car rust proofing road salt surface water anti stone chipping dinitrol underbody corrosion protection 4941 cavity wax rust prevention
car rust proofing road salt surface water anti stone chipping dinitrol underbody corrosion protection 4941 cavity wax rust prevention
Car Rust Proofing

Car Rust Proofing

Car rust proofing is usually a rarely discussed topic in the UK. Primarily due to most drivers assuming that vehicle manufacturers have applied aqueduct corrosion protection treatments during production assembly. However, did you know even relatively new cars can quickly suffer from corrosion problems usually due to 4 common reasons?

  1. Poorly designed panels and plastic covers that are not fitted correctly. Can cause surface abrasion removing the protective paint coating layer to reveal the bare metal underneath.
  2. In some cases water and moisture can become trapped behind plastic cover trays fitted to protect the chassis area
  3. Sound deadening pads located within the wheel arches to reduce road noise can act like a sponge absorbing water and moisture
  4. Also due to poor automotive manufacturer design with some vehicle models. Water and moisture can become trapped in sills, foot-wells and even the boot compartment. This can then quickly lead to rust if not detected.

Classic Car Rust Proofing

Even with these highlighted facts above. Car rust proofing is still only deemed a necessary maintenance task for classic car owners by British motorists. This is largely due to the UK not experiencing harsh winter conditions. When compared to Scandinavian countries. and Northern European countries including Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria and Holland. Where extreme weather conditions and heavy frequent snowfall throughout the winter months. Means regular car rust proofing every couple of years is an essential part of vehicle ownership.

But with the increased risk of flooding in the UK from freak weather storms and severe winters. British motorists should now start to take car rust proofing more seriously. Even though we have seen an increase with vehicle owners in rural areas. Seeking to apply additional rust proofing underbody coatings during recent years. The majority of motorists need to realise the damage caused every day whilst driving. With stone chipping’s, gravel and road debris continually hitting the vehicle underbody chassis. Can soon lead to holes appearing in the underbody protective paint layer. Revealing the unprotected bare metal underneath. With continual exposure to road surface rainwater and water ingress soon leading to rust.

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Car Rust Proofing Repair

You should not be fully reliant on the car rust proofing treatment coating applied during vehicle assembly by the manufacturer. Did you know it’s advisable to apply a new car rust proofing underbody coat every two years? Due to this reason we recommend inspecting the vehicle underbody every year. During the spring or summer months for any damage to the protective coating. DINITROL 4941 / Car Rustproofing underbody coating and DINITROL 479 a brushable treatment are ideal for repairing small holes. Also are you aware that road salt used in winter to clear snow and ice is a corrosion accelerant? Melting ice that becomes attached to your vehicle underbody can quickly lead to evident surface rust appearing.

DINITROL Corrosion Protection Products

With car rust proofing solutions you are able to apply D.I.Y treatments. Or contact a professional DINITROL vehicle corrosion protection service centre. However, if you decide to apply a D.I.Y. car rustproofing treatment yourself, preparation is essential. Before starting all plastic trays located around the underbody including wheel arch covers must be removed. You must then steam clean the underbody area to remove all dirt, grease and any surface residue contamination. Then wait until completely dry before applying the underbody treatment. To avoid any moisture becoming trapped underneath the protective coating layer.

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If any surface rust is visible after cleaning the vehicle underbody. We recommend using DINITROL RC900 rust converter prior to applying the underbody coating. DINITROL RC900 is a specialist penetrating complex organic Chelat base and epoxy resin spray. That actively converts rust into a stable organic complex. The product will also prevent further corrosion by creating an impermeable barrier.

Car D.I.Y Rust Proofing Kits

Also with D.I.Y. Rust Proofing Kits you are able to purchase aerosol bundles for easy application or 1 Litre canisters that can be attached to an air supply. DINITROL 4941 underbody 1 Litre Schutz cans can be attached to a compatible undercoating gun via the canister screw neck. The DINITROL Car Rustproofing kits contain DINITROL 1000 a penetrating transparent cavity wax. Ideal for protecting vehicle cavities, frame members, door frames, crevices and box sections against corrosion. But, for older vehicles including classic cars when rust is evident. We recommend DINITROL ML a penetrating oily brown cavity wax that will stop ongoing corrosion that’s already present. Another great feature with DINITROL ML is that it can be applied wet in wet with DINITROL 4941 underbody coating to create a primer layer.

dinitrol car rust proifing kits for DIY application contain dinitrol 4941 underbody corrosion protection coating penetrating cavity wax

DINITROL Vehicle Corrosion Protection Treatments

The DINITROL car rustproofing corrosion protection treatments available for sale on Tiltrak. Are suitable for passenger cars, classic cars, 4×4 SUV, commercial and agricultural vehicles. With the OEM approved corrosion protection range containing vehicle underbody, cavity wax, anti-stone chipping, rust converter and engine compartment preservation treatments. Please download the technical data sheets available on the individual product listing pages. To evaluate the benefits and features of each individual treatment. If you require any car rust proofing advice please email the Tiltrak Customer Services Team with your questions. Our professional rustproofing corrosion protection technicians. Will be able to provide advice and support by responding to your enquiry.

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This article was published July 1, 2019