jaguar e type series 2 enzo ferrari daily telegraph 100 most beautiful cars sports car international magazine
jaguar e type series 2 enzo ferrari daily telegraph 100 most beautiful cars sports car international magazine
Jaguar E Type for sale

Jaguar E Type for sale

Have you recently been searching ‘Jaguar E Type for sale’ and become disappointed due to them being outside your budget range? Fully restored Jaguar E-Type classic cars usually achieve sale prices exceeding £70,000. It’s hardly surprising due to the demand with enthusiasts eager to own this iconic British classic sports car. The Jaguar E-Type launched in 1961, delivered unrivalled performance. Due to having the ability to reach a top speed of 150mph. The monocoque vehicle body construction was also revolutionary at the time. Along with the all-around discs brakes and independent front and rear suspension. The car also incorporated a centred twin exhaust system and unique faired-in headlights. With rival manufacturers striving to incorporate these innovative features into their own vehicles.

Why is Jaguar E Type for sale very expensive?

With a 1963 Lightweight Competition Jaguar E-Type achieving a $7,370,000 at the 2017 Scottsdale, Arizona auctions. It’s easy to recognise the desire to own this fine example of British motoring engineering. Enzo Ferrari also declared the Jaguar E-Type ‘The most beautiful car ever made’. Also, the Daily Telegraph Newspaper publication ranked the Jaguar E-Type 1st in a survey. By publishing a list of the worlds “100 most beautiful cars’ of all time. The E-type also achieved the 1st position in the Sports Car International magazine list.

Our fascination with this classic car masterpiece is only predicted to increase. Meaning we can’t foresee the sale prices for the Jaguar E-Type decreasing any time soon. With a rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type selling for $467,000 in 2013. From the moment the car launched at the Geneva show 1961 with a £2,250 price tag (around £38,000 in today’s money). Celebrities from around the world including Frank Sinatra, Roy Orbison, Tony Curtis, George Harrison, Peter Sellers and footballing legend George Best. Have all fallen in love with driving this sleekly designed sports car.

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Jaguar E Type for sale requiring restoration

If purchasing a Jaguar E Type for sale that has been fully restored is simply not affordable. Have you thought about finding a Jaguar E Type that requires restoring? With an estimated 67,300 Jaguar E Type cars built from 1961 until production ceased in 1975. Many cars still remain in the UK in various condition states. Usually available for sale on classified classic car listing websites. With 33,205 Series 1 models built between 1961 and 1968 and 18,808 Series 2 models produced from 1968 to 1970. The later Series 3 E-Type in production from 1971 to 1975 with 15,827 built is an affordable option. Jaguar E Type series 3 prices start from approximately £20,000 requiring maintenance. It’s possible to own a fine example of British sports-car motoring engineering. Without the need to re-mortgage your house.

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How to maintain your Jaguar E Type price

With Jaguar E Type for sale continuing to increase and keep their value. Buying a classic E-type can be a very sensible financial investment. But, you must be prepared to protect the vehicle from rusting. Dinitrol OEM approved corrosion protection treatments are ideal for classic cars. They will protect the vehicle from rusting and help to keep the Jaguar E-Types value. We recommend regularly treating your Jaguar classic car with rust treatments. By applying Dinitrol 4941 a black hard waxy bitumen based under-body coating.

Along with Dinitrol ML a highly penetrating cavity wax with excellent creep characteristics. The cavity wax is effective at protecting older classic cars by stopping any existing rust that may already present. Also, with Dinitrol RC rust converter you simply spray the product onto any evident areas of corrosion. Then the specialist, OEM approved chelat based epoxy resin product. Will convert the rust into a stable organic iron complex. Preventing further corrosion by drying to form an impermeable barrier that is over-paintable. We also recommend keeping the bodywork in pristine condition with ROAR cleaning and polishing products.

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This article was published May 13, 2019