic Car Show event in November. Hosted by Lancaster Insurance in conjunction with the discovery channel. The event is recognised to be the largest Classic Car show in the UK held across 7 halls at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. Enabling enthusiasts to share their passion for classic cars with over 3,000 vehicles on display at the 3-day event. Also with other 300 official car and motorcycle clubs in attendance, it’s a great chance to share your stories. Or simply speak with classic car club organisation officials. With regards to discussing the benefits of joining their membership club organisation.

Visitors are also able to experience the thrill and excitement of attending live classic car auctions held during the NEC show. With the additional benefit of watching classic car restoration demonstrations performed by specialists. It’s also the perfect opportunity to attend live presentation talks. By famous motoring celebrities discussing topical classic car related issues.

NEC Classic Car Show Collection

With the largest selection of vintage to modern classics on show. The Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Car Show is a must-attend event for any serious enthusiast. The annual season show finale features historic motorsport and vintage motors. Along with British classics, European exotica and modern hot hatches. NEC Classic Car Show sponsors the Discovery channel will be taking visitors on a historical motoring journey from the 1920s. By documenting the early pioneers of car manufacturing Alvis, Ford, Jowett and the prestigious brand Rolls Royce. Before enlightening classic car enthusiasts with the motorsport cars from the 1940s to 1960s period. Including cars that have been driven by legendary racing drivers including Sir Stirling Moss. Retro modern classic cars will also be on display with hot hatches and the iconic Ford Capri. That have empowered the ordinary working class man to own sports cars.

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The NEC Car Show held in November will also feature retro classic supercars from the 1980s onwards. With motoring heritage royalty Porsche, Lamborghini, Lancia, Aston Martin and Ferrari in attendance.

Classic Cars for Sale

The Lancaster Insurance NEC Classic Car Show is the ideal destination for buyers. When searching for everyday modern retro cars or prestige rare marques. Whether you have a tight budget or unlimited spending bracket, we are sure you’ll find a dream classic car. Enthusiasts who are looking to purchase their first classic car will also have the opportunity to speak with motoring experts to receive invaluable advice. Buying a classic car can also be a good return on investment when compared to interest rates provided by banks or stocks and shares. Also with many classic cars for sale in the dealer’s hall from pristine Concour vehicles to full restoration projects. You are guaranteed to be presented with an eclectic range of options that will suit your budget and or restoration skill level.

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The Lancaster Insurance dealers hall showroom sponsored by the Classic Cars Weekly publication. Has an extensive selection of British, European and American cars available for sale.

Car Restoration Theatre

The longest running feature at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Car Show. Attending the car restoration theatre is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills. By watching vehicle restoration specialists and expert mechanics performing live demonstrations. This year restoration specialists Steve Gilbertson and Michael Coman will be sharing their knowledge. With over 40+ years of combined experience in classic car restoration. They are recognised classic car restoration experts. With Gilbert Michaelson Automotive Restorations providing paint refurbishing, body shop work and mechanical engineering services.

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Silverstone Auctions

Attending the Silverstone Auctions at the NEC Classic Car Show can be a thrilling experience. Watching collectors outbidding each other to own rare classic cars and historic motorbikes. Previous rare and prestigious classic cars sold at the event. Have included a Willy’s Jeep once owned by the legendary Hollywood icon Steve McQueen. Along with a 1984 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible previously owned by American crooner Frank Sinatra. Retro modern classic supercars that have belonged to Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay. Have also gone under the hammer during the Silverstone Auctions held at the NEC Lancaster Insurance Car Show in previous years.

NEC Classic Car Show Autojumble

For anyone searching to find rare classic car parts or spares we recommend browsing the ‘Rumble in the Jumble’. The NEC Classic Car Show Autojumble is notably the UK’s biggest indoor event. With visitors able to purchase hard to find specialist parts. Including unique automotive tools, classic car accessories, badges and memorabilia. With over 650 trade stalls many professional classic car specialist companies are in attendance from around the UK and Europe.

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This article was published July 12, 2019