car undercoating vehicle chassis inspection rust prevention corrosion protection dinitrol rustproofing car treatments tiltrak car accessories shop
car undercoating vehicle chassis inspection rust prevention corrosion protection dinitrol rustproofing car treatments tiltrak car accessories shop
Car Undercoating

Car Undercoating

Due to being out of normal sight many motorists usually fail to check the car undercoating, is still fully intact providing sufficient protection. But, this oversight can lead to serious problems due to rust decay and replacing costly parts or components. Due to your car undercoating protective layer continually being attacked. By destructive road debris and stone chippings whilst driving. This has also not been helped in recent years with poor road surfaces in the UK due to the neglect and lack of repair attributed to budget cuts.

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It won’t be long before small holes can appear in the car undercoating layer, revealing the bare unprotected metal underneath. Iron oxide ‘rust’ will soon start to appear due to the chemical redox reaction process. By iron and oxygen reacting with the presence of surface water or moisture present in the air. If untreated the rust will continue to spread until the metal substrate totally disintegrates.

Road salt vehicle underbody corrosion

Also, did you know that road salt used for clearing snow and ice in the winter months acts as corrosion accelerate? By increasing the conductivity of water with a higher concentration of ions. The oxidation corrosion process occurs much faster. Also another additional problem with some new cars built in recent years. Is that moisture can become trapped within the protective vehicle underbody plastic trays.

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Car Undercoating Treatments

With many car undercoating treatments available including rubberised, polyurethane, wax and paraffin based undercoating products. We have reviewed some of the most popular products that can be applied by a professional rustproofing treatment centre or D.I.Y. application.

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Hammerite Waxoyl

The all-around vehicle Waxoyl rustproofing treatment. Was originally developed by Hammerite company founder Allen Forster during 1972. With the company now considered a widely recognised household brand in the UK. For manufacturing corrosion protection coatings and specialist paints. Waxoyl car undercoating treatment works by actively killing any old rust present. Then preventing any new rust from forming on substrates treated with the product. This is mainly due to the flexible weatherproof skin. Preventing any contaminants from touching the metal surface underneath. By forming an impermeable robust barrier of wax that will not crack, peel or wash off. Waxoyl will also provide corrosion protection inside vehicle door cavity spaces. Including boot compartment, bonnet sills and box sections.

POR15 Car Rustproofing

Specially designed to completely stop rust on corroded or seasoned metal surfaces. Once applied the non-porous over-paintable treatment provides protection. Against chemicals, salt, water and corrosive contaminants. By the anti-corrosion car undercoating providing superior resistance. Due to the cross-linked molecular composition and non-porous characteristics. Common automotive applications with this product include protecting chassis, doors, boot compartments and vehicle floor pans.

DINITROL 4941 Car Undercoating

The black hard waxy car undercoating provides incredible abrasion resistance. With the protective layer displaying innovative self-healing characteristics. Once applied the robust bitumen based vehicle underbody coating also demonstrates excellent stone chip protection. DINITROL 4941 chassis underseal coating also adheres to already coated painted surfaces. Or those previously coated with a PVC layer or other similar material. The underbody chassis coating is OEM original equipment manufacturer approved.

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Also applying DINITROL 4941 car undercoating is simple with easy to use convenient aerosols. Or by attaching a 1 Litre Schutz canister via the neck to a compatible undercoating gun and air supply. The product manufactured in Germany is widely applied throughout the UK. By classic car owners and DINITROL Treatment Providers to protect vehicle chassis from rusting.

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This article was published July 3, 2019