Marketplace Guarantee to protect Tiltrak shopping consumers


All companies selling in the Tiltrak shop are professional businesses who have been carefully approved by our quality assurance team. All sellers must adhere with our strict policies for providing genuine products supported by excellent customer service and after-care. These strict guidelines ensure your product purchases are protected by all standard legal UK consumer protection legislation including distance selling regulations. Provided the item has not been customised with your personal specifications. Along with your Consumer Rights Act 2015 protection, we hope the additional 30 Day Tiltrak Marketplace consumer guarantee provides additional peace of mind and security when purchasing products from sellers listed on this automotive e-commerce website.

Also, please be aware it is your legal entitlement under UK distance selling rules to demand a full refund when returning goods provided the product received is not fit for purpose. For additional security, all purchases are also protected by our merchant payment providers WorldPay & PayPal.

Tiltrak Marketplace Guarantee buyer protect in the car accessories shop. PayPal and Stripe we accept all major credit/debit cards Mastercard & Visa




What is the procedure if I am not happy with a product received?

If you believe the goods received are poor inferior quality, faulty, damaged or not as per described in the product description. You are legally entitled in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015 protection legislation to seek a full refund or replacement item. In the event that you have received goods that are poor quality, faulty or damaged we advise contacting the seller directly via the internal messaging system to register your complaint and allow up to 24 hours for their response. However, after notifying the seller with your dissatisfaction and receiving a response, if you are still unhappy with their decision please contact Tiltrak customer services. On receipt of your complaint, our specialist claims handling team will impartially investigate this matter further. The investigation will be conducted impartially with a detailed examination excluding any bias information supplied by either party involved. Once the investigation is concluded and all the facts have been reviewed a final verdict judgement will be provided to resolve the reported claim dispute.

Please note if you are not happy with the verdict delivered you are welcome to appeal the decision and we endeavour to protect all buyers consumer rights, when purchasing products or services from the Tiltrak website. We would also advise contacting Trading Standards and seeking legal representation in accordance with The Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Also, for additional consumer protection, we only release the payment funds to the seller 30 days after your purchase transaction date to ensure you are satisfied with the product item received.



What happens after the 30 day marketplace guarantee protection period term expires?

Even after the 30-day marketplace protection period expires, the goods purchased should usually be covered by the sellers guarantee policy for up to a year from the date of initial purchase should they become faulty. Once the 30-day marketplace protection period has expired we recommend contacting the seller directly with your complaint. However, if you believe the seller is treating you unfairly or the response is unsatisfactory. Please contact the Tiltrak Customer Services Team, we will then contact the seller and investigate this matter further.


Where should I send my purchased item returns?

All damaged, faulty or unwanted items including general returns must be sent directly to the Tiltrak Marketplace/Shop seller who supplied the original goods. Before sending we recommend you contact them via email to request the correct full return address details and postcode. Once the items have been received by the seller and no new or ongoing pending disputes are currently being investigated. The Seller is obliged to provide a refund to the consumer within 24-48 hours in accordance with the Tiltrak Partnership agreement. In order to determine and establish who is responsible for the return costs, you must check the returns policy. Along with the specific information on the individual product listing description provided by the marketplace / shop seller in relation to your current circumstances. When returning items we recommend using a reputable established courier company or recorded Royal Mail services to ensure the returned package is tracked and received in good condition rather than becoming lost in transit. Remember when the seller signs to accept the package you have documented proof that the item has been safely returned.


I wish to report that the product received is fake or counterfeit.

If you for any reason believe the goods provided are counterfeit or fake please contact Tiltrak customer services to notify us with your concerns. We will then promptly launch a full investigation to review your submitted allegations by contacting the seller. If found guilty or suspected of committing the offence with supplying fake counterfeit products. We will immediately suspend them from selling on the Tiltrak website and inform the Police and Trading Standards to conduct a formal enquiry. During this period whilst the authorities conduct their enquiries. We will remain committed to recovering your payment made to the seller, so we can fully refund the transaction. Tiltrak will not tolerate any sellers who provide fake or counterfeit products and our obligation is to protect buyers. The criminal offences will also be reported with the National Crime Agency. We will also contact the official brand owners of the counterfeit fake products and recommend them to take prompt legal action in seeking compensation and damages.