land rover restoration project rustproofing underbody underseal cavity wax rust converter dinitrol corrosion protection
land rover restoration project rustproofing underbody underseal cavity wax rust converter dinitrol corrosion protection
Land Rover Restoration

Land Rover Restoration

With the last Land Rover rolling off the Solihull production line in 2016. The iconic British utility vehicle is now highly desired by Land Rover Restoration enthusiasts. Primarily due to this robust multi-purpose vehicle in production since 1948 no longer being built. It soon became a favourite with the queen, Winston Churchill and features extensively in James Bond movies. Originally designed in 1947 by Maurice Wilks in conjunction with his brother Spence the MD of Rover cars. The 1st generation was built using the axle from the American Jeep after Maurice had driven the vehicle during the war. With early models only available in surplus military paint colours usually light shades of green. Series 1 Land Rovers had been originally engineered for service in the field. Also, until recently all Land Rover’s benefited from a robust box section ladder-frame chassis.

dinitrol land rover british heritage off road 4x4 vehicle underbody coating rustproofing cavity wax injection rust converter uk

Solihull Heritage Land Rover Restoration

Since the creation of the Land Rover on the island of Anglesey to build something better than the Jeep. The Land Rover has been the military utility vehicle of choice for the British Army. This industrial looking off-road vehicle has also remained popular with landowners & countryman. Along with farmers due to being a very reliable working vehicle. Many staff are still employed at the Solihull factory working on a heritage vehicle restoration line. With old Land Rover Defenders being professionally restored and re-purposed.

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Finding a Land Rover Restoration Vehicle.

With new vehicle orders increasing towards the end of production in 2016. Largely, due to Land Rover enthusiasts eager to own this nostalgic off-road utility vehicle. Or people simply looking to capitalise on the popularity of this vehicle now out of production. The second-hand Land Rover market is very buoyant with many vehicles available. Searching the Land Rover Owner International website classifieds is a great place to start looking. By providing a range of Land Rover Restoration vehicles for sale to suit different personal budgets.

dinitrol land rover rustproofing corrosion protection rust prevention rust converter underseal cavity wax oem approved

Corrosion Protection products ideal for Land Rover Restoration

When undertaking a new Land Rover Restoration project stopping any existing corrosion is essential. By protecting the Land Rover’s cavities, underbody and engine compartment with anti-corrosion coatings. A comprehensive range of Land Rover corrosion protection rustproofing treatments should be applied.

finding land rover for restoring rustproofing underbody chassis coating military utlility vehicle british army green dinitrol

Dinitrol 4941 / Car Underbody Coating

The product is a black bitumen based hard waxy underseal for rustproofing the underbody. With the protective underbody coating also providing excellent abrasion resistance. Once applied the underbody rustproofing film coating displays self-healing characteristics. Dinitrol 4941 / Car is excellent at protecting the Land Rover underbody from water ingress due to surface rainwater. The universal film also protects the underbody against exposure to highly corrosive rock salt. Commonly used to clear snow and ice from roads throughout the winter months.

dinitrol 4941 car underbody chassis coating black bitumen underseal for landrover restoration corrosion protection project

Dinitrol ML Cavity Wax

The highly penetrating cavity wax is specifically designed to protect older vehicles. With the water displacing oily brown wax coating stopping any ongoing corrosion. This product has exceptional creep characteristics and provides incredible corrosion protection for closed cavities. Including doors, frame members, box sections, crevices and exterior joints. It’s also possible to spray Dinitrol ML over the Land Rover underbody section to create a primer layer. Enabling you to apply Dinitrol 4941 / Car a compatible bitumen underbody coating wet in wet over the Dinitrol ML primer layer.

dinitrol ml penetrating caivity wax ideal for land rover defender restoration box sections doors sils frame members tiltrak

Dinitrol 447 Protect Super Black Anti-stone chip

The fast drying stone chip paint protection coating is perfect for the underbody and wheel arches. With the elastic coating specially designed to resist stone impact and road salt. Once applied the rubber and resin coating remains permanently elastic and is over-paintable.

dinitrol 447 super black anti stone chipping coating elastic rubber resin protective layer against road debris stonechipping

Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

When working on a Land Rover restoration project stopping any existing rust is vital. Dinitrol RC 900 is a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin rust converter. That converts rust into a stable iron complex preventing any further corrosion. The Dinitrol RC900 rust converter penetrates 7-10 times deeper compared to standard products. Also, once dry the coating creates an impermeable barrier against future corrosion. By forming a strong adhesive film layer that is over paintable.

dinitrol rc 900 rust converter rust remover aerosol spray penetrates 7 to 10 times deeper stable iron complex stop rust

Before applying corrosion protection treatments during your Land Rover restoration project. You need to remove any surface corrosion with a wire brush or sandpaper then treat the surface with a suitable converter like Dinitrol RC 900.

land rover defender restoration rustproofing underbody chassis coating underseal road salt road debris protection

Land Rover Restoration Corrosion Protection Products

Dinitrol OEM approved products are ideal for Land Rover Restoration corrosion protection tasks. The rustproofing range of products is available in both aerosol and 1 Litre canister sizes. The 1 Litre canisters can also be attached to compatible undercoating spray tools and an air supply for easy application.

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This article was published April 23, 2019