classic VW beetle for sale restoration rustproofing dinitrol underbody chassis protection cavity wax injection treaments
classic VW beetle for sale restoration rustproofing dinitrol underbody chassis protection cavity wax injection treaments
Classic VW Beetle for sale

Classic VW Beetle for sale

Are you currently searching for a Classic VW beetle for sale? With many classic cars and future retro vehicles for sale on Tiltrak. We recommend browsing the classified listings in the Tiltrak Automotive Marketplace. To find cars for sale by private sellers, dealerships and VW Beetle classic car restoration specialists. However, with fully restored Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet models costing over £20,000 on average. Finding a suitable Classic VW Beetle for sale can be a challenging task when working within a tight budget.

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This is largely due to the renewed interest with the iconic Volkswagen Beetle after production ceased in 2003. In 2017 a type 1 Volkswagen Beetle with one previous Swedish owner achieved an astonishing €58,240 at auction. But this figure is far below the €69,485 sale price received for a fully restored 1955 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet in 2014.

Classic VW Beetle for sale to start a restoration project

If you simply can’t afford a fully restored VW Beetle Type 1 car due to current personal financial circumstances. Have you thought about starting a VW Beetle restoration project? With many classic Beetle cars available on Ebay in the £1000 to £3000 price range. It’s possible to own a Beetle classic car provided you have the necessary skills and commitment to restore the vehicle. If you are interested in starting a classic Beetle restoration project we have provided some useful tips below.

  1. Prior to purchasing any classic Beetle car, carefully inspecting the vehicle closely is essential. To evaluate any repairs and replacement parts that could be required. Ideally, we recommend seeking the services of a VW Beetle restoration specialist. Or contacting an experienced motor mechanic to professionally check the vehicle. Before you commit any time and money into restoring the classic car to assess if the project is worth starting.
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  3. During the inspection make sure you thoroughly check everywhere. Including the boot compartment, engine parts, mechanical components, bodywork and chassis area. Also with older cars, you must closely inspect the chassis, box sections, door frames, crevices and foot-wells. To examine for any corrosion damage with visible surface rust already present. Make sure you check carefully around the window trim, bumpers and boot compartment for any visible rusting. We also recommend asking the current owner for all service history documentation and repair receipts. Along with any rustproofing treatment certification evidence during the vehicle inspection.
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  5. Once you have a fully comprehensive list of the restoration and maintenance work required. It’s advisable to visit or the websites. You can then check the costs for any replacement parts or components should they be required. Creating a budget overview is vital to ensure you have the necessary financial resources to finish the project. Finally, consider the VW Beetle restoration level of finish you wish to achieve. Then assess if you have the technical skills and experience to meet these expectations.
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Classic VW Beetle for sale corrosion protection

After you have found and bought a suitable Classic VW Beetle for sale. Protecting the classic Beetle car from corrosion and stopping any rust already present is crucial. To stop rust already present we recommend applying Dinitrol RC 900. The specialist chelat base and epoxy resin product converts rust. By changing rust on substrates into a safe stable organic iron complex. Also once the rust converter treatment has been successfully applied. It will form an impermeable barrier to prevent further corrosion occurring. The strong rust converter dry adhesive film coating provides a suitable base layer for paintwork. Or any additional corrosion protection treatment coatings if required.

Stop rust converter Dinitrol RC900 ideal for VW beetle restoration projects and classic car maintenance

Volkswagen Beetle underbody rustproofing

Also, with the underbody constantly being hit by stone chippings or road debris. Small holes can soon appear in the protective paint layer exposing the bare metal underneath. Adequately rustproofing the underbody to protect against surface water ingress and or corrosive road salt is essential. Did you know that road salt used to clear highways from snow and ice during the winter months is a corrosion accelerate? Dinitrol 4941 is a hard black waxy bitumen underbody rustproofing corrosion protection coating. Once applied the underbody rustproofing product demonstrates good abrasion resistance. With the underbody coating also benefiting from self-healing characteristics.

classic vw beetle for sale underbody rustproofing treatment dinitrol 4941 chassis coating rust prevention corrosion protection

Volkswagen Beetle cavity wax rustproofing

Finally to protect all VW Beetle cavities including door frame members, sills, box sections, exterior joints and crevices. Dinitrol ML a water displacing extremely penetrating oily brown cavity wax is designed for closed cavities. The product is very effective in rustproofing older classic cars and will stop any ongoing corrosion already present.

Protect your Classic VW Beetle for sale with Dinitrol cavity wax injection for restoration maintenance projects

Plus for peace of mind all Dinitrol corrosion protection products are manufactured in Germany and OEM approved. Did you know Tiltrak are official DINITROL product sellers and all items are protected by the Genuine Product Guarantee?

This article was published June 26, 2019