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Rust Proofing

rust proofing car underseal corrosion prevention undercarriage dinitrol 4941 car guide tiltrak shop uk treatment

Rust Proofing

With many different rust proofing treatments available by specialist providers, independent garages and D.I.Y. solutions. Choosing a professional competent treatment provider or suitable brand can be a stressful task. When you are simply trying to find a treatment that will protect your vehicle from corroding. However, some UK professional providers do not apply treatments correctly. This is usually due to a lack of experience, knowledge or training with underseal products. Due to this reason, we have created a comprehensive ultimate rustproofing treatment step by step guide.

The guide below is based on applying DINITROL Corrosion Protection product treatments. By following the step by step process performed in DINITROL Scandinavian treatment centres. Who are internationally recognised for operating to the highest standards. This is primarily due to the harsh Scandinavian winter conditions with snow and ice. Along with most people living in close proximity to the coast. Making them susceptible to sea salt a corrosive accelerator naturally present in the atmosphere. Owners of vehicles living in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway must protect and retreat their cars religiously every couple of years.

This car rust proofing article also provides a good reference point guide. For checking the application process when seeking potential treatment providers. It’s also an invaluable resource for D.I.Y. rust proofing applications providing expert tips and professional guidance. If you are searching to find a professional treatment provider the DINITROL UK website enables you to locate local providers. Alternatively, if you are seeking quotations from other sources please be suspicious of any quotes under £400. Quality workmanship with rustproofing is essential to ensure your vehicle remains rust-free. Without the premature requirement to replace body panels that can become costly.

Rust Proofing Guide Step One

Prior to starting any rustproofing treatments, the vehicle must be lifted and all wheels removed. Removing all plastic trim protective guard covers fitted around the undercarriage is essential to gain full access. It’s also advisable to remove all sound deadening pads from wheel arches as well. They are commonly fitted on newer cars to reduce road noise in the cabin but can sometimes retain moisture leading to corrosion. Please note if you are applying a D.I.Y. rust proofing application you will require a set of suitable ramps and trolley jack. Please note if you search online it’s possible to rent a professional vehicle lift via an hourly rate in some garages.

underbody underseal diy treatment guide step by step remove plastic protective covers dinitrol 4941 information

Steam Cleaning Step Two

The vehicle undercarriage must now be steam cleaned to remove all dirt, grime and debris. We also recommend using a specialist anti-corrosive cleaning solution. To ensure all salts are completely removed from the surface before completely rinsing off with hot water. When using the steam cleaner make sure you clean within all crevices and wheel arches thoroughly. You will also need to wait until the undercarriage is completely dry before applying any corrosion protection treatments. Otherwise, moisture could become trapped underneath that will soon start rusting. If you have selected a professional treatment provider make sure they have a suitable drying area. For D.I.Y. applications purchasing a humidity, gauge can be I wise investment to check and prevent moisture from becoming trapped. Usually, the car must be left overnight for approximately 24 hours.

However, the time can be increased due to damp or humid weather conditions. Sometimes professional rustproofing technicians will leave a car to dry for around 2-3 days or more. The correct drying time is dependent on local climate temperatures. Failing to clean the underbody chassis adequately or not allowing to fully dry can lead to future disastrous problems.

car rustproofing steam clean undercarriage underseal coating remove dirt grime underbody dinitrol 4941

Rust Proofing Inspection Step Three

Once the vehicle underbody is completely dry a full inspection is usually performed. When a professional treatment provider is rustproofing the vehicle. However, you can still conduct an inspection yourself when opting for a D.I.Y. application. By inspecting the undercarriage and wheel arches for any evident corrosion rust already present. We recommend removing all identified flaking rust corrosion with a wire brush from the surface. Before applying DINITROL RC 900 a specialist rust converter and primer. This complex organic Chelat base epoxy treatment actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Also, to prevent further corrosion it forms an impermeable barrier and the coating is over-paintable.

During this process, you must keep treating the rust until it appears black to confirm the conversion has been successful. Sometimes, multiple coatings may be needed with the rust converter until no evidence of corrosion remains. Please note when applying additional coatings you must wait for the previous rust converter treatment to fully dry.

Normally the coating takes around 24 hours to fully dry based on average atmospheric conditions of 60% humidity and 15 degrees. Also when applying the rust converter covering the outer edges is vital to provide a good seal. Remember the visual indication that the treatment has been successfully applied is the saturated deep black surface. If you don’t wish to use the DINITROL RC900 spray rust converter we can recommend DINITROL RC800. This co-polymer latex-based rust converter can be brushed onto the treatment area substrate. It also doesn’t contain phosphoric acid or lead and has a very low order of toxicity. For vehicle owners who have instructed a professional rustproofing treatment provider.
You should request a copy of the inspection report and also physically visit the treatment provider to inspect the vehicle yourself.

If this is not physically possible don’t be afraid to ask for full photo documentation to accompany your report. It’s your vehicle and assessing any corrosion damage to evaluate the problems is key to stopping rust. This can sometimes include the requirement for additional welding and replacement parts in extreme cases.

dinitrol step by step guide rustproofing cars classic cars 4x4 rust inspection treatment underbody chassis coating

Underbody Coating Vehicle Masking Step Four

Before spraying any rustproofing corrosion protection coatings. You need to fully mask the vehicle to prevent overspray. We recommend purchasing some professional drop masking film. Normally used by professional car body paint sprayers that will cling to vehicle. The masking film that is supplied on large rolls is also ideal for protecting floor surfaces. Along with surrounding walls when working within a small garage space at home. Also whilst it’s possible to use newspaper for masking paper we advise against this practice. This usually leads to the product coating bleeding through the paper around the edges. Due to this reason, professional car Bodyshop masking paper should be sourced. Please make sure all masking film and paper are securely taped into position to minimise the impact of any impact.

You must also fully mask the vehicle brakes and exhaust this is for safety reasons and also prevents the product from burning on the surface. To fully protect the vehicle disc brakes section and wheel arm extensions. It’s sometimes possible to secure a plastic bag over the top if you are unable to purchase professional masking product accessories. Also, don’t worry if you incur a little overspray during the rustproofing treatment application. DINITROL Autocleaner 7225 is specifically designed for removing overspray and small drips associated with underbody coatings.

car rust prevention treatments guide cavity wax underbody underseal masking rust converter dinitrol rc900

Rust Proofing Cavity Injection Step Five

When applying the cavity wax you need to locate the insertion holes around the vehicle that are already present. The cavity wax injection access holes are created by automotive manufacturers. During vehicle production assembly and you should not start drilling the frame yourself. This can cause structural damage, safety issues, void your insurance and also lead to corrosion by bare metal becoming exposed. Usually the access holes will be sealed with plastic cavity plugs, however, it’s possible to purchase these on Tiltrak if required. Within the DINITROL cavity wax collection, you will find a wide selection of products including DINITROL 1000 a transparent coating. Along with DINITROL ML a brown oily penetrating cavity wax that is ideal for older second-hand cars and classic cars.

The DINITROL ML cavity wax is very effective at stopping any corrosion already present. You will need to inject the cavity wax into doors, frame members, box sections, crevices, sills, pillars and bonnet. Be careful when injecting cavity wax into the doors to avoid damaging safety sensors. That are usually present and connected to air-bag impact activation systems. To successfully inject the cavity wax you’ll need additional tool accessories. That can include simple aerosol nozzle extension attachments. Or hose lance extensions that are screwed onto undercoating guns. When attached to an air supply whilst using 1-litre schutz canisters. Also please be aware you only apply pressure to the trigger once the extension hose is fully inserted whilst pulling back out to apply a fine mist.

rustproofing cavity wax injection dinitrol ml second hand cars classic cars step by step demonstration uk guide

Underbody Primer Layer Step Six

Before applying the underseal rustproofing treatment to the undercarriage. We recommend applying a thin layer of cavity wax to the undercarriage beforehand. This has two great benefits by softening up the underbody coating already present and helping to improve adhesion. The cavity wax also contains rust inhibitors that can provide further protection against corrosion caused by road salt and abrasion. DINITROL ML can be applied wet in wet with DINITROL 4941 Car black bitumen based underbody coating.

underbody primer layer cavity wax rust inhibitor dinitrol 4941 car underbody underseal corrosion protection tiltrak

Rust Proofing Underbody Step Seven

You are now ready to apply the underbody rustproofing coating. We recommend using DINITROL 4941 Car a solvent-based coating. With excellent abrasion resistance properties and self-healing characteristics. Please note in some circumstances you may need to warm the undercoating due to being a much thicker material when compared with cavity wax. You will now need to apply by evenly spraying, to build thickness of around 700 microns that will dry to around 500 microns. This must also be achieved by layering the product onto the surface to avoid it simply dripping and falling off the car.

Also if the underseal layer is to thin it’s likely to crack when dry and provide no protection. You also need to make sure the wheel arches are fully coated and protected due to them being under constant attack from stone-chippings. Once the DINITROL 4941 underseal rustproofing treatment has been applied and becomes dry. Your vehicle chassis is protected against stone-chippings, gravel, salt, water ingress and harsh weather conditions. To remove any overspray we recommend using DINITROL 7225 Auto Cleaner and a Benzene based spirit to clean equipment.

dinitrol 4941 black bitumen hard waxy underbody underseal rustproofing treatment coating corrosion protection

Rust Proofing Underbody Protection

DINITROL recommends that your car should be treated with a new DINITROL rustproofing coating, every 2 years for the ultimate protection. However, we also recommend inspecting the undercarriage regularly to check for small holes. Usually caused by road debris and stone chippings that can reveal the unprotected bare metal underneath. Inspecting the underseal can be conducted by touching and feeling the rubberised layer surface for any defects. If you find any small holes or cracks it’s possible to repair them with DINITROL 4941 Car aerosols. Or DINITROL 479 an extremely thixotropic brush-able underseal that forms a very hard, elastic, wear-resistant protective film.

dinitrol 4941 underseal anti stone chipping paint wheel arches underbody car rust prevention treatment tiltrak

Finally, after reading this feature. You may wish to source a professional rustproofing treatment provider. Make sure you ask them what warranties or guarantees are provided. You should also check when the next underbody inspection is due. To prevent any warranties or guarantees provided becoming void. Also if you don’t wish to apply DINITROL products there are alternative brands available. Including Mercasol, Hammerite Waxoyl, Por 15, Ziebart and Krown.

rust proofing dinitrol corrosion protection product collection dinitrol 4941 car rustproofing, cavity wax, rust converter engine preservation

Engine Corrosion Prevention

Also for the ultimate vehicle rust proofing treatment corrosion protection. You may wish to additionally protect the engine compartment. With DINITROL 4010 Corroheat a specialist heat resistant transparent coating. The corrosion protection wax creates a hard resistant film, that can withstand temperatures exceeding 200°C. The engine compartment rustproofing corrosion prevention treatment is also resistant to both alkalin and acids. If you want a full vehicle corrosion protection rustproofing system. We advise people to try the extensive range of innovative DINITROL products. Commonly applied by many global automotive manufacturers during vehicle assembly and throughout the after-market.

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Car Underseal

car rustproofing underseal protective layer vehicle inspection dinitrol treatment centre 4941 underbody bitumen hard waxy coating chassis

Car Underseal

Ensuring your vehicle underbody is fully protected with a car Underseal layer is extremely important. Even though an underseal protective coating is applied to new cars during production. The undercarriage is extremely exposed and continually attacked by stone chippings and road debris. This can cause holes to appear in the underseal layer leading to rust and corrosion once the bare unprotected metal is exposed beneath. Rusting is simply caused by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water and metal.

car underseal rustproofing vehicle under carriage dinitrol 4941 waxoyl auto butler corrosion protection road salt corrosive underbody tiltrak

With moisture present in typical humid British weather. In addition to surface water ingress and general damp atmospheric conditions. Your vehicle undercarriage can quickly become very corroded. With visible iron oxide ‘rust’ soon appearing on metal surfaces. Also, did you know that road salt used during the winter months to clear roads from snow and ice accelerates the corrosion process?

Car Underseal Inspection

Due to these reasons, you should inspect your undercarriage on a regular basis. To conduct a comprehensive check for any damage to the car underseal protection coating. With any holes found in the protective layer, repairs should be carried out immediately. It’s also advisable to apply a new car underseal rustproofing treatment to your vehicle every couple of years. In northern Europe and Scandinavian countries who experience harsh winter weather with heavy snowfall, this is standard practice.

car rustproofing water ingress humidity moisture snow road salt corrosive weather conditions underseal rust prevention auto undercarriage uk

Why Car Rustproofing is important

UK drivers should also adopt this more proactive approach with applying car underseal for protection against corrosion. Due to more extreme weather conditions and increased risk of flooding on roads in recent years. Usually caused by heavy rainfall in very short periods of time. Also, additional benefits of applying car underseal once applied to the undercarriage and wheel housing areas. Is the overall reduction in road noise pollution when sat inside the vehicle cabin. If you are unable to spray the car underseal coating yourself due to not having a suitable car lift or lack of experience.

car underseal brands krown bilt hamber waxoyl mercasol dinitrol car rustproofing wheel arches inspection rust prevention underseal repair

Car Underseal Compare Quotations

It’s possible to request comparison quotes from professional rustproofing treatment providers on the Auto Butler website. However, please compare the quotations provided carefully by checking the warranty provided. Then review the proposed products they are planning to use. Car underseal products applied by both independent and affiliated treatment centres in the UK. Usually include Dinitrol 4941, Krown, Mercasol and Waxoyl an established brand owned by Hammerite. Finally when choosing a suitable car underseal rustproofing centre. We recommend reading their customer reviews and ask for treatment picture examples. Also, finally double check all warranty agreement clause disclaimers before proceeding. These could include kerb scuffs, driving in off-road conditions or on gravel roads. When the threat of stone chipping damage increases substantially. We then recommend inspecting the vehicle undercarriage at least once a year. By booking a service check with a local mechanic or visiting a car rustproofing treatment centre.
car rustproofing corrosion protection rust prevention underseal quotation finder auto butler waxoyl dinitrol mercasol krown bilt hamber shop

Car Underseal Spray D.I.Y. Treatments

If visiting a professional rustproofing treatment centre is simply unaffordable. You can still protect your vehicle undercarriage from corrosion. With the many D.I.Y. product treatments widely available online. Waxoyl a black rustproofing treatment is popular with many older vehicle owners. Who remember owning and driving cars during the 60s and 70s. When British built cars suffered from terrible rusting problems due to poor build quality. Once applied Waxoyl forms a flexible waterproof skin to prevent new rust and also kills old rust already present. Another popular established brand is Dinitrol manufactured in Germany. Who provide a comprehensive full system of vehicle rustproofing products. Including Dinitrol 4941 a black bitumen hard waxy underseal that demonstrates self-healing characteristics and outstanding abrasion resistance. They also manufacture a range of cavity waxes that can stop existing rust and specialist anti-stone chipping paints. Along with a rust converter spray that transforms any existing corrosion present into a stable iron organic complex. Also if you are looking for a transparent protective layer. Bilt Hamber Dynax UC anti-corrosion wax can be applied to both painted surfaces and bare metal. The clear rust inhibitor underseal provides protection for vehicle chassis, floors, sills and jacking points.

buy dinitrol car underbody corrosion protection rustproofing products black bitumen based hard waxy coating for land rover, classic car, passenger car and commercial vehicles

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Car Undercoating

car undercoating vehicle chassis inspection rust prevention corrosion protection dinitrol rustproofing car treatments tiltrak car accessories shop

Car Undercoating

Due to being out of normal sight many motorists usually fail to check the car undercoating, is still fully intact providing sufficient protection. But, this oversight can lead to serious problems due to rust decay and replacing costly parts or components. Due to your car undercoating protective layer continually being attacked. By destructive road debris and stone chippings whilst driving. This has also not been helped in recent years with poor road surfaces in the UK due to the neglect and lack of repair attributed to budget cuts.

stop car underbody rustproofing corrosion protection layer against road debris water ingress stone chipping poor road surfaces uk dinitrol 4941

It won’t be long before small holes can appear in the car undercoating layer, revealing the bare unprotected metal underneath. Iron oxide ‘rust’ will soon start to appear due to the chemical redox reaction process. By iron and oxygen reacting with the presence of surface water or moisture present in the air. If untreated the rust will continue to spread until the metal substrate totally disintegrates.

Road salt vehicle underbody corrosion

Also, did you know that road salt used for clearing snow and ice in the winter months acts as corrosion accelerate? By increasing the conductivity of water with a higher concentration of ions. The oxidation corrosion process occurs much faster. Also another additional problem with some new cars built in recent years. Is that moisture can become trapped within the protective vehicle underbody plastic trays.

protect your car underbody against rust corrosion highly corrosive road salt to remove snow ice winter months motorway driving dinitrol 4941

Car Undercoating Treatments

With many car undercoating treatments available including rubberised, polyurethane, wax and paraffin based undercoating products. We have reviewed some of the most popular products that can be applied by a professional rustproofing treatment centre or D.I.Y. application.

car undercoating product treament guide waxoyl hammerite dinitrol 4941 underseal por15 classic car restoration vehicle maintenance tiltrak uk

Hammerite Waxoyl

The all-around vehicle Waxoyl rustproofing treatment. Was originally developed by Hammerite company founder Allen Forster during 1972. With the company now considered a widely recognised household brand in the UK. For manufacturing corrosion protection coatings and specialist paints. Waxoyl car undercoating treatment works by actively killing any old rust present. Then preventing any new rust from forming on substrates treated with the product. This is mainly due to the flexible weatherproof skin. Preventing any contaminants from touching the metal surface underneath. By forming an impermeable robust barrier of wax that will not crack, peel or wash off. Waxoyl will also provide corrosion protection inside vehicle door cavity spaces. Including boot compartment, bonnet sills and box sections.

POR15 Car Rustproofing

Specially designed to completely stop rust on corroded or seasoned metal surfaces. Once applied the non-porous over-paintable treatment provides protection. Against chemicals, salt, water and corrosive contaminants. By the anti-corrosion car undercoating providing superior resistance. Due to the cross-linked molecular composition and non-porous characteristics. Common automotive applications with this product include protecting chassis, doors, boot compartments and vehicle floor pans.

DINITROL 4941 Car Undercoating

The black hard waxy car undercoating provides incredible abrasion resistance. With the protective layer displaying innovative self-healing characteristics. Once applied the robust bitumen based vehicle underbody coating also demonstrates excellent stone chip protection. DINITROL 4941 chassis underseal coating also adheres to already coated painted surfaces. Or those previously coated with a PVC layer or other similar material. The underbody chassis coating is OEM original equipment manufacturer approved.

dinitrol 4941 car undercoating rustproofing corrosion protection chassis coating underseal

Also applying DINITROL 4941 car undercoating is simple with easy to use convenient aerosols. Or by attaching a 1 Litre Schutz canister via the neck to a compatible undercoating gun and air supply. The product manufactured in Germany is widely applied throughout the UK. By classic car owners and DINITROL Treatment Providers to protect vehicle chassis from rusting.

buy dinitrol car underbody corrosion protection rustproofing products black bitumen based hard waxy coating for land rover, classic car, passenger car and commercial vehicles

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Rust Remover For Cars

car rust remover products review dinitrol rc900 rust converter primer evaporust q12 jelly classic car restoration vehicle maintenance

Rust Remover For Cars

For older drivers who owned vehicles during the 1970s finding the best rust remover for cars. Was an essential part of ownership with a constant battle against iron oxide ‘rust’. This was mainly due to all cars becoming a rust bucket fairly quickly. By requiring constant ongoing maintenance to protect against corrosion. Car owners struggled to prevent bubbles of rust appearing on panels and especially around the underbody area.

rust remover for cars old rusty cars classic car restoration maintenance dinitrol rustproofing treatments uk rc900 evapo rust tiltrak

Are Rust Remover for cars still required?

With car manufacturers now using galvanised steel for around the last 30 years to prevent rusting. This innovative process involves coating the steel with a thin layer of zinc for protection. With the zinc layer applied during the galvanising treatment becoming a sacrificial anode. Basically, the zinc layer deprives the steel surface underneath from atmospheric oxygen. Also, due to the zinc being more active when compared to the steel underneath. The zinc effectively is sacrificed enabling the steel to live longer. But, this does not mean steel will not corrode, it’s dependent on the environmental conditions. Once the sacrificial zinc layer is no longer present to carry on providing protection.

rust remover product review new cars galvanised steel zinc layer improved corrosion protection against rusting sacrificial anode

Even new cars can rust

This means due to stone chippings and road debris often hitting and creating holes in the protective paint layer coating. Thus revealing the bare non-protected metal underneath. Inspecting your car paintwork, underbody and interior, engine and boot compartments. On a regular basis to detect any rust should be a very important part of vehicle ownership.

How does rust occur?

You must be aware that rusting is a simple chemical reaction that can still occur on new passenger cars. The process only requires a cathode, electrolyte and anode to occur. With the metal surface becoming the anode and cathode during the process. Surface or rainwater usually behaves like the electrolyte carrying the electrons. However, did you know salt water is much more effective by further accelerating this process! With vehicles in coastal areas at greater risk from prematurely rusting due to sea salt in the atmosphere. Even rock salt used to clear snow and ice from roads during the winter months is a corrosion threat nightmare for cars!

rust remover get rid iron oxide corrosion cars stone chippings paintwork underbody sills bumpers humid weather coastal car owner

Also placing your car under protective sheeting or in long term storage will not fully eliminate the danger of rusting. Vehicles kept in humid indoor or outdoor weather climate conditions are also susceptible to rust. Due to this reason, read our effective rust remover for cars product review guide below.

Suitable Rust Remover Product Review

Have you noticed rust blisters appearing on your vehicle recently with iron oxide ‘rust’ present on panels or component parts? Stopping the corrosion from quickly spreading across your car like cancer. Should be an urgent priority to avoid prematurely scrapping the vehicle. Read our comprehensive rust remover for cars guide below and take action now.

Dinitrol Rust Converter Spray

Dinitrol RC900 is a widely used rust remover for cars due to being OEM approved. The rust converter produced in Germany also forms an impermeable barrier against further corrosion. Once the complex Chelat base and epoxy resin spray successfully converts the rust into a stable organic iron complex. Dinitrol RC900 is very popular with people working on car restoration and maintenance projects. Mainly because the spray penetrates 7-10 times deeper than standard rust converters. The rust converter primer product also forms a dry adhesive film that is over-paintable.

Dinitrol RC900 rust remover for cars ideal for classic car restoration or maintenance

Evapo Rust Super Safe Rust Remover

Evapo Rust is a highly effective rust remover for cars. The biodegradable economical rust remover is also reusable. Plus the pH neutral product contains no toxic harmful chemicals making it safe on skin. With small objects including car parts or components, you simply submerge the item into a bath of Evapo-Rust. However, with larger items, it’s possible to soak high-quality paper towels with Evapo-Rust. Then place the paper towels onto the rusty surface by sealing with a plastic sheet to prevent the Evapo Rust solution from drying. Another unique feature with this product is the ability to effectively de-rust vehicle fuel tanks.

Evaporust rust remover for cars ideal for vehicle components, engine parts and bodywork panels including fuel tanks

Q12 Rust Remover Jelly

Q12 is a low-cost thick jelly rust remover for cars. With the phosphoric and hydrochloric acid quickly removing rust within minutes by dissolving. Also, no surface sanding is required prior to application. But, you must be aware Q12 does not prime metal so an additional compatible primer may be required if working with bare metal.

Q12 rust remover for cars converts iron oxide into iron phosphate ideal for classic car maintenance or restoration

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Car Rust Proofing

car rust proofing road salt surface water anti stone chipping dinitrol underbody corrosion protection 4941 cavity wax rust prevention

Car Rust Proofing

Car rust proofing is usually a rarely discussed topic in the UK. Primarily due to most drivers assuming that vehicle manufacturers have applied aqueduct corrosion protection treatments during production assembly. However, did you know even relatively new cars can quickly suffer from corrosion problems usually due to 4 common reasons?

  1. Poorly designed panels and plastic covers that are not fitted correctly. Can cause surface abrasion removing the protective paint coating layer to reveal the bare metal underneath.
  2. In some cases water and moisture can become trapped behind plastic cover trays fitted to protect the chassis area
  3. Sound deadening pads located within the wheel arches to reduce road noise can act like a sponge absorbing water and moisture
  4. Also due to poor automotive manufacturer design with some vehicle models. Water and moisture can become trapped in sills, foot-wells and even the boot compartment. This can then quickly lead to rust if not detected.

Classic Car Rust Proofing

Even with these highlighted facts above. Car rust proofing is still only deemed a necessary maintenance task for classic car owners by British motorists. This is largely due to the UK not experiencing harsh winter conditions. When compared to Scandinavian countries. and Northern European countries including Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria and Holland. Where extreme weather conditions and heavy frequent snowfall throughout the winter months. Means regular car rust proofing every couple of years is an essential part of vehicle ownership.

But with the increased risk of flooding in the UK from freak weather storms and severe winters. British motorists should now start to take car rust proofing more seriously. Even though we have seen an increase with vehicle owners in rural areas. Seeking to apply additional rust proofing underbody coatings during recent years. The majority of motorists need to realise the damage caused every day whilst driving. With stone chipping’s, gravel and road debris continually hitting the vehicle underbody chassis. Can soon lead to holes appearing in the underbody protective paint layer. Revealing the unprotected bare metal underneath. With continual exposure to road surface rainwater and water ingress soon leading to rust.

dinitrol 4941 car rustproofing underbody corrosion protection treatment rust prevention titlrak automotive marketplace dinitrol seller uk

Car Rust Proofing Repair

You should not be fully reliant on the car rust proofing treatment coating applied during vehicle assembly by the manufacturer. Did you know it’s advisable to apply a new car rust proofing underbody coat every two years? Due to this reason we recommend inspecting the vehicle underbody every year. During the spring or summer months for any damage to the protective coating. DINITROL 4941 / Car Rustproofing underbody coating and DINITROL 479 a brushable treatment are ideal for repairing small holes. Also are you aware that road salt used in winter to clear snow and ice is a corrosion accelerant? Melting ice that becomes attached to your vehicle underbody can quickly lead to evident surface rust appearing.

DINITROL Corrosion Protection Products

With car rust proofing solutions you are able to apply D.I.Y treatments. Or contact a professional DINITROL vehicle corrosion protection service centre. However, if you decide to apply a D.I.Y. car rustproofing treatment yourself, preparation is essential. Before starting all plastic trays located around the underbody including wheel arch covers must be removed. You must then steam clean the underbody area to remove all dirt, grease and any surface residue contamination. Then wait until completely dry before applying the underbody treatment. To avoid any moisture becoming trapped underneath the protective coating layer.

vehicle underbody corrosion protection rust prevention cavity wax injection engine preservation rust converter bitumen 4941 chassis coating

If any surface rust is visible after cleaning the vehicle underbody. We recommend using DINITROL RC900 rust converter prior to applying the underbody coating. DINITROL RC900 is a specialist penetrating complex organic Chelat base and epoxy resin spray. That actively converts rust into a stable organic complex. The product will also prevent further corrosion by creating an impermeable barrier.

Car D.I.Y Rust Proofing Kits

Also with D.I.Y. Rust Proofing Kits you are able to purchase aerosol bundles for easy application or 1 Litre canisters that can be attached to an air supply. DINITROL 4941 underbody 1 Litre Schutz cans can be attached to a compatible undercoating gun via the canister screw neck. The DINITROL Car Rustproofing kits contain DINITROL 1000 a penetrating transparent cavity wax. Ideal for protecting vehicle cavities, frame members, door frames, crevices and box sections against corrosion. But, for older vehicles including classic cars when rust is evident. We recommend DINITROL ML a penetrating oily brown cavity wax that will stop ongoing corrosion that’s already present. Another great feature with DINITROL ML is that it can be applied wet in wet with DINITROL 4941 underbody coating to create a primer layer.

dinitrol car rust proifing kits for DIY application contain dinitrol 4941 underbody corrosion protection coating penetrating cavity wax

DINITROL Vehicle Corrosion Protection Treatments

The DINITROL car rustproofing corrosion protection treatments available for sale on Tiltrak. Are suitable for passenger cars, classic cars, 4×4 SUV, commercial and agricultural vehicles. With the OEM approved corrosion protection range containing vehicle underbody, cavity wax, anti-stone chipping, rust converter and engine compartment preservation treatments. Please download the technical data sheets available on the individual product listing pages. To evaluate the benefits and features of each individual treatment. If you require any car rust proofing advice please email the Tiltrak Customer Services Team with your questions. Our professional rustproofing corrosion protection technicians. Will be able to provide advice and support by responding to your enquiry.

rustproofing classic car passenger car 4x4 suv land rover dinitrol 4941 black bitumen waxy underbody coating corrosion protection

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Classic VW Beetle for sale

classic VW beetle for sale restoration rustproofing dinitrol underbody chassis protection cavity wax injection treaments

Classic VW Beetle for sale

Are you currently searching for a Classic VW beetle for sale? With many classic cars and future retro vehicles for sale on Tiltrak. We recommend browsing the classified listings in the Tiltrak Automotive Marketplace. To find cars for sale by private sellers, dealerships and VW Beetle classic car restoration specialists. However, with fully restored Volkswagen Beetle 1303 Cabriolet models costing over £20,000 on average. Finding a suitable Classic VW Beetle for sale can be a challenging task when working within a tight budget.

classic beetle for sale type 1 cabriolet harman kardann 1303 volkswagen beetle restoration project service history dinitrol

This is largely due to the renewed interest with the iconic Volkswagen Beetle after production ceased in 2003. In 2017 a type 1 Volkswagen Beetle with one previous Swedish owner achieved an astonishing €58,240 at auction. But this figure is far below the €69,485 sale price received for a fully restored 1955 Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet in 2014.

Classic VW Beetle for sale to start a restoration project

If you simply can’t afford a fully restored VW Beetle Type 1 car due to current personal financial circumstances. Have you thought about starting a VW Beetle restoration project? With many classic Beetle cars available on Ebay in the £1000 to £3000 price range. It’s possible to own a Beetle classic car provided you have the necessary skills and commitment to restore the vehicle. If you are interested in starting a classic Beetle restoration project we have provided some useful tips below.

  1. Prior to purchasing any classic Beetle car, carefully inspecting the vehicle closely is essential. To evaluate any repairs and replacement parts that could be required. Ideally, we recommend seeking the services of a VW Beetle restoration specialist. Or contacting an experienced motor mechanic to professionally check the vehicle. Before you commit any time and money into restoring the classic car to assess if the project is worth starting.
  2. classic VW beetle corrosion protection treatments rust prevention cavity wax rustproofing underbody rust converter dinitrol

  3. During the inspection make sure you thoroughly check everywhere. Including the boot compartment, engine parts, mechanical components, bodywork and chassis area. Also with older cars, you must closely inspect the chassis, box sections, door frames, crevices and foot-wells. To examine for any corrosion damage with visible surface rust already present. Make sure you check carefully around the window trim, bumpers and boot compartment for any visible rusting. We also recommend asking the current owner for all service history documentation and repair receipts. Along with any rustproofing treatment certification evidence during the vehicle inspection.
  4. classic VW beetle restoration project replacement parts components repair specialists engine bodywork rusting prevention

  5. Once you have a fully comprehensive list of the restoration and maintenance work required. It’s advisable to visit or the websites. You can then check the costs for any replacement parts or components should they be required. Creating a budget overview is vital to ensure you have the necessary financial resources to finish the project. Finally, consider the VW Beetle restoration level of finish you wish to achieve. Then assess if you have the technical skills and experience to meet these expectations.
  6. classic Volkswagen beetle for sale ebay auction vee wee vw heritage parts websites tiltrak classic cars for sale listings

Classic VW Beetle for sale corrosion protection

After you have found and bought a suitable Classic VW Beetle for sale. Protecting the classic Beetle car from corrosion and stopping any rust already present is crucial. To stop rust already present we recommend applying Dinitrol RC 900. The specialist chelat base and epoxy resin product converts rust. By changing rust on substrates into a safe stable organic iron complex. Also once the rust converter treatment has been successfully applied. It will form an impermeable barrier to prevent further corrosion occurring. The strong rust converter dry adhesive film coating provides a suitable base layer for paintwork. Or any additional corrosion protection treatment coatings if required.

Stop rust converter Dinitrol RC900 ideal for VW beetle restoration projects and classic car maintenance

Volkswagen Beetle underbody rustproofing

Also, with the underbody constantly being hit by stone chippings or road debris. Small holes can soon appear in the protective paint layer exposing the bare metal underneath. Adequately rustproofing the underbody to protect against surface water ingress and or corrosive road salt is essential. Did you know that road salt used to clear highways from snow and ice during the winter months is a corrosion accelerate? Dinitrol 4941 is a hard black waxy bitumen underbody rustproofing corrosion protection coating. Once applied the underbody rustproofing product demonstrates good abrasion resistance. With the underbody coating also benefiting from self-healing characteristics.

classic vw beetle for sale underbody rustproofing treatment dinitrol 4941 chassis coating rust prevention corrosion protection

Volkswagen Beetle cavity wax rustproofing

Finally to protect all VW Beetle cavities including door frame members, sills, box sections, exterior joints and crevices. Dinitrol ML a water displacing extremely penetrating oily brown cavity wax is designed for closed cavities. The product is very effective in rustproofing older classic cars and will stop any ongoing corrosion already present.

Protect your Classic VW Beetle for sale with Dinitrol cavity wax injection for restoration maintenance projects

Plus for peace of mind all Dinitrol corrosion protection products are manufactured in Germany and OEM approved. Did you know Tiltrak are official DINITROL product sellers and all items are protected by the Genuine Product Guarantee?

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Rust Treatment

rust treament rust remover rust converter dinitrol evapo rust corrosion protection car restoration maintenance products

Rust Treatment

Are you searching for an effective economical rust treatment? Due to working on a classic car restoration project or conducting ongoing vehicle maintenance repair tasks. Below we have highlighted the unique benefits of 4 different rust treatment products. All are available for sale in the Tiltrak Car Accessories online store.

Evapo-Rust Treatment

Unlike the majority of rust treatment products on the market. Evapo Rust is environmentally friendly and does not contain any acids or alkalis. Yet, even though the product contains no toxic or corrosive substances, the treatment easily removes rust to reveal bare metal. It’s also the most economical solution with the biodegradable product being reusable. Evapo-Rust uses a unique selective chelation process and also provides ongoing rust protection.

rust treatment evapo rust environmentally friendly reusable product

Removing rust from surface objects is effortless by simply submerging the item into a bath of Evapo-Rust. The specialist product can also be used for de-rusting fuel tanks. Provided you air dry and fill with fuel immediately after treatment to prevent flash rust occurring.

Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

The highly effective Dinitrol RC 900 chelat base epoxy resin rust converter penetrates 7 to 10 times deeper. When compared to alternative standard rust converter products that are available. The OEM approved rust treatment dries to create an impermeable defensive barrier to prevent any further corrosion. Dinitrol RC900 actively converts rust into a stable organic iron complex on treated surfaces. Also, once dry the product creates a strong adhesive film that is over-paintable. Please note before application any rust, grease and dirt already present should be removed from the surface.

Dinitrol rc 900 rust converter aerosol spray application

Usually, the average drying time is around 24 hours and the surface must be completely dry before applying extra coats. Also, to ensure the rust has been successfully converted in the treatment area. You must keep reapplying until the treated area is completely black in appearance. The Dinitrol RC 900 rust converter aerosol is suitable for professional industrial applications. With the German designed and manufactured rust converter treatment. Commonly used during classic car restoration and ongoing maintenance projects.

Q12 Rust Remover

The thick jelly treatment product is a low-cost quick solution. Once applied to the surface the specially formulated mixture of phosphoric and hydrochloric acid, will actively convert the iron oxide. However, we recommend removing any loose rust already present before applying the rust treatment. You should also allow the treatment around 20 to 30 minutes to react with the iron oxide rust before removing. The product is very easy to use and no sanding is required to prepare the surface area. But, please be aware Q12 Rust Remover does not prime metal, meaning bare metal will need a compatible paint primer. This versatile product is suitable for both domestic and professional garage workshop applications.

Q12 rust remover treatment product contains phosphoric and hydrochloric acid

Dinitrol RC 800 Rust Treatment

Unlike RC 900, RC 800 is a co-polymer latex combined product for treating corroded ferrous substrates. The rust converter product contains no lead or phosphoric acid and has a very low order of toxicity. Also, like Dinitrol RC 900 an indication that the rust has been successfully treated. You will visually notice the surface becomes deep black in appearance. Then once completely dry a barrier is formed to prevent oxygen and moisture from further corroding the surface. Also, please note when the substrate is heavily corroded it’s advisable to apply with a brush. Before application, you should also remove loose flaking paint and rust with a wire brush. Then clean the substrate using a compatible detergent to remove any oil and grease present.

Dinitrol rc 800 brushable rust treatment rust converter product for corroded metal

An important tip with Dinitrol RC900 and RC800 rust converter products. Do not remove all traces of rust during the cleaning preparation process. Otherwise, the rust converter chemical reaction will not occur. You must also be aware that the Dinitrol Rust Converter products are only effective in temperatures above 10 degrees.

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Volkswagen Camper Van for Sale

vw camper van for sale advice dinitrol corrosion protection rustproofing underseal cavity wax rust converter information

Volkswagen Camper Van for sale

Are you trying to find a Volkswagen Camper Van for sale? The VW Camper type 2 forward control vehicle originally launched in 1950 still remains popular. This is largely due to the popularity, amassed during the counter-culture movement of the 1960s. With the innovative rear-engine Volkswagen Camper becoming the forerunner for passenger and commercial vans. The Type 2 VW Camper concept is credited to Ben Pon a Dutch Volkswagen vehicle importer. After he visited the Volkswagen Wolfsburg production plant in 1946. Mr Pon observed a “Plattenwagen” using a Type 1 Beetle chassis. During this moment he instantly recognised the potential of creating a cargo carrying vehicle. With the driver positioned at the front rather than the rear. The T2 Camper Van approved by Volkswagen CEO Heinz Nordhoff was finally launched in 1949. With two models a commercial and Kombi passenger carrying variant released. The infamous Microbus ‘Camper’ would be launched the following year.

Volkswagen Camper Van for sale model variants

VW Campervans for sale built after 1955 feature a rear tailgate door. With the fuel tank placed in front of the transaxle. These modifications are based on an ambulance T2 model type originally launched in 1951. All early VW Transporters are fitted with Volkswagen air-cooled flat four-cylinder engine used on the T1 Beetle. Also, during 1962 a heavy duty VW Transporter vehicle was launched. Fitted with wider 14” road-wheels this increased the load capacity from 750kg to 1000kg. Also, transporters built after 1964 may enjoy an optional sliding door. With the option added by Volkswagen to improve passenger/cargo loading and unloading.

volkswagen camper van for sale type 2 kombi california samba restoration project rusting dinitrol corrosion protection

When seeking to find suitable Volkswagen camper van for sale. We recommend searching for a Volkswagen Samba the most luxurious model. Launched for the USA market in 1951, the model features a deluxe sunroof. With eight panoramic windows located in the roof section.

T2 Used VW Camper Van

If T1 Volkswagen Camper van for sale is outside your budget constraints. We recommend searching for a T2 used VW camper van. However, the second generation VW camper van was not fitted with a split front windshield. Also, please be aware that Type 2 VW camper vans built from 1971 onwards are fitted with a new 1.6 L engine increasing overall horsepower. This later improved model also benefits from disc brakes. For your information T2, ‘bay-window’ Camper Vans were manufactured up-to 1979.

VW Camper Van for Sale Inspection Advice

With an abundance of VW camper van for sale on many classified vehicle advertising websites. We recommend taking your time before making a purchasing decision. Also, when viewing potential VW Camper vans conducting a comprehensive inspection is essential. With Bay and split screen VW Camper vans well known for rusting. Finding an original rot free VW camper van that has not been butchered can be a challenging task. But, buying a VW Camper that has been poorly repaired over time with low-cost short-cuts and poor welding can be a costly mistake.

restoration project VW heritage replacement parts for volkswagen camper van dinitrol rust prevention treatments uk

Remember, even though the VW Camper van bodywork may appear in good condition. Inspecting and checking the underbody is not rotten due to corrosion is very important. Be sure to check the out-riggers, inner sills, chassis rails and overall floor-pan sections by lifting the vehicle. Other common areas prone to rusting on VW Camper vans are the bottom corners, front door bottoms, tailgate and outer sills. Also, don’t forget to carefully inspect behind the bumpers. Another common indicator of corrosion can be rusting around the window rubbers.

However, it’s still possible to purchase replacement parts for the bay and split-screen models. We recommend visiting the VW Heritage website should they be required.

fully restored volkswagen camper van minibus bay window split screen models corrosion protection advice by dinitrol

Fully restored VW campervans for sale

If you are looking to buy a fully restored VW campervan, don’t be afraid to ask for photos documenting the restoration work. Due to the age of many restored VW camper vans and knowing they suffer from rusting. Ensuring you don’t purchase a rust bucket that hasn’t been restored professionally can be a costly mistake. If you don’t personally have any expertise to inspect the vehicle. We recommend contacting a professional restoration company to conduct an independent inspection. Ideally, try to find a recommended professional restorer who specialises in VW Campers. Also, when speaking with the current owner ask them to present all service history records and repair bills.

VW camper van underbody chassis corrosion protection coating dinitrol 4941 rustproofing rust prevention coating treatment apply a thin primer layer with dinitrol ml penetrating cavity wax

Volkswagen Camper Van Corrosion Protection

Whether you have purchased a pristine model or neglected unloved vehicle to start a camper van restoration project. We recommend applying Dinitrol Corrosion Protection treatments to stop and prevent rusting. Dinitrol 4941 is a hard waxy bitumen based underbody chassis coating. The product will protect the chassis against stone chippings and surface water ingress. You should also inject Dinitrol ML a penetrating cavity wax. Into all box sections, frame members, pillars and cavities throughout the camper van. Once applied the cavity wax with excellent creep characteristics will stop any existing rust already present. Also, if you spot any rust evident during routine vehicle bodywork inspections. Dinitrol RC 900 spray is an economical solution to stop and convert rust into a stable organic iron complex. For peace of mind, Dinitrol Corrosion Protection products are manufactured in Germany and are OEM approved.

buy dinitrol corrosion protection products ideal for porsche restoration maintenance vintage porsche 911 classic car rustproofing

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Classic Porsche for Sale

classic porsche for sale on tiltrak porsche restoration corrosion protection rust prevention advice information dinitrol uk shop

Classic Porsche for Sale

Are you trying to find a suitable classic Porsche for sale within your budget? Trying to buy a Porsche 356 Speedster will be outside most peoples budget. With recent Porsche 356 Speedster for sale fetching over £100,000. The Porsche 356 Speedster was their first production car manufactured between 1948 to 1964. Also, the innovative aerodynamics and 1951 Le Mans win make this a collectable car. But, with around 76,000 produced they remain the dream car for many Porsche restoration enthusiasts.

porsche 356 speedster restoration rustproofing dinitrol underbody chassis coating corrosion protection treatment tiltrak

911 Classic Porsche for Sale

If purchasing a 356 classic Porsche for sale is not viable. Buying a classic Porsche 911 for sale can be a good alternative. With the iconic Porsche 911 sports car being in production since 1963 with minor model updates. We recommend purchasing an earlier air-cooled engine model manufactured up-to 1998. Before the controversial water cooled engine was introduced in 1998. Many Porsche traditionalists opposed the water cooled flat 6 engine innovation. Also with old Porsche 911 increasing in value, they can be a good classic car financial investment. It’s currently possible to buy a 911 model on Auto Trader from around £10,000 upwards. This is great news for enthusiasts looking to start a Porsche restoration project, when working within a tight budget. You are able to own a legendary motor-sport racing car with outstanding pedigree.

Old porsche for sale dinitrol corrosion protection rustproofing 4941 underbody ML cavity wax rc 900 rust converter shop

Classic Porsche for Sale

With many old Porsche for sale in various conditions by private sellers, dealerships and restoration specialists. We recommend finding a suitable classic Porsche for sale that has a full-service history. This will help to retain and increase the vehicle’s value should you decide to sell. It’s also important that you check the vehicle for rust by removing the carpets and inspecting the footwells. We also advise you inspect all box sections, crevices, chassis and cavities including the engine compartment for corrosion. You should also carefully inspect the wheel arches and remove any plastic liners to inspect for corroded metal. Replacing vehicle panels and welding, especially in older vehicles can be very costly.

classic porsche for sale vintage porsche 911 restoration rustproofing corrosion protection underseal rust treatments tiltrak

Porsche Restoration & Maintenance

Whether you are looking to embark on a Porsche restoration project. Or already own a vintage Porsche 911 or newer retro classic model. Implementing a corrosion protection plan will help you to avoid costly repair bills. Even though the Porsche underbody chassis is protected by plastic panels with newer models. Don’t be led into this false sense of security. Due to Porsche sports suspension placing the car close to the ground. The vehicle is more susceptible to surface water ingress and dirt contamination. Along with exposure to highly corrosive road salt during the winter months. Continual road debris hitting the underbody chassis area also increases when driving faster. With stone-chips leaving small holes in the protective underbody paint coating layer. Exposing the bare metal underneath the protective paint layer. If not repaired prolonged exposure to water and oxygen will soon result in rusting around the underbody chassis area.

Porsche Rustproofing Corrosion Protection

Dinitrol 4941 is a hard black waxy bitumen based underbody coating. With the product presenting self-healing characteristics to repair small holes. However, prior to application, you must completely steam clean the chassis to remove all dirt and grime then wait until fully dry. If the chassis is not completely dry before spraying Dinitrol 4941 underseal. Moisture can become trapped underneath causing corrosion to still occur.

classic porsche underbody chassis corrosion protection coating dinitrol 4941 rustproofing rust prevention coating treatment bitumen hard waxy black film elastic layer corrosion protection chassis

We also recommend injecting Dinitrol ML into all vehicle crevices, pillars, frame and box sections. The highly penetrating cavity wax is specifically designed for older second-hand cars. Actively stopping any ongoing corrosion that is already present. Once applied the oily brown cavity wax coating covers surfaces with excellent creep characteristics.

Porsche Corrosion Protection Inspection

Inspecting your Porsche regularly for corrosion to spot any signs of rust is essential. Then applying Dinitrol RC 900 a specialist rust converter highly recommended. The aerosol spray treatment turns rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. With the penetrating Chelat base and epoxy resin rust converter primer coating being over-paintable. Enabling you to repair paintwork on panels or apply additional corrosion protection coatings.

Porsche restoration project corrosion protection maintenance and repair Dinitrol rc 900 penetrating rust converter spray

Porsche Corrosion Protection Products

Also like Porsche cars, Dinitrol corrosion protection products are manufactured in Germany. The premium quality corrosion protection rust prevention treatments are OEM approved.

buy dinitrol corrosion protection products ideal for porsche restoration maintenance vintage porsche 911 classic car rustproofing

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Mazda MX5 for Sale

mazda mx5 mk1 for sale jeremy clarkson best sports car of 1990s bob hall mark jordan hiroshima corrosion protection

Mazda MX5 for Sale

With the 4th generation Mazda MX5 model now in production. You may be overwhelmed with the extensive selection of Mazda MX5 for sale. Since the roadster’s launch at the Chicago Auto Show in 1989. The MX5 has become the best selling two-seater convertible sports car in history. Largely due to Mazda capturing the spirit of legendary 1950s and 60s British and Italian sports cars with the MX5. The popular front mid-engine MX5 achieved one million sales in 2016. Making used MX5 readily available for buying on car listing websites. Early original Mazda MX5 mk1 for sale are very desirable cars to own. Due to the Sports Car International publication awarding the MX5 with ‘best sports car of the 1990s’ accolade.

Jeremy Clarkson has also written “The fact is that if you want a sports car, the MX-5 is perfect. Nothing on the road will give you better value. Nothing will give you so much fun. The only reason I’m giving it five stars is because I can’t give it fourteen”.

mazda eunos roadster mx5 cars for sale tiltrak marketplace rust prevention dinitrol underbody cavity wax injection

Mazda MX5 for Sale provide low-cost sports car ownership.

With similar models including the MG B, Triumph TR7, Fiat Spider and Triumph Spitfire demanding high sale prices. Finding a suitable Mazda MX5 for sale enables you to own a sports car for very little money. Due to this reason, the MX5 is a popular vehicle used for stock and amateur track racing. With the BRSCC Mazda MX-5 championship a very popular motorsport club event. The Mazda MX-5 benefits from a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution making it perfect for racing.

MX5 mk1 for sale

If you are restricted by a tight budget we recommend enquiring about MX5 mk1 for sale. The original Mazda MX5 mk1 designed by Bob Hall & Mark Jordan has won many awards. This makes the Mazda MX5 mk1 built in the Hiroshima production factory, Japan very popular. It’s almost certain the iconic modern classic car will become highly collectable. But, you must be prepared to protect the vehicle from corrosion by applying rust protection treatments. We recommend applying Dinitrol 4941 a hard black waxy under-seal. By spraying the underbody coating to protect against stone-chipping. Along with Dinitrol ML a penetrating cavity wax that stops existing rust, the product is ideal for older cars.

mazda mx 5 for sale corrosion protection dintrol underseal rustproofing cavity wax rust converter maintenance

Also, if you are looking to purchase a Mazda Eunos Roadster or Mazda MX-5 Miata imported from aboard. Protecting the underbody chassis against rust should be an immediate priority. Due to highly corrosive rock salt not being used to clear roads from snow in Japan. Many Japanese cars do not have an adequate underbody protective layer. When the underseal is applied during factory production assembly. Making them more susceptible to corrosion. Especially when driven on UK roads, throughout the winter months.

mazda miata mx5 sports car BRSCC championship MG B triumph 7 fiat spider triumph spitfire lotus elan sportscar

Mazda MX5 Corrosion Protection Rust Treatment

There is no doubt a Mazda MX5 provides high adrenaline driving thrills. Without the large costs normally associated with owning a sports car. If you are looking to buy a used Mazda MX5 for sale to start a restoration project. Or already own an MX5, protect the vehicle with a DINITROL D.I.Y. rustproofing kit containing an underbody coating and transparent cavity wax. With early Mazda MX5 mk1 cars reaching 30 years old. We recommend protecting your investment and driving enjoyment pleasure. By applying Dinitrol corrosion protection OEM approved treatments available to buy in the Tiltrak Shop.

buy dinitrol penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters for mazda mx5 eunos roadster miata sportscar

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Jaguar E Type for sale

jaguar e type series 2 enzo ferrari daily telegraph 100 most beautiful cars sports car international magazine

Jaguar E Type for sale

Have you recently been searching ‘Jaguar E Type for sale’ and become disappointed due to them being outside your budget range? Fully restored Jaguar E-Type classic cars usually achieve sale prices exceeding £70,000. It’s hardly surprising due to the demand with enthusiasts eager to own this iconic British classic sports car. The Jaguar E-Type launched in 1961, delivered unrivalled performance. Due to having the ability to reach a top speed of 150mph. The monocoque vehicle body construction was also revolutionary at the time. Along with the all-around discs brakes and independent front and rear suspension. The car also incorporated a centred twin exhaust system and unique faired-in headlights. With rival manufacturers striving to incorporate these innovative features into their own vehicles.

Why is Jaguar E Type for sale very expensive?

With a 1963 Lightweight Competition Jaguar E-Type achieving a $7,370,000 at the 2017 Scottsdale, Arizona auctions. It’s easy to recognise the desire to own this fine example of British motoring engineering. Enzo Ferrari also declared the Jaguar E-Type ‘The most beautiful car ever made’. Also, the Daily Telegraph Newspaper publication ranked the Jaguar E-Type 1st in a survey. By publishing a list of the worlds “100 most beautiful cars’ of all time. The E-type also achieved the 1st position in the Sports Car International magazine list.

Our fascination with this classic car masterpiece is only predicted to increase. Meaning we can’t foresee the sale prices for the Jaguar E-Type decreasing any time soon. With a rare series 1 Jaguar E-Type selling for $467,000 in 2013. From the moment the car launched at the Geneva show 1961 with a £2,250 price tag (around £38,000 in today’s money). Celebrities from around the world including Frank Sinatra, Roy Orbison, Tony Curtis, George Harrison, Peter Sellers and footballing legend George Best. Have all fallen in love with driving this sleekly designed sports car.

jaguar e type series 1 lightweight competition scottsdale arizona underbody stone chip protection dinol dinitrol

Jaguar E Type for sale requiring restoration

If purchasing a Jaguar E Type for sale that has been fully restored is simply not affordable. Have you thought about finding a Jaguar E Type that requires restoring? With an estimated 67,300 Jaguar E Type cars built from 1961 until production ceased in 1975. Many cars still remain in the UK in various condition states. Usually available for sale on classified classic car listing websites. With 33,205 Series 1 models built between 1961 and 1968 and 18,808 Series 2 models produced from 1968 to 1970. The later Series 3 E-Type in production from 1971 to 1975 with 15,827 built is an affordable option. Jaguar E Type series 3 prices start from approximately £20,000 requiring maintenance. It’s possible to own a fine example of British sports-car motoring engineering. Without the need to re-mortgage your house.

jaguar e type series 3 restoration classic car rustproofing dinitrol underseal cavity wax 4941 ml rust converter

How to maintain your Jaguar E Type price

With Jaguar E Type for sale continuing to increase and keep their value. Buying a classic E-type can be a very sensible financial investment. But, you must be prepared to protect the vehicle from rusting. Dinitrol OEM approved corrosion protection treatments are ideal for classic cars. They will protect the vehicle from rusting and help to keep the Jaguar E-Types value. We recommend regularly treating your Jaguar classic car with rust treatments. By applying Dinitrol 4941 a black hard waxy bitumen based under-body coating.

Along with Dinitrol ML a highly penetrating cavity wax with excellent creep characteristics. The cavity wax is effective at protecting older classic cars by stopping any existing rust that may already present. Also, with Dinitrol RC rust converter you simply spray the product onto any evident areas of corrosion. Then the specialist, OEM approved chelat based epoxy resin product. Will convert the rust into a stable organic iron complex. Preventing further corrosion by drying to form an impermeable barrier that is over-paintable. We also recommend keeping the bodywork in pristine condition with ROAR cleaning and polishing products.

buy dinitrol penetrating cavity wax underbody rustproofing anti stone chip rust converters oem approved jaguar e type classic car products

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Range Rover Classic Restoration

range rover classic restoration trans americas expedition darien gap reborn solihull factory corrosion protection coatings buy online

Range Rover Classic Restoration

With the Rover Car company originally experimenting to build a larger off-road vehicle model. To compliment the already established Land Rover series during 1951. We would have to wait until 1966 when automotive engineers Spen King & Bashford resumed work to develop the vehicle. With a prototype for the series one Range Rover finally built and tested under the model name ‘Velar’. A company called Velar was officially registered in London. With 40 pre-production vehicles built within this secretive project. The series 1 Range Rover was finally launched at the 1970s Musee du Louvre exhibition in Paris. This innovatively designed vehicle became an instant success. By combining off-road 4×4 capability with luxury refined motoring. The Range Rover would later become the first vehicle to cross America north to south. Successfully navigating the road-less Darien Gap during a 1972 British Trans-Americas Expedition.

This automotive heritage makes starting a Range Rover Classic restoration project a rewarding challenge.

Official Range Rover Classic Restoration Vehicles

With Range Rover’s still the vehicle of choice for many business owners, celebrities, sports stars and royal families around the world. Due to the unrivalled luxury and practicality associated with a working vehicle. It’s possible to buy a finished Range Rover Classic Restoration vehicle direct from Land Rover. At the automotive manufacturers West Midlands headquarters, classic range rovers are lovingly restored by experts via the Reborn project. With classic Range Rovers undergoing in-depth restoration work. By only utilising original genuine parts and components. This involves specialist technicians and engineers working together on every individual vehicle project. To ensure the Range Rover Classic Restoration is authentic and still retaining original features.

The Range Rover has remained an iconic piece of British automotive history for over 48 years. With you now having the chance to own a fully restored series one two-door Range Rover by directly contacting Jaguar Land Rover.

classic restoration projects sport model velar series one two door rustproofing underbody cavity wax injection tiltrak

Range Rover Classic Restoration Project.

Whether you are unable to afford a fully restored classic Range Rover. Or simply wish to undertake the challenge of finishing a Range Rover classic restoration project yourself. It’s possible to find old Range Rover’s requiring restoration on vehicle listing websites. Searching Autotrader, Classic Trader, Honest John and even eBay will provide models in various states of disrepair. Usually, the original series one two-door model launched in 1970 can be very expensive to buy. With the subsequent Range Rover series one four-door model variant also demanding high selling prices. We recommend searching for a future classic by purchasing a series 3 model originally launched in 2001. The Range Rover series 3 model is unique due to being constructed from a single monocoque single shell body.

Also, don’t overlook the Range Rover Sport initially launched in 2005, with the vehicle benefiting from optional ride height. Provided by cross-linked air suspension for comfortable travel whilst 4×4 driving on and off-road.

Range Rover Classic Restoration Rustproofing Corrosion Protection

If you are planning to start a Range Rover Classic Restoration project stopping any existing rust is vital. Then rustproofing the vehicle with suitable corrosion protection coatings is important. Below we have created a shortlist of Dinitrol corrosion protection products. That are commonly applied during Range Rover restoration projects.

Dinitrol 4941 Underbody Rustproofing Treatment

The solvent based black bitumen underbody coating provides good abrasion resistance. Protecting the Range Rover underbody from stone chipping and road surface water ingress. Along with exposure to highly corrosive rock salt used throughout winter to clear roads from snow or ice. Once applied the hard wax film protective layer has self-healing characteristics. The underbody product coating has also undergone a 1500 hours salt resistance spray test and is OEM approved for reliability.

4x4 off-road vehicle underbody rustproofing chassis coating corrosion protection water ingress anti stone chipping rock salt velar.

Dinitrol ML Penetrating Cavity Wax

The versatile cavity wax product is extremely penetrating. Making it a perfect solution for older vehicles by stopping any existing corrosion. Dinitrol ML is an oily brown coating that has excellent creep characteristics. With the product purposely designed for injection into closed cavities including vehicle doors. Once applied the water displacing cavity wax provides corrosion protection for frame members. Including exterior joints, crevices, sils and box sections within the vehicle.

vehicle restoration penetrating cavity wax velar spen king restore reborn series one water displacing corrosion protection

Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 Engine Compartment Preservation

The transparent corrosion prevention coating is specially designed for protecting vehicle engine compartments. With the heat resistance corrosion protection coating able to withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Dinitrol Corroheat 4010 forms a hard surface film coating. To protect your Range Rover engine compartment against alkaline & acids. By preventing the rusting of components, parts and frame members within the engine compartment.

dinitrol corroheat 4010 classic range rover engine compartment corrosion protection components parts restoration projects

Dinitrol RC 900 Rust Converter

When embarking on a Range Rover Classic restoration project you need to stop any rust already present. Dinitrol RC 900 is a specially designed innovative product containing a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin. Once applied to the treatment area, Dinitrol RC 900 converts rust into a stable organic iron complex. Providing a suitable surface for any additional paint or corrosion protection coatings. The oxidised iron will become black in appearance. After the rust converter has successfully penetrated and stopped any corrosion. The product penetrates rust 7 to 10 times deeper when compared with standard rust converters.

dinitrol rc 900 rust converter for classic vehicle restoration projects stop rust create primer layer for corrosion protection coatings