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Land Rover Restoration

land rover restoration project rustproofing underbody underseal cavity wax rust converter dinitrol corrosion protection

Land Rover Restoration

With the last Land Rover rolling off the Solihull production line in 2016. The iconic British utility vehicle is now highly desired by Land Rover Restoration enthusiasts. Primarily due to this robust multi-purpose vehicle in production since 1948 no longer being built. It soon became a favourite with the queen, Winston Churchill and features extensively in James Bond movies. Originally designed in 1947 by Maurice Wilks in conjunction with his brother Spence the MD of Rover cars. The 1st generation was built using the axle from the American Jeep after Maurice had driven the vehicle during the war. With early models only available in surplus military paint colours usually light shades of green. Series 1 Land Rovers had been originally engineered for service in the field. Also, until recently all Land Rover’s benefited from a robust box section ladder-frame chassis.

dinitrol land rover british heritage off road 4x4 vehicle underbody coating rustproofing cavity wax injection rust converter uk

Solihull Heritage Land Rover Restoration

Since the creation of the Land Rover on the island of Anglesey to build something better than the Jeep. The Land Rover has been the military utility vehicle of choice for the British Army. This industrial looking off-road vehicle has also remained popular with landowners & countryman. Along with farmers due to being a very reliable working vehicle. Many staff are still employed at the Solihull factory working on a heritage vehicle restoration line. With old Land Rover Defenders being professionally restored and re-purposed.

land rover history restore heritage maurice wilks solihull production line jeep dinitrol rustproofing corrosion protection

Finding a Land Rover Restoration Vehicle.

With new vehicle orders increasing towards the end of production in 2016. Largely, due to Land Rover enthusiasts eager to own this nostalgic off-road utility vehicle. Or people simply looking to capitalise on the popularity of this vehicle now out of production. The second-hand Land Rover market is very buoyant with many vehicles available. Searching the Land Rover Owner International website classifieds is a great place to start looking. By providing a range of Land Rover Restoration vehicles for sale to suit different personal budgets.

dinitrol land rover rustproofing corrosion protection rust prevention rust converter underseal cavity wax oem approved

Corrosion Protection products ideal for Land Rover Restoration

When undertaking a new Land Rover Restoration project stopping any existing corrosion is essential. By protecting the Land Rover’s cavities, underbody and engine compartment with anti-corrosion coatings. A comprehensive range of Land Rover corrosion protection rustproofing treatments should be applied.

finding land rover for restoring rustproofing underbody chassis coating military utlility vehicle british army green dinitrol

Dinitrol 4941 / Car Underbody Coating

The product is a black bitumen based hard waxy underseal for rustproofing the underbody. With the protective underbody coating also providing excellent abrasion resistance. Once applied the underbody rustproofing film coating displays self-healing characteristics. Dinitrol 4941 / Car is excellent at protecting the Land Rover underbody from water ingress due to surface rainwater. The universal film also protects the underbody against exposure to highly corrosive rock salt. Commonly used to clear snow and ice from roads throughout the winter months.

dinitrol 4941 car underbody chassis coating black bitumen underseal for landrover restoration corrosion protection project

Dinitrol ML Cavity Wax

The highly penetrating cavity wax is specifically designed to protect older vehicles. With the water displacing oily brown wax coating stopping any ongoing corrosion. This product has exceptional creep characteristics and provides incredible corrosion protection for closed cavities. Including doors, frame members, box sections, crevices and exterior joints. It’s also possible to spray Dinitrol ML over the Land Rover underbody section to create a primer layer. Enabling you to apply Dinitrol 4941 / Car a compatible bitumen underbody coating wet in wet over the Dinitrol ML primer layer.

dinitrol ml penetrating caivity wax ideal for land rover defender restoration box sections doors sils frame members tiltrak

Dinitrol 447 Protect Super Black Anti-stone chip

The fast drying stone chip paint protection coating is perfect for the underbody and wheel arches. With the elastic coating specially designed to resist stone impact and road salt. Once applied the rubber and resin coating remains permanently elastic and is over-paintable.

dinitrol 447 super black anti stone chipping coating elastic rubber resin protective layer against road debris stonechipping

Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

When working on a Land Rover restoration project stopping any existing rust is vital. Dinitrol RC 900 is a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin rust converter. That converts rust into a stable iron complex preventing any further corrosion. The Dinitrol RC900 rust converter penetrates 7-10 times deeper compared to standard products. Also, once dry the coating creates an impermeable barrier against future corrosion. By forming a strong adhesive film layer that is over paintable.

dinitrol rc 900 rust converter rust remover aerosol spray penetrates 7 to 10 times deeper stable iron complex stop rust

Before applying corrosion protection treatments during your Land Rover restoration project. You need to remove any surface corrosion with a wire brush or sandpaper then treat the surface with a suitable converter like Dinitrol RC 900.

land rover defender restoration rustproofing underbody chassis coating underseal road salt road debris protection

Land Rover Restoration Corrosion Protection Products

Dinitrol OEM approved products are ideal for Land Rover Restoration corrosion protection tasks. The rustproofing range of products is available in both aerosol and 1 Litre canister sizes. The 1 Litre canisters can also be attached to compatible undercoating spray tools and an air supply for easy application.

buy dinitrol Land Rover corrosion protection products penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters ideal for restoration or maintenance

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Rust Converter

rust converter information guide application treatment dinitrol rc 900 dinitrol rc 800 products tiltrak uk

Rust converter

Are you currently working on a vehicle restoration project? Or general maintenance task and searching for a reliable rust remover. A rust converter is usually a low cost highly effective treatment solution. When conventional sandblasting techniques are difficult.

dinitrol rc 900 rust remover dinitrol rc 800 rust remover latex polymer rust restorer classic car tiltrak uk

For example when treating sheet metal, vehicles, machinery, equipment and fences particularly iron railings. Or when undertaking a classic car restoration project. Stopping any existing evident corrosion is essential. Before you start proceeding with any additional corrosion protection treatment products. Including the application of cavity waxes or underbody rust prevention coatings. This also applies to re-spraying a vehicle with a new paint colour during refinish tasks.
dinitrol rust remover corrosion protection classic car restoration car maintenance tiltrak

Dinitrol RC 900 rust converter is an innovative OEM approved product. By penetrating 7 to 10 times deeper when compared with competitor brands. This unique product works by quickly converting rust. Found on un-treated substrates into a stable organic iron complex. When applied to oxidised surfaces or parts the product dries to form a strong dry adhesive film. To prevent any further corrosion occurring by forming an impermeable barrier.

dinitrol rc 900 step by step guide application rust remover product treatment demonstration primer tiltrak

Dinitrol RC900 rust converter application guide

Before applying the complex organic chelat based epoxy resin rust converter. It’s essential that you remove any visible surface rust, dirt or grease with a wire brush. Sandpaper or an industrial sandblasting process is also very effective.
dinitrol rc900 rust prevention rust remover prepare substrates painting corrosion protection coatings dinol

To effectively clean and prepare the surface prior to application. Also, to ensure the complex rust converter is actively working. The metal temperature should not fall below 10°C. It must also be highlighted that the drying time after the application is around 24 hours. This is based on assuming atmosphere conditions within the treatment area. Are approximately 15°C with an average humidity of around 60%.

rust converter rust killer rust eater rust neutraliser rust converter paint dinitrol rc900 tiltrak marketplace uk

A visual indicator that the rust converter has been successful. Is the visual appearance of the treated surface area will become black in colour. You should no longer be able to see the orange and brown ochre staining associated with rust. If rust staining is still visible in the treatment surface area. You must continue to repeat the treatment application process. However, please note you must wait until the previous coating is completely dry. Before applying additional spray coatings to actively convert the rust.

rust remover product treatment classic car restoration vehicle maintenance household objects metal gates fences

Once the Dinitrol RC900 product coating is completely dry an impermeable barrier will be formed. Protecting the surface against any further corrosion. The rust converter adhesive film provides a suitable base surface. For applying additional corrosion protection treatment products or paints. However, you must check that the surface is completely dry. To prevent moisture from becoming trapped underneath any additionally applied coatings.

rust remover corrosion prevention prepare surface for over painting penetrates rust oem approved product

Dinitrol RC800 rust converter application guide

Dinitrol RC800 rust converter does not contain lead or phosphoric acid meaning the product contains a very low order of toxicity. The milky white in appearance co-polymer latex contains organic agents. And is specifically designed for treating corroded ferrous substrates. With the product actively converting any rust present on the surface into a stable organic iron complex. An impermeable barrier is formed to seal out moisture and oxygen thus preventing any future corrosion. Dinitrol RC800 is commonly applied to vehicle body shells and chassis. Along with lamp posts, railings, storage tanks, structural girders, railway vehicles and oil rigs.

dinitrol rc900 penetrates rust and primer epoxy chelat base resin impermeable barrier corrosion

Before applying the Dinitrol RC800 rust converter co-polymer latex with a suitable brush. Fully cleaning the surface substrate is essential with a wire brush. To remove any loose flaking rust or paint already present. It’s essential that any high surface peaks are effectively removed by abrading to form a flat treatment area. You will also require a suitable detergent to wash the substrate removing any surface grease or oil already present. Finally, prior to treatment, clean the substrate with a high-pressure cleaner using hot water. To rinse away the detergent residue and any remaining corrosion salts.

corrosion protection rust prevention rust treatment paint classic car restoration tiltrak uk

However, you must not remove all evident traces of rust presence. Both Dinitrol RC800 and Dinitrol RC900 rust converter require some rust present to promote the chemical reaction.

Purchase Dinitrol RC900 & Dinitrol RC800

Dinitrol RC900 and RC800 products are available for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories store.

buy dinitrol corrosion protection products penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters oem approved classic car

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Dinitrol 4941

dinitrol black solvent based vehicle underbody coating classic cars passenger cars landrover 4x4 suv off-road vehicles commercial vehicles taxi minibus

Dinitrol 4941

DINITROL 4941 / Car is a vehicle underbody long term corrosion protection coating. That provides a satin black waxy surface finish. The product is applied to vehicles on assembly production lines by many automotive manufacturers. It’s also applied to vehicles during routine maintenance or in accordance with a scheduled re-treatment plan. DINITROL recommend that the underseal should be applied to the chassis every 2 years for the following reasons:

underbody rustproofing remove plastic protective covers modern cars water moisture becomes trapped corrosion rusting tiltkrak uk bitumen product

With modern vehicles, surface and rainwater can become trapped. Inside the fitted protective plastic covers around the underbody chassis area. Another common cause of corrosion occurring around the vehicle underbody. Is the persistent rubbing of plastic covers or components against paintwork. With the continual surface abrasion quickly leading to the bare metal being exposed to both oxygen and moisture.

water ingress flooding promotes corrosion rusting corroded bare metal protect underbody and components with dinitrol rustproofing coating guide

The protective coating can also become damaged by road debris and stone chippings. This leads to small holes appearing in the underbody protective layer. If not quickly repaired the impact of continual surface water ingress will accelerate the rusting process.

This problem can then become more serious when driving throughout the winter months. Because rock salt used to clear roads from snow and ice in winter. Is an extremely corrosive substance that further promotes the rusting process. Due to this reason, it’s necessary to frequently remove all the plastic cover. To conduct regular inspections of the vehicle underbody.

salt spreaders gritters highly corrosive road salt snow ice melting surface water protect underbody with dinitrol 4941 black bitumen coating tiltrak uk

Dinitrol 4941 Rustproofing

With most people never inspecting their vehicle underbody, they are unaware of the damaged caused. By continual road surface water and salt spray being projected onto the underbody area when driving. Also during the winter months after driving on salt treated roads. Snow and ice can become attached to the underbody in freezing conditions and will start to rot components. Yet with salt still, the primary solution for local authorities and councils, to economically and efficiently clear roads. You are probably wondering how can protect your vehicle underbody from rotting?

We advise on regular cleaning to remove any surface residue and contaminants including salt from the underbody. Then conducting regular inspections every couple of months for any signs of abrasion. To check that the vehicle underbody protective layer coating has not been penetrated. It’s simple to repair any holes or cracks in the coating layer by applying the DINITROL 4941 / Car product using the convenient easy to use aerosol.

protect underbody against stone chipping road debris surface water ingress rock salt snow ice and surface water spray corrosion protection coating

Even if you have recently purchased a brand new vehicle, protecting the underbody should be a primary concern. Some vehicle manufacturers do not provide adequate underbody corrosion protection. When they apply the protective chassis coating during production line assembly. With imported Japanese manufactured cars usually having insufficient underbody chassis coatings for UK road conditions. Primarily due to highly corrosive road salt not being used to clear roads in Japan.

underbody corrosion protection rust prevention sound deadening noise reduction from stone chipping road debris dinitrol rustproofing product application

Dinitrol 4941 Rustproofing Treatment

If you are purchasing a new vehicle that will be imported, we recommend speaking with the dealership. Many car import hubs apply underbody corrosion protection rustproofing treatments. Including DINITROL 4941/Car or other alternative brands. Protecting your vehicle underbody will help to reduce costly repairs due to component failure. Plus ultimately your more likely to achieve a higher resale value should you decide on selling the vehicle.

dinitrol 4941 underbody rustproofing coating aerosols 1 litre schutz canisters with under coating gun and air compressor good abrasion tiltrak

Dinitrol 4941 / Car is a bitumen-based underbody rustproofing coating treatment. Once applied the thixotropic black coloured corrosion protection coating provides abrasion resistance. From road debris and stone chippings frequently hitting the underbody when the vehicle is travelling. DINITROL 4941 forms a soft thick elastic protective layer that appears ‘rubbery’ inconsistency. With the hard wear resistant rustproofing film providing excellent component protection. Also, the product provides good sound dampening properties because the thick layer is very absorbent. With the orange peel like product coating layer absorbing road noise, vehicle part vibrations and sounds. Usually associated with stone chippings and road debris or dirt continually hitting the underbody chassis.

dinitrol 4941 underbody rustproofing rust prevention coating treatment bitumen hard waxy black film elastic layer corrosion protection chassis

Another unique feature of DINITROL 4941 underbody rustproofing coating. Is the unique self-healing ability characteristics to repair itself. The solvent based rust prevention coating provides outstanding protection for high impact zones. Including the areas directly around and surrounding wheel arches that are prone to corrosion. For further product information please download the Dinitrol 4941 Technical Data Sheet.

bitumen based vehicle underbody chassis rustproofing corrosion prevention coating dinitrol oem approved original equipment manufacturer tiltrak

Vehicle Underbody Rustproofing Treatment

Dinitrol 4941 / Car is a very popular rustproofing underbody chassis coating. That is applied in professional rustproofing treatment centres across the UK and Europe. The product is also applied by classic car owners to preserve and protect their investments from rusting. Many classic Land Rover and 4×4 owners also seek Dinitrol 4941. With the treatment being OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer approved.

dinitrol genuine product guarantee rustproofing corrosion protection rust prevention products buy in Tiltrak motor accessories store cars guide watch video

The genuine product guarantee ensures the quality and performance have not been compromised. Dinitrol 4941 is suitable for classic cars, passenger cars, 4×4 SUV & commercial vehicles including taxis, minibuses and buses. We also recommend watching the vehicle rustproofing product application guide below.

Underbody Rustproofing Treatment Application

Before applying 4941 / Car it’s vital that the underbody chassis area has been thoroughly cleaned with a steam cleaner. To ensure any surface contaminants, residue, dirt or grease have been completely removed. You must then allow sufficient time for the underbody to completely dry. Otherwise, moisture could become trapped between the underbody and Dinitrol 4941 protective layer. If the rustproofing treatment is applied prematurely when the underbody surface is still wet, corrosion will occur underneath.

cleaning preparation before treatment underbody rustproofing coating steam clean chassis dry remove all plastic protective covers dinitrol buy now
We also recommend fully masking the vehicle to protect from any over-spray when applying the treatment. However, Dinitrol Auto Cleaner 7225 is purposely designed for removing any Dinitrol 4941 over-spray from vehicles. With the specialist underbody rustproofing cleaning agent, you simply wipe away any excess.

Dinitrol 4941 rustproofing treatment will adhere to painted surfaces or substrates coated with a layer of PVC. Rubber, plastics and zinc will not be harmed by the Dinitrol 4941 product. Prior to the application when corrosion is already evident typically with older cars. You may wish to apply a thin undercoat layer with Dinitrol ML. The penetrating cavity wax can be applied directly to the underbody chassis area. With the ability to conveniently overlay the Dinitrol 4941 underbody coating on top whilst still wet.

wheel arch protection high contact area stone chipping abrasion road debris dinitrol 4941 treatment application guide information step by step tiltrak

Purchase Dinitrol 4941 Rustproofing products on Tiltrak

Dinitrol 4941 is available for sale in easy to use 500ml aerosols and 1-litre Schutz canisters. The 1 Litre canisters can be attached to an air supply by screwing to the undercoating gun neck. When applying the coating you must build up the thickness by gradually layering the product. The recommended wet thickness for the product is 700 μm to provide a 400 μm layer when dry. To check the required wet thickness has been reached we recommend using a wet film gauge tool. The tool is specifically designed for measuring film thickness including underbody chassis coatings.

Dinitrol 4941 underbody rustproofing product coatings are available for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories store.

buy dinitrol corrosion protection products penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters oem approved classic car

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Dinitrol ML

Dinitrol ML

Dinitrol ML is a highly penetrating cavity wax product. That is perfect for suitably rustproofing older second-hand cars. The brown coloured oil based cavity wax is also commonly applied by classic car owners. When working on a restoration project or during ongoing rust prevention maintenance tasks. Once applied the penetrating cavity wax demonstrates excellent water displacing characteristics. By being highly effective in stopping any ongoing corrosion. When injected into vehicle closed cavities to stop existing rust already present. DINITROL ML also provides effective rust prevention for vehicle doors. Along with frame members, exterior joints and crevices around the vehicle.

stops rust dinitrol ml is a penetrating cavity wax application product ideal for classic car restoration and maintenance tasks injection tutorial step by step

Dinitrol ML penetrating cavity wax

Dinitrol ML is fast drying penetrating cavity wax. Making it suitable for production line applications, or during after-market maintenance tasks. Classic Car owners prefer Dinitrol ML due to the long lasting corrosion resistant coating. Actively penetrating into hairline cracks and the surface seems. To eliminate moisture before drying into a strong hard-wearing resistance film. The low viscosity cavity wax is suitable for application with DIY equipment.

1 litre canister cavity wax attach neck to undercoating gun with lance and air compressor rustproofing cavity wax injection application guide 4x4 suv

With the product not requiring preheating prior to starting the treatment application. Enabling Classic Car owners to successfully inject the cavity wax into hard to reach areas such as box sections. This also means the soft waxy wear-resistant treatment can be applied all year round to eliminate dampness.

rust prevention dinitrol ml cavity wax injection with lance wand and undercoating gun vehicle corrosion protection surface seems hairline cracks video

Applying Dinitrol ML cavity wax

The oily product can be applied with an aerosol and extension nozzle attachment. Or with an undercoating gun and air supply by attaching a 1 Litre schutz style canister. The Dinitrol ML 1 litre canisters are simply screwed to the undercoating gun neck thread attachment. Then applied by spraying using a wand lance extension tool accessory.

schutz canister 1 litre attached to undercoating gun with lance extension injection Dinitrol ML land rover classic cars second hand cars 4x4 suv

It’s also possible to apply the corrosion preventing cavity wax in professional or industrial applications. By using air-mixed or airless equipment with the Dinitrol ML supplied via a 208L barrel, 60L drum or smaller 20L and 5L pails. Please be aware when applying with an undercoating gun and lance extension. You must fully insert the lance into the cavity and only press the trigger when withdrawing. A very fine mist will normally be visible with the coating seeping through vehicle panel access points. If you require more technical product application information please download the Technical Data Sheet.

dinitrol genuine product guarantee rustproofing corrosion protection rust prevention products buy in Tiltrak motor accessories store cars guide watch video

Dinitrol ML product rust protection

The cavity wax has proven performance in preventing and stopping existing rust. With the product scientifically tested by undergoing a 96-hour corrosion resistance salt spray test. For optimal treatment, it’s recommended that the cavity wax is applied in a 30 μm wet thickness layer. Providing a protective 10 μm rust prevention cavity wax layer once dry. The product coating will not affect vehicle paintwork and can easily be wiped away from surfaces when still fresh with white spirit.

cavity wax injection aerosol dinitrol ml with extension hose for vehicle box sections cavities doors sills exterior joints frame members tiltrak dinol uk

During application, the cavity wax disperses into sills, chassis rails and doors. Along with closed vehicle panels to form a protective resistant film layer. It’s possible to watch the cavity wax coating spreading and creeping into vehicle bodywork seams. Once the solvent evaporates a dark brown soft wax protective layer remains. Before applying DINITROL ML it’s recommended that the surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any surface grease, dirt or oil residue. Watch the cavity wax product application video demonstration guide below that includes useful information and tips.

Cavity wax rustproofing treatment

Classic car owners and rustproofing treatment centre providers often use DINITROL ML with 4941. With the penetrating cavity wax thin layer acting as an excellent adhesion promoter. When applied with a hook wand to create an undercoat for bitumen based underbody chassis coating. Dinitrol 4941 / Car a black coloured underbody chassis coating with self-healing characteristics. Is commonly sprayed wet in wet over the cavity wax layer to form a robust elastic protective film. However, if extensive corrosion is already evident we recommend treating the corroded area with Dinitrol RC 900. The specialist rust converter actively converts rust into a stable organic iron complex. To prevent further corrosion, the surface will become black in appearance. Once dry Dinitrol ML can be applied to further prevent any future corrosion or surface rust appearing.
dinitrol ml is an excellent undercoat layer for bitumen based dinitrol 4941 car underbody chassis coating chassis rustproofing corrosion protection

OEM Approved Rust Prevention

DINITROL ML is also suitable for off-road 4×4, commercial, taxis, minibuses, coaches and bus vehicles. The brown oil based grease coating is a core corrosion protection rust prevention product within the DINITROL range. With the OEM original equipment manufacturer coating still produced in Germany to ensure quality. If you are a classic car owner looking to protect your investment or simply maintain an older second-hand car. Dinitrol ML is an excellent rust inhibitor and corrosion preventative.

Buy Dinitrol ML cavity wax

Dinitrol ML is available for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories online store. We have 3 product sizes available: 500ml Aerosol, 1 Litre Canister and 5 Litre Pail for professional application.

buy dinitrol corrosion protection products penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters oem approved classic car

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Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

evapo rust super safe rust remover classic car restoration maintenance repair rusty metal product buy online tiltrak product review

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

The product we are reviewing today is a relative newcomer to the rust converter and rust remover solutions available. However, unlike many traditional rust remover products. Evapo Rust is an environmentally friendly solution that contains no solvents, bases or acids. The non-corrosive or toxic rust remover is effortless to use and is not harmful to your skin. Meaning you don’t have to wear any protective gloves or face mask to protect yourself against fumes. You simply pour the Evapo Rust liquid into a bowl, bucket or tank that is large enough to submerge the rusty item. Even though the water-soluble biodegradable product contains no acids, petroleum solvents or alkalis. It quickly removes surface rust to reveal the bare metal underneath.

rust remover contains no harmful acids non corrosive non toxic reusable rust inhibitor corrosion protection rust converter product

Evapo Rust Remover

The super safe environmentally rust remover does not harm metals, rubber, plastic, Viton, PVC and most paints or unrusted steel. However, we recommend testing a sample area prior to full application to ensure compatibility. Also, once applied you simply leave the rusty object to soak in the liquid. With no scrubbing required to remove the corrosion and ochre rust surface staining. The product efficiently removes rust without any additional cleaning or effort. You can also continue re-using Evapo Rust until the solution turns black in appearance and will no longer remove any rust. Usually, around 1 litre of Evapo Rust will remove moderate rusting from approximately 30kg of steel.

Once you have filled a bowl, bucket or bath with Evapo Rust. You can simply ensure the object remains submerged by refilling with tap water if the product solution evaporates. If you are unable to find a container large enough for the rusty object. Apply Evapo Rust to a sponge and place on to the corroded area. By wrapping in plastic and sealing with tape to prevent any moisture from escaping. You must then leave the area sealed for around 24 hours before removing and checking. If rust is still present you just simply need to repeat the process. Until the corrosion is successfully removed from the surface.

After the rust has been removed the surface area can sometimes appear black and very dark in appearance. Please don’t worry this is normal for alloy steel tool and high carbon steel objects. A household cloth can be used to wipe away the carbon residue to remove from the surface.

rust remover watch application demonstration videos super safe rust remover selective chelation tiltrak marketplace review

Surface Preparation

Prior to submerging an object into the Evapo Rust solution. We recommend cleaning the surface to remove any evident contaminants. The super safe rust remover contains detergents to penetrate any dirt or oil present. But this shortens the lifespan of this environmentally friendly reusable treatment. Also cleaning the surface to remove any contamination including grime or grease, for example, will help to speed up the process.

before after rust remover vehicle car parts components rusty corrosion submerge in evaporust bath alloy steel tools tiltrak review

How Does Evapo Rust Work?

The environmentally friendly rust remover uses a unique ‘selective chelation’ process. With a specialist molecule forming a bond to hold metals in solution. This process occurs by a bond being created to the iron present in iron oxide and not the steel. With this innovative safe biodegradable process. It’s achievable to remove evident surface corrosion within 30 minutes. It also won’t remove paints or powder coatings provided they don’t contain oxides. Please be aware that Evapo Rust will not clean or damage aluminium, copper or brass metal surfaces. Also never spray Evapo Rust the product will evaporate and be ineffective. The product is also an excellent rust inhibitor and rust preventative. When the product treatment is applied on non-rusted steel surfaces.

removes rust household objects metal gates fences garden equipment tools nuts bolts screws hinges economical uk product launch

Classic Car Restoration Rust Remover

Evapo Rust is commonly used throughout classic car restoration projects by owners. Or during maintenance and repair tasks to remove corrosion from vehicle parts and components. The versatile product is also very economical to remove rust from household objects. Including hardware, garden equipment and metal fences or gates. Even when severely corroded Evapo Rust is proven to remove corrosion from tools, hinges, nuts and bolts.

classic car restoration maintenance repair rust coverter rust inhibitor vehicle parts components biodegradable tiltrak news feature

Vehicle Fuel Tank Rust Remover

The ph neutral product can also be used to remove rust from inside both small and large vehicle fuel tanks. If the vehicle has a small fuel tank simply completely fill with Evapo Rust. Then leave the product inside for around 2 to 4 hours for the treatment to work. If you are removing rust from a large fuel tank pour in 5 litres of Evapo Rust then continually rotate the tank every hour. You must then completely rinse to remove the product with water. Before air drying and refilling with fuel immediately after to eliminate any flash rust occurring.
tiltkrak review super safe corrosion remover vehicle fuel tanks remove corrosion rusting solution treatment product buy now

Economical Reusable Super Safe Rust Remover

Also unlike many rust converters that contain hazardous harmful chemicals. Evapo Rust can safely be disposed of by pouring into the drain once it can no longer be reused. If you are looking for an inexpensive simple to apply rust removing product. We recommend Evapo Rust available in 1 litre and 5-litre containers for purchase in the Tiltrak Motor Accessories Shop. This product is already established in the USA and after recently being launched in the UK will soon become a household name.

purchase available tiltrak motor accessories store online super safe rust remover rust inhibition corrosion prevention rusty