classic porsche for sale on tiltrak porsche restoration corrosion protection rust prevention advice information dinitrol uk shop
classic porsche for sale on tiltrak porsche restoration corrosion protection rust prevention advice information dinitrol uk shop
Classic Porsche for Sale

Classic Porsche for Sale

Are you trying to find a suitable classic Porsche for sale within your budget? Trying to buy a Porsche 356 Speedster will be outside most peoples budget. With recent Porsche 356 Speedster for sale fetching over £100,000. The Porsche 356 Speedster was their first production car manufactured between 1948 to 1964. Also, the innovative aerodynamics and 1951 Le Mans win make this a collectable car. But, with around 76,000 produced they remain the dream car for many Porsche restoration enthusiasts.

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911 Classic Porsche for Sale

If purchasing a 356 classic Porsche for sale is not viable. Buying a classic Porsche 911 for sale can be a good alternative. With the iconic Porsche 911 sports car being in production since 1963 with minor model updates. We recommend purchasing an earlier air-cooled engine model manufactured up-to 1998. Before the controversial water cooled engine was introduced in 1998. Many Porsche traditionalists opposed the water cooled flat 6 engine innovation. Also with old Porsche 911 increasing in value, they can be a good classic car financial investment. It’s currently possible to buy a 911 model on Auto Trader from around £10,000 upwards. This is great news for enthusiasts looking to start a Porsche restoration project, when working within a tight budget. You are able to own a legendary motor-sport racing car with outstanding pedigree.

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Classic Porsche for Sale

With many old Porsche for sale in various conditions by private sellers, dealerships and restoration specialists. We recommend finding a suitable classic Porsche for sale that has a full-service history. This will help to retain and increase the vehicle’s value should you decide to sell. It’s also important that you check the vehicle for rust by removing the carpets and inspecting the footwells. We also advise you inspect all box sections, crevices, chassis and cavities including the engine compartment for corrosion. You should also carefully inspect the wheel arches and remove any plastic liners to inspect for corroded metal. Replacing vehicle panels and welding, especially in older vehicles can be very costly.

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Porsche Restoration & Maintenance

Whether you are looking to embark on a Porsche restoration project. Or already own a vintage Porsche 911 or newer retro classic model. Implementing a corrosion protection plan will help you to avoid costly repair bills. Even though the Porsche underbody chassis is protected by plastic panels with newer models. Don’t be led into this false sense of security. Due to Porsche sports suspension placing the car close to the ground. The vehicle is more susceptible to surface water ingress and dirt contamination. Along with exposure to highly corrosive road salt during the winter months. Continual road debris hitting the underbody chassis area also increases when driving faster. With stone-chips leaving small holes in the protective underbody paint coating layer. Exposing the bare metal underneath the protective paint layer. If not repaired prolonged exposure to water and oxygen will soon result in rusting around the underbody chassis area.

Porsche Rustproofing Corrosion Protection

Dinitrol 4941 is a hard black waxy bitumen based underbody coating. With the product presenting self-healing characteristics to repair small holes. However, prior to application, you must completely steam clean the chassis to remove all dirt and grime then wait until fully dry. If the chassis is not completely dry before spraying Dinitrol 4941 underseal. Moisture can become trapped underneath causing corrosion to still occur.

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We also recommend injecting Dinitrol ML into all vehicle crevices, pillars, frame and box sections. The highly penetrating cavity wax is specifically designed for older second-hand cars. Actively stopping any ongoing corrosion that is already present. Once applied the oily brown cavity wax coating covers surfaces with excellent creep characteristics.

Porsche Corrosion Protection Inspection

Inspecting your Porsche regularly for corrosion to spot any signs of rust is essential. Then applying Dinitrol RC 900 a specialist rust converter highly recommended. The aerosol spray treatment turns rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. With the penetrating Chelat base and epoxy resin rust converter primer coating being over-paintable. Enabling you to repair paintwork on panels or apply additional corrosion protection coatings.

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Porsche Corrosion Protection Products

Also like Porsche cars, Dinitrol corrosion protection products are manufactured in Germany. The premium quality corrosion protection rust prevention treatments are OEM approved.

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This article was published May 30, 2019