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ROAR Advanced Finishing

roar advanced finishing polishing compounds waxes car detailing professional refinish waxes gloss clean swirl remover buy online

ROAR Advanced Finishing

With years of experience gained throughout the auto refinishing and car detailing sectors. ROAR Advanced finishing continue to invest in research and development. To ensure they continue providing unique innovative automotive products.

ROAR Advanced Finishing Car Detailing System

ROAR 811 Wash and Gloss is a concentrated car wash soap. That will remove any dirt, contaminants, dust and fingerprints from the vehicle paintwork. Once applied the product repels water and provides extra gloss to enhance paint between waxes. roar car detailing speed wax swirl remover scratch remover car paintwork classic car restoration car shampoo cleaning ripley uk

Car Detailing Paint Restoration Series.

The ROAR paint restoration series contains an extensive range of professional car detailing products. To remove fine scratches or scuff marks including oxidation, ROAR 812 Scratch Remover is perfect for this application. Also, for older or classic cars the ROAR 813 Swirl Remover product is an excellent solution for restoring faded paintwork. Once applied to the vehicle paintwork ROAR 813 will also remove swirl marks and any surface holograms. For UV protection and achieving a mirror finish, ROAR 814 speed wax provides a long lasting gloss shine finish. roar advanced finishing roar 812 scratch remover vehicle car paintwork restore wax polishing compounds tiltrak marketplace

Interior Car Detailing Products

To remove stains from vehicle carpets and interior upholstery we recommend applying the ROAR 820 aerosol spray. The special formulated carpet and upholstery treatment application. Will restore and freshen fabrics in your vehicle interior. ROAR 826 a lemon fragrance vehicle interior cockpit spray. Is perfect for masking unpleasant odours throughout the cabin. This product is ideal for polishing car interior plastic trim fixtures, dashboards, leather, rubber, vinyl roofs and vehicle grilles. Finally, for cleaning vehicle windows we recommend ROAR 823 Glass Cleaner. Once applied to the glass surface the non-streak formula product will easily remove any dirt. Along with any grease, grime or stubborn bird droppings. If you own a luxury vehicle fitted throughout with leather upholstery. ROAR 827 will clean and condition your seats whilst restoring the natural shine. roar cockpit vehicle cabin spray cleaner car detailing dashboard polishing compounds plastics non streak refinishing valeting products

ROAR Car Detailing Products

Along with the professional car detailing products available online within the official Tiltrak Marketplace motor accessories e-commerce shop. You will also find a wide range of ROAR advanced finishing accessories. Including specialist car detailing microfibre cloths, compound polishing pads and professional rotary polisher equipment. roar advanced finishing vehicle cabin upholstery interior carpets cabin cleaning leather car detailing valeting clean products
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Q Oil Europe

q oils europe q20 super multi purpose lubricant q12 rust remover rustproofing classic cars q10 penetrating oil q30 protective film electrical auto wiring applications

Q Oil Europe

Q Oil have been manufacturing and producing market leading products since 1950. The Q Oil brand was originally established in South Africa but is now available throughout the UK. With the specialist range of versatile products currently being used throughout automotive and industrial maintenance workshops. Tiltrak, are pleased to announce we now have the products in stock for sale via our website. Q Oil Europe products have many common applications and are ideal for lubricating, cleaning, protecting and stopping rust. With Classic Cars, Bicycles, Motorcycles, Marine Vessels, Passenger Cars, Tools, Equipment, Machinery, Commercial Vehicles and Household objects.

Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant

Q20 Super Multi-Purpose Lubricant is a major competitor with established brands WD40, GT85 and Würth 20/40 throughout mainland Europe. This unique multi-purpose lubricant is fitted with a 360-degree nozzle enabling spraying upside down. Also, the Q20 product contains no silicone and is safe to use on paintwork. The innovative premium quality product provides 50% more lubrication when compared with market-leading rival brands. Q20 also prevents rust, protects surfaces and displaces moisture whilst lubricating. q 20 super multi purpose lubricant prevents rust displaces moisture auto motor accessory lubricate parts chains cogs bicycles motorcycles cars tiltrak.jpg

Q10 Penetrating Oil

Q10 is a silicone-free penetrating oil perfect for releasing seized fittings to prevent further corrosion from occurring. Nuts and bolts on vehicles and machinery especially when exposed to outdoor weather conditions are prone to rusting that results in seizures. To prevent this from occurring and avoiding costly repairs. Q10 removes dust, dirt and grease whilst also breaking down any formation of rust. This innovative product is used throughout garages and workshops and will not damage paintwork. Q 10 penetrating oil silicone free q oils europe release seized nuts bolts remove dust grease grime dirt car parts components engine compartment uk

Q30 Specialist Protective Film

The Q Oil Europe Q30 product is a specialist protective film coating that prevents rust and corrosion. The product is REACH compliant and commonly used by professionals working within in the electrical industry sector. Enabling electricians to seal electrical circuit boards and electrical connections to prevent rust. Once applied the Q30 protective film product prevents tarnishing. Providing up to 1000% elongation anti-crack characteristics. Also, for peace of mind, the Q30 Specialist Protective Film product has been certified. With a rigorous 500-hour salt spray chamber test and can be peeled off when no longer required. q30 protective film q oil europe product electricians auto electrics protection against corrosion electrical connections prevent rust tiltrak motor store

Q12 Rust Remover

The Q Oil Europe Q12 Rust Remover product is a complex mixture of phosphoric and hydrochloric acid. Once applied the jelly substance converts rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate. After applying to the surface treatment area it will dissolve the worst rust within minutes. But, it’s recommended that the surface rust is loosened with a wire brush before application. For the best results apply the Q12 Rust Remover product treatment with a toothbrush. The Q12 Rust Remover prevents corrosion and is ideal for home, garage and professional workshop applications. Along with removing rust during Classic Car maintenance and restoration projects. q12 rust converter q oil europe rust remover product for classic car maintenance restoration projects prevent rusting corrosion protection treatment

Buy Q Oil Europe Products

Purchase the extensive collection of automotive Q Oil Europe products in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories Store online. Q Oil Europe also manufacture a range of industrial grade hand wipes and vehicle brake cleaner that does not harm painted disc brake callipers.
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NEC Restoration Show

new restoration show birmingham march practical classics rust corrosion protection dinitrol treatments underbody chassis coatings

NEC Restoration Show

Don’t miss the Practical Classics publication sponsored NEC Restoration show. The annual 3-day event held during March at the Birmingham NEC is a must-attend show. Attracting over 28,000 visitors the event is widely regarded as the fastest growing classic car enthusiast event. Also, with over 150 classic car club organisations in attendance. Visitors can view many rare and collectable classic cars in different states of repair.

NEC Restoration Show Live Demonstrations

During the 3 day event, NEC Restoration Show visitors can watch live project demonstrations. That show full brake system overhauls, head gasket replacement, panel fitting and even paint spraying. The classic car show provides enthusiasts and professional restoration specialists with invaluable insights. Vehicle exhibits at the restoration show include rusty old barn finds. That need extensive repair work to concourse quality pristine classic cars. new restoration show practical classics classic car restoration show bee gees elton john classic car owner clubs uk dinitrol cavity waxes

Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership Award

With classic car restoration usually involving many hours of unpaid work during the weekends by enthusiasts across the UK. The Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership award provides recognition to these people. To individuals who share the same passion for classic car restoration. Undertaking a classic car restoration project is a major commitment. Usually requiring large financial resources and a lot of dedication. The Lancaster Insurance pride of ownership enables owners to share their unique classic car restoration project stories. Anyone who owns a classic car registered before 2000 is eligible to enter their marque into the prestigious annual event. Then once the competition closes in February, the judges select and short-list 20 classic cars to be showcased at the NEC Restoration Show event. Providing classic car restoration show visitors, with the opportunity to view rare cherished and unusual vehicles. Whilst learning about each individual unique restoration with heartwarming stories. new restoration show lancaster insurance pride of ownership award carol nash barn find cca classic car auctions dinitrol rust converters

Carol Nash Barn Find

With 20 barn finds exhibited at the Classic Car & Restoration Show attendees can vote for their favourite in the Carol Nash Barn Find event. Many of the classic cars at the show have been neglected for over 40 years in garages or covered by tarpaulin outdoors to rust. These iconic classic cars that define British motoring history have been rescued by motoring enthusiasts. Whilst most of the barn finds on display will be restored some will be left to rust in peace. Carol Nash are insurance providers who specialise in classic car owner policies. new restoration show carol nash barn find cca classic car auctions classic car and restoration show march tiltrak dinitrol online shop

Classic Car Auctions at the NEC Restoration Show

During the 2018 NEC Restoration Show, CCA sold 130 vehicles achieving £2.1 million in sales revenue. With only remaining 31 vehicles remaining unsold the CCA Classic Car Auctions event was deemed a great success. Rare classic cars sold that were previously owned by celebrities included a 1977 Mercedes 450 SEL driven by Bee Gees band member Sir Barry Gibb. Other fine classic cars driven by famous music legends included a 1995 BMW E38 owned by Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi. Along with a 1985 Bentley Turbo R belonging to superstar performer Elton John. The annual CCA Classic Car Auctions event gains international attention. Attracting online bids from enthusiasts across the world including New Zealand. With a beautiful 1948 Jaguar ‘Mark IV’ Drophead coupé fetching twice the estimated price at £40,700 with the online bidder based in the Czech Republic.

Visiting the NEC Restoration Show

With over 1000 cars on display at the NEC Restoration show from the 22-24th March 2019. We recommend attending to share your passion for preserving motoring nostalgia with fellow enthusiasts.

Classic Car Restoration

Are you looking to undertake a new classic car restoration project? DINITROL Corrosion protection products including Underbody Chassis coatings, penetrating cavity waxes and rust converters are perfect solutions.
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New Cars 2019

new cars 2019 ariel hiperar aston martin valkyrie nissan italdesign mercedes amg one polestar 1 bugatti divo tiltrak automotive marketplace uk

New Cars 2019

With innovative cars incorporating the latest styling and technology being launched in 2019. We are sure petrolhead fans will not be disappointed by the array of new releases in 2019 by Mercedes, Nissan and Aston Martin.

Ariel Hipercar

Ariel are already an established sports car manufacturer renowned for producing lightweight vehicles. That are always guaranteed to deliver an exhilarating driving experience. They are now venturing into the hyperspace arena with a new sports car that can reach 100mph in 3.8 seconds beating the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918. The Ariel Hipercar is powered by 4 tiny electric motors that are approximately 330mm in diameter. To deliver 1,327lb per foot of torque with a top speed of 155mph.

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Incorporating the McLaren F1 BMW V12 engine. The new Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar provides F1 performance. To car enthusiasts able to afford this automotive engineering masterpiece. The supercar has been developed by legendary Red Bull Racing chief technical officer Adrian Newey. In conjunction with renowned engine performance specialists Cosworth. This road legal weight obsessed aerodynamic supercar is capable of delivering 1000bhp from the 6.5-litre V12 engine.

Mercedes Benz AMG One

When Mercedes launched the AMG One project with the primary aim to place an F1 powertrain into a road legal car. The project soon gained overwhelming interest within the automotive and motorsport communities. Engineers in the UK are now working to create a modified F1 engine that is compliant with emission regulations and able to idle at 1,200rpm. It’s reported that the Mercedes AMG One supercar will be fitted with a 1.6 V6 turbo engine. The same type that was fitted in Lewis Hamilton’s 2015 car that won the Formula 1 title.

Bugatti Divo

The eagerly awaited Bugatti Divo will cost twice the price of a Bugatti Chiron at €5 million euros even though it uses the same 1,479bhp engine. This exclusive supercar will be in high demand due to only 40 Bugatti Divo models being manufactured.

Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign

A popular sports car with street racers the Nissan GT-R50 has been created by Italdesign without limits. The modified Nissan GT has been streamlined and re-imagined to improve performance delivering 711bhp. But with a €990,000 euro price tag only 50 Italdesign Nissan GT-R50 cars will be built.

Polestar 1

With this being the first release by Volvo’s new electric car performance division. Automotive journalists are looking forward to test driving this 591 bhp plugin hybrid. With the Polestar 1 boasting an impressive 93 mile (150km) range on one single charge. The new Polestar 1 will also be four-wheel drive and fitted with a four-cylinder 2.0 Litre petrol engine.

New Car 2019

Have you recently purchased a new car? Keep your new motor in pristine condition with ROAR polishes & valeting products available for purchase in the Tiltrak Automotive Marketplace.
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New Land Rover Defender

new land rover defender toyota land cruiser jaguar landrover felix brautigam 4x4 off road suv electric motor hybrid news

New Land Rover Defender

With the legendary Land Rover Defender ceasing production in 2016 after 70 glorious years. The launch of the new Land Rover Defender model has been widely anticipated. With recent sightings captured by motoring enthusiasts and car journalists published in automotive news publications. Suggesting the new next-generation Land Rover Defender will be launched in 2019. With production scheduled to begin early in 2020. Recent spy-shots appear to show a three-door ‘90’ and five-door ‘110’ model variant. But, Jaguar Land Rover’s marketing chief Felix Bräutigam commented at the Paris Motor Show. That these are the first pilot prototypes and subject to design & styling modifications.

New Land Rover Defender Off-Road Testing

Also due to the indestructible reputation accredited to the original Land Rover Defender. Automotive engineers have been subjecting the new model to extremely rigorous tests. Including -40c temperatures and driving at altitudes up to 13,000ft above sea level. This extensive extreme testing and analysis regime is essential. To ensure the Land Rover Defender can compete with the indestructible Toyota Land Cruiser. When subjected to harsh environments around the world. Designers and engineers have been tasked with reinventing the Land Rover Defender. To stay at the forefront of technology rather than living on the historic reputation of this iconic 4×4 off-road vehicle.

Land Rover Defender SUV

The next generation Land Rover SUV 4×4 off-road vehicle promises to still deliver the authentic defender experience. With loyal Land Rover enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the launch date. The new vehicle will incorporate revolutionary automotive technology. Including interior and exterior design feature that will generate wider mass market public appeal. Also, unlike many luxury SUV rival brands, the new Landy Defender will be priced around £35,000 for an entry-level model. This sensible pricing structure will appeal with buyers looking for a reliable working vehicle that can negotiate the toughest terrains. new land rover defender landy launch 2019 2020 working vehicle next generation suv 4x4 off road utlility road test review

Land Rover Defender Electric Hybrid

If you are looking for an SUV 4×4 off-road utility vehicle that can comfortably tackle steep gradients. The new Defender model provides plenty of traction. Making off-road driving more accessible to amateur inexperienced drivers. Also, for more environmentally concise drivers or conservationists living in the countryside. It’s refreshing to know a hybrid version is planned with an electric motor.

Land Rover Corrosion Protection Rustproofing

If you are looking to purchase a Land Rover Defender we recommend rustproofing the vehicle with DINITROL Corrosion Protection coatings that are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer Approved). In the Tiltrak automotive marketplace e-commerce shop you can purchase DINITROL underbody chassis coatings and anti-stone-chip prevention product treatments.