evapo rust super safe rust remover classic car restoration maintenance repair rusty metal product buy online tiltrak product review
evapo rust super safe rust remover classic car restoration maintenance repair rusty metal product buy online tiltrak product review
Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

The product we are reviewing today is a relative newcomer to the rust converter and rust remover solutions available. However, unlike many traditional rust remover products. Evapo Rust is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no solvents, bases or acids. The non-corrosive or toxic rust remover is effortless to use and is not harmful to your skin. Meaning you don’t have to wear any protective gloves or face mask to protect yourself against fumes. You simply pour the Evapo Rust liquid into a bowl, bucket or tank that is large enough to submerge the rusty item. Even though the water-soluble biodegradable product contains no acids, petroleum solvents or alkalis. It quickly removes surface rust to reveal the bare metal underneath.

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Evapo Rust Remover

The super safe environmentally rust remover does not harm metals, rubber, plastic, Viton, PVC and most paints or unrusted steel. However, we recommend testing a sample area prior to full application to ensure compatibility. Also, once applied you simply leave the rusty object to soak in the liquid. With no scrubbing required to remove the corrosion and ochre rust surface staining. The product efficiently removes rust without any additional cleaning or effort. You can also continue re-using Evapo Rust until the solution turns black in appearance and will no longer remove any rust. Usually, around 1 litre of Evapo Rust will remove moderate rusting from approximately 30kg of steel.

Once you have filled a bowl, bucket or bath with Evapo Rust. You can simply ensure the object remains submerged by refilling with tap water if the product solution evaporates. If you are unable to find a container large enough for the rusty object. Apply Evapo Rust to a sponge and place on to the corroded area. By wrapping in plastic and sealing with tape to prevent any moisture from escaping. You must then leave the area sealed for around 24 hours before removing and checking. If rust is still present you just simply need to repeat the process. Until the corrosion is successfully removed from the surface.

After the rust has been removed the surface area can sometimes appear black and very dark in appearance. Please don’t worry this is normal for alloy steel tool and high carbon steel objects. A household cloth can be used to wipe away the carbon residue to remove from the surface.

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Surface Preparation

Prior to submerging an object into the Evapo Rust solution. We recommend cleaning the surface to remove any evident contaminants. The super safe rust remover contains detergents to penetrate any dirt or oil present. But this shortens the lifespan of this environmentally friendly reusable treatment. Also cleaning the surface to remove any contamination including grime or grease, for example, will help to speed up the process.

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How Does Evapo Rust Work?

The environmentally friendly rust remover uses a unique ‘selective chelation’ process. With a specialist molecule forming a bond to hold metals in solution. This process occurs by a bond being created to the iron present in iron oxide and not the steel. With this innovative safe biodegradable process. It’s achievable to remove evident surface corrosion within 30 minutes. It also won’t remove paints or powder coatings provided they don’t contain oxides. Please be aware that Evapo Rust will not clean or damage aluminium, copper or brass metal surfaces. Also never spray Evapo Rust the product will evaporate and be ineffective. The product is also an excellent rust inhibitor and rust preventative. When the product treatment is applied on non-rusted steel surfaces.

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Classic Car Restoration Rust Remover

Evapo Rust is commonly used throughout classic car restoration projects by owners. Or during maintenance and repair tasks to remove corrosion from vehicle parts and components. The versatile product is also very economical to remove rust from household objects. Including hardware, garden equipment and metal fences or gates. Even when severely corroded Evapo Rust is proven to remove corrosion from tools, hinges, nuts and bolts.

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Vehicle Fuel Tank Rust Remover

The ph neutral product can also be used to remove rust from inside both small and large vehicle fuel tanks. If the vehicle has a small fuel tank simply completely fill with Evapo Rust. Then leave the product inside for around 2 to 4 hours for the treatment to work. If you are removing rust from a large fuel tank pour in 5 litres of Evapo Rust then continually rotate the tank every hour. You must then completely rinse to remove the product with water. Before air drying and refilling with fuel immediately after to eliminate any flash rust occurring.
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Economical Reusable Super Safe Rust Remover

Also unlike many rust converters that contain hazardous harmful chemicals. Evapo Rust can safely be disposed of by pouring into the drain once it can no longer be reused. If you are looking for an inexpensive simple to apply rust removing product. We recommend Evapo Rust available in 1 litre and 5-litre containers for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories Shop. This product is already established in the USA and after recently being launched in the UK will soon become a household name.

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This article was published April 5, 2019