Car Buying Guide

There is no doubt most people dream about owning a pristine brand new car. But, with this car buying guide, we aim to highlight the pros and cons of buying a new or used car. With most new cars they tend to depreciation in value by around 27% during the first year alone. Then lose half of the 1st year’s depreciation total figure again in the second year! This fact can make purchasing a new vehicle unattractive when comparing against used 1 or 2-year-old car option with low mileage. Also please be aware that car manufacturers who produce vehicles with poor build quality or suffer reliability issues can even depreciate a lot quicker. Due to this reason if buying a new car research and reading reviews is essential to avoid making a poor buying decision.

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Car Buying Guide – What do you require?

Before searching for a new car define a budget and create a short-list of models that appear suitable for your individual requirements. Then create a checklist of features that are desirable and essential by asking yourself questions for example.

  • Do I need a large car for towing a caravan or trailer?
  • Will I have enough room to accommodate the family, especially with luggage space?
  • Is a sporty 2 seater practical, if I need to carry further passengers?
  • Should I opt for a petrol or diesel engine due to commuting long distances on a daily basis?
  • Are you planning on driving throughout the city, a small car can be easier to park?
  • Will a large engine car be more comfortable and economical for long motorway travel journeys?
  • Is a large boot essential for weekly grocery shopping or transporting a babies pushchair for example?
  • Are you looking to minimise your insurance premium with a small engine car?
  • Is a small engine car cheaper to run based on my travel requirements?
  • Should I avoid diesel engine cars and seek a vehicle with low emissions to reduce road tax?
  • Will an automatic gearbox be more beneficial compared with a manual gearbox model even though they generally cost more to buy?
  • Are new hybrid greener cars a more attractive investment for my personal requirements?

Once you have established the type of car from the wide selection of coupé, sports, saloons, 4×4, SUV and small economical city cars, available within the ranges of leading automotive manufacturer brands. You now have a clear idea of the most suitable car type and are now able to compare different models available from manufacturers. By reading professional motor journalists and real owner reviews online.

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Car Buying Guide – New or Used?

When you have found a suitable car always review the ongoing running costs and any maintenance requirements. Usually, with older cars, you are more likely to experience MOT failures. Due to wear and tear that will need replacement mechanical parts including tyres. Also with new cars to maintain the vehicle warranty regular servicing by an approved dealership. Can sometimes be costly especially with premium luxury manufacturer car brands.

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Car Buying Guide – Insurance Costs & Road Tax

Before committing to purchasing a car seek comparison quotes from car insurance providers to check the premiums are affordable and not expensive. Also, research the cars tax band based on C02 emissions that range from £0 to £500 in scale. Usually larger vehicles including 4×4 off-road SUVs with big engines will have a high annual road tax premium.

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Car Buying Guide – Sales Negotiating Advice

Remember to haggle for the best possible deal based on establishing a benchmark price by searching listings online for comparison. It’s also advisable to widen your search area radius and travel further to source the lowest price. Also don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal if the reduced price is still not favourable. They will usually call you to provide a revised lower price deal to clinch a sale. Finally, visit many car dealerships to achieve the best deal and pit them against each other.

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Car Buying Guide – Achieving the best deal

Usually, the end of the month is the best time to achieve the best possible price. When commission based salespeople are struggling to meet monthly performance targets. It’s also worth noting that main automotive dealerships often work towards quarterly sales bonus targets that are towards the end of March, June, September and December so shop around!

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Car Buying Guide – Registration Year Depreciation

Plus please be aware we now have 2 car registration prefixes per year that can also affect and depreciate car resale values. The registration plates starting with a year prefix for example ‘18’ run from March to August. While registration plates starting with a number ‘6’ run from September to February the following year.

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Car Buying Guide – Selling your own car privately

When looking to buy a new car from a dealership showroom or second-hand used vehicle part-exchange transaction can seem convenient with no hassle. But this method will not achieve the best possible sale price for your car compared with selling privately. Remember the car dealer needs to offset the value against the new vehicle when purchased then sell on at a profit. With many familiar websites permitting the listing for sale of cars by private sellers being costly.

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Car Buying Guide – FREE Car for sale listing adverts

Why not take advantage of a FREE car advert listing on Tiltrak to sell the vehicle privately. We do not charge any commission, listing, seller or transaction fees. On average selling your car privately can achieve 20% more in value when compared to part-exchanging.

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Car Buying Guide – Vehicle Inspection

Before purchasing a car from dealership showrooms, second-hand sales forecourts or private seller make sure you check the vehicle and associated paperwork. It’s good practice to seek the services of an independent mechanic and ask them to inspect the vehicle before purchase. Making sure the car is in good condition and genuine can prevent a lot of headaches or stress due to complaining. Another good tip is to pay something toward the car with a credit card this will provide additional powerful extra protection. Provided the car bought is within the £100 and £30,000 price range.

Car Buying Guide – Test Drive

Always, demand a vehicle test drive to check the driving position and ensure you are comfortable. Also, assess the steering wheel, pedals and gear stick are all within comfortable reaching distance. Then finally check the mirrors and windows for visibility and passenger space. Keeping children comfortable on long journeys can sometimes be a difficult task. When on a test drive negotiate different types of roads to assess manoeuvrability and responsiveness. Also, alternate your speed within the limit on various roads including dual carriageways and even motorways if permitted. This will provide a clear indication of acceleration capabilities and smoothness of ride whilst in low and high gears.

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Car Buying Guide – Bodywork Condition Inspection

Always inspect the bodywork for any signs of paint defects or corrosion rust. Pay additional attention to wheel arches, sills, door frames and box sections particularly around the bumper areas. It’s also good practice to conduct a 3 point turn to check the steering circle and ensure the brakes and clutch do not show signs of heavy usage. Before negotiating a sale price always check that they have a spare key. They are expensive to replace and provide emergency access in the event your primary key fob becomes faulty.

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Car Buying Guide – Log Book & V5C

Request to see the official manuals or driver handbook for the vehicle and inspect the servicing book to confirm the history is genuine. A Logbook or V5C should be provided confirming the transfer ownership of the car, declaring you the legally registered keeper.

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