Very well maintained Lotus Elan M100
Very well maintained Lotus Elan M100
£ 8000
Lotus Elan M100
Contact the seller: 07973 191631
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Choppington | North East
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Im considering selling my M100 It has high mileage 155k, but don't let that put you off, it has been very well maintained with a large detailed service record, I would like to take full credit for the work done on the car but I have just carried it forward, last year I upgraded the rear brakes (so the handbrake actually works) and window drop rubbers and sliders.

The previous owner who deserves the credit was Dave Hall aka DeeAitch well known on the M100 forum as the guy who developed the short shift and is extremely knowledgeable on the Elan, he also fitted a new gearbox with quaife LSD The car has a mountain chip, S2 wheels,new S2 hood, stainless exhaust with no cat (not required re age)which reduces power on the later S2 model, the wishbones which I'm sure you are aware can be a problem are original steels ones but are fine as Dave filled them with waxoil to preserve from the inside as well, In the last couple of months I have had the underneath cleaned and re undersealed, it also has a powerful retro sound system with heavy bass speakers behind both seats so you feel the sound as well as hear it.

Im not going to pretend its in immaculate condition as it does have blemishes and bits that will require ongoing attention, as will all 27 year old cars.
A good source for parts are and who supplied the recent rear brake kit

To the best of my knowledge there is absolutely nothing major wrong with it, the only reason I am looking at selling is It just don't get used very much, but I might change my mind when the sun comes out. Thanks for reading if you require more information please get in touch

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This article was published February 4, 2019