Prestigious Automotive Garage Business For Sale
Prestigious Automotive Garage Business For Sale
£ 95000
TurnKey Business in the form of a High End Automotive Servicing and Repair Garage
Contact the seller: 07954 302974
Business location:
Leighton Buzzard | Eastern
Garages & Repairs
Business Description

1. 2.5 years old Limited Company with Excellent Credit Score and References – very useful for getting machinery or property leases , borrowing money, getting suppliers credit contracts, etc

2. Becoming the new Director of the company you will automatically inherit the Lease contract for the industrial unit we are located in now, a very fair and secure contract for the remaining of aprox. 17 years. There would probably be considerably less legal issues and paperwork compared with getting a new lease for yourself, but you will still need to have suitable references and the 4 months deposit required.

3. The professional branding package including the logo , leaflets graphics, site banners, magazine adverts graphics , street board graphics, etc

4. The professionally made website and social media accounts maintained up to date with high quality content (Facebook, Instagram, Automotive Forum Sponsor section, etc)

5. The fairly big client data base of over 200 individuals , most of them returning customers judged by the number of invoices created so far (average 2.5 invoices per individual in 2 years)

6. The online advertisement heritage on different specialist websites, exclusive 5 stars Reviews on Google Business page and Facebook Business page, recent 6 months Google pay per click and sponsored Ads campaign costing over £800 a month , ongoing 12 months Sponsored Yell Advert for aprox. £186 a month, over 1 year of half page advertisement in local Magazines, etc

7. The complete set of Tools , Machinery , Fixtures and Fittings with a value of over £100.000, all of them 2 years old or under. All of the above (tools, lifts, alignment and tyre machines, tool boxes etc) are the best you can buy (from brands like Rotary, Hoffman, Corghi, Snap-on, Wera, DeWalt , etc) – please look below for an extensive list of the items included.

8. I can provide support into getting the transfer as smooth as possible from an owner to another , including teaching all the knowledge we have about how the business operates, all the tips and tricks, clients approach , our vision about the brand and how it was promoted locally and online, clients information, suppliers deals, social media access and transfer, knowledge about the specialist work we currently do, etc

9. The Staff may want to remain subject to salary agreement (1 main mechanic/workshop manager and 1 general mechanic). The main mechanic/workshop manager is working here since the beginning and knows the business inside out, in my opinion he is a valuable part which can help the new owner quite allot in the transition period.

About the business premises:

The industrial unit is located in Pitstone, Bedfordshire , in a large and clean Industrial Business Park with great transport links to A41, M25 and M1. The unit is fairly new and modern , fitted with electric roller shutters , professional live linked monitoring alarm system and professional HD CCTV system.

The size of the unit is approximately 2970 sq.ft in total.

The main garage area is aprox 1550 sq.ft and can fit 3 car lifts (2 two post lifts and 1 four post lift) , a tyre machine and a balancer, an alignment machine and multiple tool boxes, shelving and tyre racks, etc. Can fit approximately 10 cars inside if using the lifts aswell.

The fabrication room is aprox 375 sq.ft and it fits 2 welding tables, 1 10 ton press, 2 welding machines – MIG and TIG , a vice, various metal cutting tools, a professional roll cage tube bender and notching tool, sheet steel folding press, a tool box and bench and a chassis roller frame.

The upstairs mezzanine office is aprox. 650 sq.ft , it can be use as a customer waiting area , divided into small offices or 1 big office , storage area , etc. Currently used for used parts storage and pool room.

There is also a fairly large (aprox. 140 sq.ft) reception room / entrance office fitted with blue and silver professional office desk and chairs , filling cabinets, etc
There is a hallway , a fitted kitchen and a disabled toilet too.

The unit benefits from 7 allocated car park spaces, but in reality , the space in front of it is huge , you can fit easily 20 cars. Lots of space to manoeuvre and test cars off the road (big yard) , very clean , flat and presentable location.

The overall look of the garage is very smart and premium – The floor was epoxy resin coated in light grey and our logo painted at the entrance. All the walls inside are painted white for good visibility and light reflection , there is a smart illuminated silver panel with our brand on it inside the garage , the branding on the outside front of the garage is done pretty smart and big , also individual letters composing our services we offer are displayed on a large surface of the garage. These things cost lost of money to do and probably you don’t think about them when thinking of building a business. Speaking of costs , the plumbing and electricity was a big expense also , there is full compressed air plumbing with 3 air line exits , 3 phase electricity , all lifts and machinery are professionally wired.

Tools , Machinery , Fixtures and Fittings:

Starting with the Tools , I am including probably more than you will ever need , there are tools that we never touched, such as coolant and brake fluid testers , there are specialist tools , such as big 800nm torque wrench for Porche GT3 center locks , we have lots of wrenches , spanners, pliers , allen keys, adaptors, micro cctv cameras, compression testers , smoke testers, multiple diagnostic equipment devices, lots of specialist tools , air guns , air tools, Dewalt battery tools such as the £500 powerful Dewalt gun, lots of metal cutters , drills, polishing machines etc. there are just too many to write down , but I’m fairly sure you cannot find something that we don’t have. The majority of them are big brands such as Wera, Snap-on , Dewalt, Mac Tools, etc.
Machinery: Only the best on the market – Corghi Leverless semi-automatic tyre changer , Corghi Laser wheel balancer , Hofmann 650xd 3D Wheel Aligner just updated with the latest 2019 models, 2 Low loading Rotary 2 Post Lifts and 1 Hofmann 4 Post Ramp – These are not your average garage machinery , they cost a fortune to buy and are very high quality. 1 Lincoln Mig Welder , 1 German make Stalhwerk Tig Welder , lots of welding supplies , even metal lengths and sheets in stock , Roll cage tube bender from JD Squared (best in the market) , Tube notcher, etc etc.

Fixtures and Fittings : High quality and good looking complete office furniture, fitted kitchen , 2 tyre racks , 6 shelving units , 1 snap on tool box and 2 brushed metal wooden top work benches and tool boxes. , mobile work tables, mobile chairs, wheel skates, engine crane , engine stand, waiting area sofa and chairs etc.

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This article was published February 8, 2019