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Dinitrol Corrosion Protection

The professional Dinitrol corrosion protection range is perfect for vehicle rust prevention. Treatments include Dinitrol 4941 a black hard waxy bitumen based car underseal & Dinitrol ML a penetrating cavity wax ideal for older second hand cars to stop any rust already present. It's also possible to purchase Dinitrol Car Rustproofing kits for D.I.Y. applications that include a transparent cavity wax. The OEM approved Dinitrol corrosion protection products are commonly used on Classic Car Restoration projects. Dinitrol RC900 rust converter spray creates an impermeable barrier against further corrosion and converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex.

Dinitrol Direct Glazing

Dinitrol direct glazing adhesives, activators and primers are widely used by professional auto glass replacement centres throughout the UK and mainland Europe. The one component polyurethane auto windscreen replacement direct glazing adhesive products are OEM approved. With the specialist solvent based primer pre-treatments and activators containing an innovative adhesion promoting formulation. Also for customer convenience Dinitrol 9100 a cold applied direct glazing adhesive enables a safe drive away 30 minutes after application. Dinitrol automotive glass direct glazing products provide good adhesion with excellent ageing and weather resistance properties.

Dinitrol Bonding & Sealing

Dinitrol bonding and sealing products are perfect for vehicle construction and repair tasks. With Dinitrol 460 a permanently elastic sealant idea for sealing glass sunroofs or non bonded vehicle windows. The sealant can be applied between rubber profiles or bodywork joints and is not harmful to chromium or paintwork. Dinitrol 410 UV NF is commonly used throughout vehicle and caravan construction with the bonding sealant adhering to primed and lacquered metals, duroplastics (glass fibre reinforced plastics, hard PVC), wood and glass substrates.

Dinitrol Bodywork Repair

Dinitrol OEM approved bodywork repair products are used throughout professional vehicle body repair shops across the UK. With Dinitrol 6030 Alusoft body filler ideal for repairing a car dent whilst additonally providing excellent corrosion protection. To repair plastic components Dinitrol 6070 can renovate profiles and contours on bonded parts easily. Also for car body repair paintwork tasks Dinitrol 443 zinc paint is an excellent primer that provides excellent long-term corrosion protection for all metals. Dinitrol 443 contains 95% pure zinc and provides cathodic rust protection.