Motorcycle Buying Guide

In recent years due to advancements in technology and traffic congestion throughout the UK within city centres and during the daily commute into work. Many people are discovering that travelling on 2 wheels is a far more efficient method of transport. However, if you are looking to purchase a new or used motorcycle it’s important that the bike meets your individual requirements. It’s also vital that you stay safe and receive the appropriate safety training and wear the correct clothing prior to riding.

With motorcycles being a very versatile mode of transport there are 8 distinct model types that are specifically designed for different purposes.

Cruiser Motorcycle Buying Guide

Made popular by featuring in films the cruiser motorcycle is often seen with the rider embarking on road-trips across countries. These bikes look cool and sound very loud. With a low riding position and smooth delivery of power, the iconic motorcycle cruiser made famous by the hells angels is also a great first bike for a learner. Also for the more adventurous and experienced riders, the power cruisers commonly called ground pounders can go up-to 2000cc.

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Standard Motorcycle Buying Guide

If you are looking for a multi-purpose motorcycle that is perfect for long road trips exploring the countryside during the weekends and a suitable bike for commuting to work every day. The standard bike is a great choice for both new and experienced motorcycle riders allowing you to load up the vehicle with saddlebags and additional accessories to improve riding comfort for long journeys. The standard motorcycle is a good all-rounder that is available in a wide range of sizes from 250cc to 1200cc, they are also ideal for carrying a passenger if required.

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Sports Motorcycle Buying Guide

Glamorised by the daring sporting exploits with international professional riders during MotoGP races. The SuperBike is a firm favourite with people seeking a speed rush. Due to the top-end motorcycles delivering 200 horsepower and providing lightning fast acceleration before reaching speeds of 200mph. However, these bikes are not for a novice and require an experienced rider with suitable training to handle this delivery of immense power. Due to top end sport-bikes having the ability to outrun and outpace the worlds quickest super-cars, seeking pro-level riding tuition instruction is essential to remain safe before climbing onto a super-bike.

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However, with most super-bike brands now manufacturing ranges of 300cc to 500cc models, we recommend that all learner riders purchase these beforehand to improve their personal handling skills and confidence. Don’t feel deflated by being advised to purchase a smaller engine sports bike model. They still provide an amazing thrill with blistering acceleration and are also well-equipped with the latest technology incorporating fuel injection and ABS brakes. The 600cc sports bikes can be a very exhilarating ride delivering incredible power that will have you struggling to keep the front end down.

Scooters Buying Guide

Widely considered the entry level bike for learner riders. The scooter once associated with poor road handling and temperamental braking systems have now been cleverly designed and engineered to provide a much safer, comfortable ride. Also with scooters historically only being built with small 49-50cc tinny engines, it’s refreshing that they are now available up-to 650cc, especially usefully when carrying a pillion passenger. Even though many scooters can only achieve around 30mph in speed they are ideal for commuting around large cities when frequent traffic congestion is a regular occurrence.

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Dirt Motorcycle Buying Guide

A dirt bike can provide hours of great adrenaline fuelled fun when off-road riding, however, please be aware they are not street legal. Due to this reason, you will require a suitable van, pickup trailer or a vehicle rear mounted bike carrier to legally transport the dirt motorcycle to areas that permit off-road riding. A great benefit from learning skills with an off-road dirt bike is that all the skidding, sliding and slipping can make you a more responsive rider able to avoid accidents whilst on public roads.

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Dual Sport/Adventure Motorbike Buying Guide

The finished product when crossing an off-road dirt bike with a road legal street motorbike, these motorcycles are extremely versatile and comfortable when handling any challenging terrain. With many riders historically fitting DIY light kits onto off-road dirt bikes to make them road legal, motorcycle manufacturers quickly identified the opportunity and started to design and develop these dual sport adventure bikes to fulfil this demand. With off road terrain notoriously punishing motorcycles beating up the suspension and frame, the modern lightweight adventure bike is specifically designed to absorb this punishment.

The ADV adventure bikes are usually available in a wide range of engine sizes from around 250cc to 1200cc, they are quite economical to ride. Due to sports motorbikes designed with providing good ground clearance in mind, short riders may need to drop the seat with lowering links. The 650cc Dual Sport/ADV bike is a popular choice for the sports adventure motorcycle by combining a slim frame and lightweight engine.

Touring Motorcycle Buying Guide

If you want the comforts and refinements found usually in a car on two wheels. Buying a Touring motorcycle can be a wise choice with many bikes in this category fitted with GPS, stereos and additional gadgets to make your ride rather pleasant and comfortable. Touring motorcycles are also perfect for riding in the colder months of winter with many bikes providing the additional benefits of heated seats and protective windscreen. However, due to larger ‘Dressers’ touring motorcycles usually being very heavy and complicated to ride you may wish to seek a smaller bike.

Within the category of Touring motorbikes, you will notice a smaller sub-range of bikes referred by the name ‘Bagger’. They have significantly less weight and additional features but retain the power associated with larger ‘Dressers’. Building up your confidence and riding skills with a smaller ‘Bagger’ style bike is generally a good idea before upgrading with a larger ‘Dresser’ style touring motorcycle.

Electric Motorcycle Buying Guide

With the electric motorcycle being a recent newcomer providing a greener more environmentally solution. The new electric motorcycles being developed are perfect for beginners and anyone frequently riding in urbanised areas. However, please be aware electric motorcycles are no good for touring or road-trip adventures this is primarily due to them only having a 100-mile distance range on average before a lengthy battery recharge is required. With most electric motorcycles being rather expensive when compared to an equivalent traditional standard petrol bike, you must factor in the ongoing costs for maintenance, oil changes, fuel and engine tune-ups associated with petrol driven motorbikes.

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