car rustproofing underseal protective layer vehicle inspection dinitrol treatment centre 4941 underbody bitumen hard waxy coating chassis
car rustproofing underseal protective layer vehicle inspection dinitrol treatment centre 4941 underbody bitumen hard waxy coating chassis
Car Underseal

Car Underseal

Ensuring your vehicle underbody is fully protected with a car Underseal layer is extremely important. Even though an underseal protective coating is applied to new cars during production. The undercarriage is extremely exposed and continually attacked by stone chippings and road debris. This can cause holes to appear in the underseal layer leading to rust and corrosion once the bare unprotected metal is exposed beneath. Rusting is simply caused by the redox reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of water and metal.

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With moisture present in typical humid British weather. In addition to surface water ingress and general damp atmospheric conditions. Your vehicle undercarriage can quickly become very corroded. With visible iron oxide ‘rust’ soon appearing on metal surfaces. Also, did you know that road salt used during the winter months to clear roads from snow and ice accelerates the corrosion process?

Car Underseal Inspection

Due to these reasons, you should inspect your undercarriage on a regular basis. To conduct a comprehensive check for any damage to the car underseal protection coating. With any holes found in the protective layer, repairs should be carried out immediately. It’s also advisable to apply a new car underseal rustproofing treatment to your vehicle every couple of years. In northern Europe and Scandinavian countries who experience harsh winter weather with heavy snowfall, this is standard practice.

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Why Car Rustproofing is important

UK drivers should also adopt this more proactive approach with applying car underseal for protection against corrosion. Due to more extreme weather conditions and increased risk of flooding on roads in recent years. Usually caused by heavy rainfall in very short periods of time. Also, additional benefits of applying car underseal once applied to the undercarriage and wheel housing areas. Is the overall reduction in road noise pollution when sat inside the vehicle cabin. If you are unable to spray the car underseal coating yourself due to not having a suitable car lift or lack of experience.

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Car Underseal Compare Quotations

It’s possible to request comparison quotes from professional rustproofing treatment providers on the Auto Butler website. However, please compare the quotations provided carefully by checking the warranty provided. Then review the proposed products they are planning to use. Car underseal products applied by both independent and affiliated treatment centres in the UK. Usually include Dinitrol 4941, Krown, Mercasol and Waxoyl an established brand owned by Hammerite. Finally when choosing a suitable car underseal rustproofing centre. We recommend reading their customer reviews and ask for treatment picture examples. Also, finally double check all warranty agreement clause disclaimers before proceeding. These could include kerb scuffs, driving in off-road conditions or on gravel roads. When the threat of stone chipping damage increases substantially. We then recommend inspecting the vehicle undercarriage at least once a year. By booking a service check with a local mechanic or visiting a car rustproofing treatment centre.
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Car Underseal Spray D.I.Y. Treatments

If visiting a professional rustproofing treatment centre is simply unaffordable. You can still protect your vehicle undercarriage from corrosion. With the many D.I.Y. product treatments widely available online. Waxoyl a black rustproofing treatment is popular with many older vehicle owners. Who remember owning and driving cars during the 60s and 70s. When British built cars suffered from terrible rusting problems due to poor build quality. Once applied Waxoyl forms a flexible waterproof skin to prevent new rust and also kills old rust already present. Another popular established brand is Dinitrol manufactured in Germany. Who provide a comprehensive full system of vehicle rustproofing products. Including Dinitrol 4941 a black bitumen hard waxy underseal that demonstrates self-healing characteristics and outstanding abrasion resistance. They also manufacture a range of cavity waxes that can stop existing rust and specialist anti-stone chipping paints. Along with a rust converter spray that transforms any existing corrosion present into a stable iron organic complex. Also if you are looking for a transparent protective layer. Bilt Hamber Dynax UC anti-corrosion wax can be applied to both painted surfaces and bare metal. The clear rust inhibitor underseal provides protection for vehicle chassis, floors, sills and jacking points.

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This article was published July 9, 2019