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DINITROL Corrosion Prevention & rust treatments
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DINITROL Corrosion Protection Products

The extensive DINITROL corrosion protection range is suitable for a wide range of applications. With specialist automotive rust converters, rust treatments and penetrating cavity waxes. The range contains vehicle underbody chassis coatings and transportation/storage coatings. With the products commonly used throughout the UK automotive aftermarket. To protect passenger cars, classic cars, 4x4 off-road SUV and commercial vehicles. The corrosion protection products are available in easy to apply aerosols. Along with 1 Litre Schutz cans that can be attached to an undercoating gun. Then connected to an air supply for easy application. DINITROL has established a good reputation throughout the world. Due to manufacturing high-quality OEM approved vehicle underbody rustproofing coatings. That provides protection against stone chips and general environmental corrosion factors. Whilst also promoting excellent sound deadening properties.
DINITROL Auto Windscreen Direct Glazing Adhesives
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DINITROL Direct Glazing Products

DINITROL OEM approved professional windscreen direct glazing adhesives and bonding/sealing products. Are widely used throughout UK & European Auto Windscreen Replacement businesses. DINITROL 9100 is a very innovative direct glazing applied cold adhesive product. That enables the customer to drive away 30 minutes after application for improved convenience. Also to support the range of economical direct glazing adhesive products. The range incorporates many primer pre-treatments and activators. With the solvent based products containing an adhesion promoting formulation. Notable products are DINITROL Skimfix 840 Rapide a polyurethane adhesive. That is also a perfect solution for structural repairs and bonding plastic parts. Along with DINITROL 771 an MS polymer-based adhesive with a high green strength. DINITROL 460 remains permanently elastic and is ideal for sealing vehicle glass sunroofs and non-bonded vehicle windows.
DINITROL Vehicle Body Repair & Specialist coatings
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DINITROL Vehicle Repair Products

DINITROL OEM approved products are frequently used throughout the automotive aftermarket. By vehicle body repair professionals working in the refinish sector. The vehicle body repair product range contains economical solutions for specialist bodyshop applications. DINITROL aluminium body filler is ideal for vehicle bodywork dents and repairing steel constructions. With DINITROL 6070 Plastic Contour polyester filler. Providing the perfect solution for plastic repairs. Another useful product in the vehicle body repair range is the DINITROL Zinc paint. Once dry the paint primer provides long term corrosion protection for all metals.
DINITROL Vehicle Rustproofing Application Equipment
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DINITROL Equipment & Tools

To complement the DINITROL corrosion protection and direct glazing product ranges. They provide a comprehensive range of compatible professional tools and equipment. The official DINITROL tools have also been specifically designed. With equipment manufactured for individual product applications. These professional grade spray tools have been developed based on extensive research. For spraying vehicle underbody coatings and cavity wax injection applications. It's also possible to buy tool accessories in the Tiltrak Store. Including hook wands, spray guns and lances. All equipment components are continually manufactured to a high professional standard.